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  1. Just thought I would wish all the members on here a merry Xmas and hope that 2019 is better than 2018, and too all the ladies on here I cannot express how your posts make this site such the excellent site it is for the curves :) 

  2. Lucifer Morningstar


    I think she used to be on here as MissGloop (or something similar)
  3. Suds have never looked so sexy...so very damn sexy.
  4. The heavy smell of freshly melted chocolate drifted in the air. Her nose instinctively reacted to the scent, her head turning slightly in the direction of the kitchen. Her eyes opened lazily , pupils dilated adjusting to the sunlight from the window.Tentatively she licked her lips with a pink tongue, moistening her soft lips. Deep within her a growl emanated, echoing within her body. Looking down she gazed at her round pale belly. Gently tracing a silver line on the skin with a fingernail, she giggled softly and whispered "dont worry, I'm going to fill you hun" and then softly patted her belly, watching the gentle soft flesh ripple. Slowly she rose from the sofa where she had be languising. She smiled as she felt her body adjusting as she stood up stright. Softly she walked across the livng room, her barefeet making soft padding noise as crossed the wooden floor. Gently she opened the kitchen door fully and took a deep breath. Immediately her senses were assualted with the aromatic sensations of melting chocolate with a hint of vanilla. She let out a soft moan and instinctively placed both hands on her belly and gently shook it. "o yes....o yes" she though as she smiled showing white teeth, "looks like mama is going to getting big tonight indeed..." and she let out a soft giggle. Slowly she stirred the hot bubbling chocolate in slow languid circles. Occasionally stopping to gently lean forward and breath deep in the aroma. Dipping a finger gently she placed it in her mouth and sucked, slowly tilting her head up and softly "ahhhhhhhing" as she savoured the sweet chocolate taste mixed with the gentle sweet of the vanilla. Opening her eyes again she picked up a sharp knife and from a bowl of freshly washed strawberries she started slicing the soft red fleshed fruit in half. Before she knew it the bowl was empty and on the chopping board lay a small mountain of halved strawberries in a puddle of sweet smelling juice. Running a finger through the juice and then into her mouth she savoured the sugary sweet of the strawberries and smiled. Gently she tipped the strawberries in the hot chocolate mixture, taking care not to spill any of that delicous chocolate or to lose a single precious strawberry half. Satisfied she turned the ring off and poured the mixture in a bowl. Then placing the bowl in the fridge sje turned her attention to the oven. Walking over she bent down, feeling her heavy breasts move and starting to press on the top of her belly.She grinned loving the way it felt. Deep within the oven lay a home made pizza, the dough slowly starting to brown , the cheese bubbling like liquid lava. The oils of the various chopped peppers and meats mingling with the cooking cheese. Gently tapping the hot glass impatiently she willed the pizza to cook. She recalled the hours she spent working the dough with her hands, kneading it and massagining it. The flour covering her like freshly laid snow on a winters day. The crisp peppers as they resisted her knife at first then surrending like she was to her growing hunger. The chicken gently seared in the wok to seal in the freshness before it too was sacrificed to her knife to be cut into strips to be laid with tenderness across the tomato and cheese layered pizza. She picked up the bowl that lay on the countertop and slowly traced her finger along the inside, amassing a huge sticky dollop of cooling chocolate. Slowly she raised it to eye level and gazed at it. This soft brown exlir o how I love thee she thought. How she craved it and needed it. Looking down she gazed at her belly and it looked within the soft t-shirt. She remembered when she was smaller than she was now, how she felt incomplete not whole. Then when she started to put a little weight on, how it felt, to feel that full feeling. She quickly devoured the chocolate on her finger and patted her belly. She was going to get fatter, she knew this. It was inevitable as the sun setting and the moon rising. How much fatter she would be, she didnt know. I wonder what would give in first she mused. Her hunger or her waistband of her pants. Screw it she said aloud, I dont care, I'm hungry. Her musing's were disrupted with a sharp rap at the door. Turning to the door she saw the silohette of a man, a big man from the looks of things. Slowly she walked over to the door, turned the key and opened it. Standing there on the doorstep was a mountain of a man. His short blonde hair looking like golden wire, his grey eyes like shards of granite. His eyes opened slightly as he took in her generous bosom and curves in the tight clothing. "Can I help you" she asked the man mountain. Slowly his mouth broke into a grin and he replied "yes M'am, I represent the Darling Dairy and we are handing out free samples of our range of savoury treats and chocolates. Would I be to tempt you with some ?". She quickly smiled and replied "But of course I would love to try some." The man grinned and then nodded. Slowly her handed her a small box. Then just as quickly as he arrived, he walked down the path and into a small van and drove off. She hurried into the kitch and opened the parcel. Her eyes opened in wonder at the array of small cakes and assorted chocolate covered delicacies. Slowly picking one up she took a small bite and savoured the blending of caramel and chocolate as it invaded her mouth and overpowered her taste buds. She leant back and sighed softly. She reached in and grabbed another little morsel of delight and took a bite. An hour later she placed her hand into an empty box and sighed. Sadly she walked into the kitchen and placed the box near the bin. Remembering the tastes and sensations brought on by the treats she sighed again deeply and looked down. Her belly was slightly bulging, slowly she rubbed it. Yes i'm getting fat she grinned. Her thoughts once again interrupted by a soft thump as a small envelope landed on the floor. She walked over and opened it, reading the hastly scrawled note inside. Reading it aloud to herself she laughed and smiled. It was from the delivery man. He wanted to meet her. She put the note onto the worktop and pondered for a second. Why not she thought, why not meet him. Maybe she mused he will have more of those lovely cakes..
  5. Hi, Is it bugged or am I missing something ? I've been told I have too many messages and cannot message until I delete the old ones ( never an issue on the old Curvage ) so i am assuming we have a much smaller message capacity now ? I am trying to delete the messages but I am finding the whole process a complete farce. I can only delete 25 at a time ? I have to refresh the BROWSER to get the next batch of 25 up to delete. Its just silly and considering its all done in a small window leaving the rest of the page empty I'm just baffled as to how this is an improvement..
  6. Hmm I'm North East lol does that still count ?
  7. Lucifer Morningstar

    Who's this?

    I think thats the Duchess or something like that
  8. Does anyone know ? never mind I found her on the site we shall not name
  9. hehe i laughed so hard i spilt coffee over my keyboard, so i'll be cleaning the damn thing for an hour or so.
  10. I think its curvydreamer or something along those lines..
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