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  1. Gosh dang you've got gorgeous eyes. Somehow I only notice them in the 'above the chest' shots... ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” (...she has eeeeeyes???)
  2. Site totally works on Google. I've been experimenting with different browsers to get away from Google, so I downloaded Kiwi, and the site's totally buggy when I run it on Kiwi. (shrugs) If you have any suggestions I'm open, otherwise I'll just use the big evil Goog for now.
  3. Does it appear that there are no images of the clips being advetised? Also, when I go to the "New Clips" section nothing is loading. Just my browser, or is this happening for others? Is this a site-wide glitch?
  4. You can't fool me!! You're a CAMEL, not a COW!!! Those aren't COW'S toes!!! Mmm... ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” Must be a Bactrian camel... It's got two humps!!! Somebody tell Jasmine her camel's getting away! Catch it! Take the flying carpet, Jasmine!! Wha- What's that Carpet? Weight Limit you say?! Back problems, you say?? Whaaaat???? oh ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ i i i understand now Carpet... you poor poor Magical Home Furnishing. Carry on. Tell Jasmine she can just... stay at the Palace and order her servants to bring her more snacks. And try and keep the camels out of her Snack Palace, OK??
  5. You're really an amazing gal, and it's lovely to see you around this community. Thanks for blessing us with all your... many many eyefuls of splendor... Mmmmmmm.... P.S. I literally cannot take one glance at you without hearing burlesque music...
  6. Holy Crap. Those morphs are a turn on. Let's see some cupcakes do to the real Kat what a morph can do to the digital Kat! ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค Just knowing the inevitability of that body, knowing that it's only a matter of time...
    First of all, her makeup game is on Point... <Lolz> I know that may be an odd thing to lead with, but I can really just enjoy a girl w/o makeup. But when it's done well, it's really a thing to enjoy. It's a really beautiful thing to see art on a girl's face... Her honesty is really refreshing, so down to earth, so natural, but so cute and sexy at the same time. She seems more of a Body Acceptance gal rathet than a straight fetishist, but don' t get that twisted, she CAN EAT... has a reallllllly high weight gain goal for somebody new to this scene. Not to mention awesome taste in music and all the aesthetics of our very own goth Curvage Suicide Girl (that's a punk burlesque troupe)... this chick (hopefully) will be the next BIG thing here!!! Come buy a video so a year from now you knew her when she was ONLY 250 pounds!!
    This was really one of the best straight up ** clips I'd seen in a while. I had deleted my old Curvage account (I didn't last long, I came back pretty quick, Lol!) and this was the first new clip I bought. Rose has an AMAZING appetite, she's gorgeous, can maintain an engaging conversation during a stuffing clip (not easy to do), is SUPER intelligent, weird, kinky, one of the few models that could probs do a legit stomp dance, has awesome taste in alternative and otherwise weird music, and is a SERIOUS feedee. She looks SERIOUSLY hot taking down BIG stuffing ( with aplomb), she's taken this scene by storm, and she's looked like a million bucks while doing it. We should all be much obliged.
  7. The dedication this country deserves. We Citizens of the Drive Thru Age salute you. 'Murica.
    I feel that the dragons are a race too extraordinary and regal to have their magnificence represented by anything less than a dignitary of a -- Prodigious and Superabundant nature. Dwelling in an incomprehensible Elysium of Dragon Magic, a Palace designed to do nothing less than to satisfy every primal longing, no dark corner of her Greed is left unsatisfied by Dark Serpentine Mages intent on ushering in the Second Age of Python. By Invoking The Most Immaculate Gluttony, the world's purest, most inescapable of chthonic desires; The Supreme Desire is prophesied to be brought about by amplifying the Deepest Cravings of one, singular, and Perfectly Greedy Girl, pushing, and impelling her Hunger to unimaginably Phantastic levels of Orgasmic Urgency. All Hail Kat, Mother of Dragons!!
    OK, first off, I really don't care one way or another about that Potter kid, but lemme tell ya' about something I am genuinely passionate about --- quality Private education, the robust institutions thereof, the uniform dress codes of said robust institutions, and fantasizing about the (appropriately adult role playing--legal disclaimer) robust student bodies that wear said uniforms. And WHATTA ROBUST STUDENT BODY!! (Cue burlesque solo...) I mean, I do believe there's a shortage of curvaceous women wearing Catholic School Girl outfits out there. I mean, in dark times such as these, more plump women should stand up proudly, and say yes, I WILL squeeze into that ridiculously small and stereotypical outfit!! And why, you ask? Because AMERICA, that's why. But wait! There's more!! Titplay, breast expansion, and theeeeeen: what's THIS stain beside her lip make you think about, (as she's alll bent over, tits hanging down in front of the camera? Oooohhh, that's butterbeer! But, is that what I'm imagining?? NOPE. Between that view, and THIS view... her ass, as she lifts up that skirt, literally makes the sun rise in the morning. Yup. You've heard of heliotropic plants? The sun is Ass-otropic. It's just chasin' ass. That's why we have time zones! (Duuhhhh...) Let this girl fulfill all your schoolgirl fantasies. You won't regret it.
