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  1. That has to be a good 60-70 pounds of luscious curves that were grown
  2. jittyjoe

    Who is this beauty?

    who is this gorgeous curvy woman? Does she have a site? http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57e7daacc9d1e
  3. jittyjoe

    Female wrestlers

    I really dig the thighs on Alexa Bliss. She is really short and tiny but those thighs are big for her frame...love that
  4. I can't get over how thick and luscious her thighs are now! Complete with dimples and all.
  5. WOW that has to be a good 50-60 lbs gain of nice soft chub all over to form those curves! Looks outstanding!
  6. she is absolutely gorgeous! anyone have any idea on where there is more from her?
  7. Her Instagram says she has been working out to tone up a bit and she is not planning to lose weight...hooray!
  8. What happened to Osuka and the I love my gf thread?
  9. Huge! Please dont lose a pound Kelly. Those legs are super thick and she is soo cute with the weight in her face
  10. jittyjoe

    Selena Gomez

    Ohh man those thighs are so soft and her butt has become AMAZING! she has grown into on smoking hot chick!
  11. Wow that is the perfect example of thick and curvy. So thick in the booty and some belly too. She really has quite the large booty though and I am sure thighs. Very nice to see her packed tightly into some dresses these days!
  12. wow those jeans look painted onto her very very big butt and thighs, and legit belly roll over the top. she looks like she really porked up
  13. I LOVE how she wears skits all of a sudden! love those plump thighs
  14. jittyjoe

    Miranda Lambert

    new definition of blonde bombshell!
  15. jittyjoe

    Miranda Lambert

    saw her on the Grammy's earlier and OMG she looked huge! So incredibly nice and curvy with some really rounded hips, a belly sticking out a tad, and some massive jug-like thighs...she looked sooo fine! Need some screen caps...Im not good at that sort of thing.
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