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  1. That would be awesome Lets hope she does!
  2. *picks jaw off the floor* simply stunning pictures and such a delightful progression. Simply stunning.
  3. This thread delivers so much full figured goodness.
  4. Just thought I would wish all the members on here a merry Xmas and hope that 2019 is better than 2018, and too all the ladies on here I cannot express how your posts make this site such the excellent site it is for the curves :) 

  5. Lucifer Morningstar


    I think she used to be on here as MissGloop (or something similar)
  6. She was and no doubt still is a very stunning woman regardless of her weight. I hope that whatever she does she is happy. But I also know that some internet cockwomble will no doubt see it upon themselves to become intrusive.
  7. Agreed, once again some of us tend to spoil the very fountain that we all drink from and bemoan when said spring is dry..
  8. Looking as delightfully stunning as always, and I would have to agree you have to keep warm in these cold winter nights
  9. Suds have never looked so sexy...so very damn sexy.
  10. Oh My Lord... you my dear are going to give this old man a heart attack and when that happens, I'll be smiling all the way to the pearly gates....LOL
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