    Sometimes it's really great to just see people happy in this scene. I didn't feel like I was just watching a sultry clip, (although she looks goorgeous all dolled up like that...) but I felt I had an intimate window into the life of an actual, loving ** couple, which they are! This feels to me what their actual relationship would be like, moreso than some of her other RP scenarios (not knocking those, I love me some strange!). Plus there's that element of this kink that just enjoys and revels in female indulgence and satisfaction! A cute girl waking up Completely Satisfied, with a Fuuuulll belly, is the morning after -- "Was it good for you??" of the ** world. But as far as sexy goes, Gorgeous dress and outfit, hair, makeup, eyes,(ALWAYS HER EYES) all on point. CLEAVAGE! CLRAVAGE! Also, lots of belly rubbing, and just a great, overall slow sensual belly stuffing and BBW adoration clip. She just looks sooo satisfied at the end. I know she's been down lately, here's hoping this sensual, glowing, curvy 10 out of 10 can be this satisfied and content in real life. This may be just a scene, but we love her here, in our own weird way. She's one of the most consummate artists here... and a DAMN sexpot at that. Mwah!!
  8. ( A man in a shabby, carelessly rumpled trenchcoat sits, feet up, on a ramshackle desk, in a crammed office, in a nameless building in a faceless part of town. His chin is in his hands, and he's peering into a half measure of scotch poured into a souvenir tumbler of soda that says "Mother Goose's Glamorous Goslings", with a picture of a smiling plump showgirl etched into the cloudy glass of liquid , her privates covered solely by two strategically placed fans, made of goose feathers...) Once I recalled seeing (a mysteriously smaller...) version of Red on some "other" website, I realized her pattern of systematically defiling my childhood memories with her shameless acts of debauchery. Disney bears, curious young Englishwomen having tea parties, NURSERY RHYMES!! What hasn't she besotted with her wicked womanly charms??!! Do you think that merely because she's a voluptuously gorgeous young sexpot, she can just, just flash her eyes, those eyyyyyyyes... Hell-- (Lights cigarette) OF COURSE She's gonna get away with it, Folks!! She's got the Most Fetchingly Fluffy Fairy Tail in the Freakin' Fairy Forest! She'll get away with Everything! Then she'll just skip away, smiling at me, playing with her fire auburn tresses, like "Tra-La-La... What're you gonna do? I'm Madame Goose, I run all the tail in Faery Land, Everybody Loves a Good Tail That Ends Well!!" Well, I suppose I just can't argue with THAT. (Plods his gumshoes away into the streetlamp lit night)
    Do you want your childhood memories totally corrupted by a seductive Curvage sexpot? Look no further, then! Kat's got you covered! Next time you watch Winnie the Pooh with a younger member of the family, you too can look away and blush a bright crimson, as you remember how that chubby vixen looked like in her PoohBear getup, the first time the thought ran through your head: "I would **** that bear, I would **** her right in her hunnypot, OMFG..." LoL. Not usually into this Disney stuff, but when she looks THIS Good ya'll, yeah, it's totally worth buying to see those sweet sweet bear buns and that adorable heart meltin' face ... even though you'll have to live the rest of your life knowing you whacked your hundred acre woods (OK, would you believe it's a 50 acre wood?) to Winnie the ******* Pooh. Like who did? This guy, right here. I'll fight all o' yous! It was worth it-- totally worth it, I own that ****, I own it!!!
    Mmmmmmmffffff... Damn it Kat... I'm gonna sleep sooooo welllll...๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡ If a Fat, Scantily Clad Jessica Rabbit isn't your idea of a more perfect union, NO, the Extra Most Bestest Mostest Perfectestest Union, THEN YOU'RE A fucking Communist!!! Or if you are a fucking Communist, buy this clip and you'll be shooting off fireworks from your Porsche, that you drive off a bridge, into a nuclear explosion!! Fuck yeah America, put this on a flag and sell it at a giant mall... inside a giant mall... inside a used cadillac dealership in Denton, Tx., owned by CHUCK NORRIS!! Ameeeericaaa!!! Fuck Yeeeaaahh!!!! Buy this fucking clip!
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