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    I love this clip! Love everything about it. From that super soft, doughy belly to that fat ass pumping out good farts it's all great. If you love gassy fatties this clip is definitely one to add to your collection. A couple times throughout watching this clip I got so mesmerized by her doughy belly that I forgot this was a farting video and she turns around to let one rip and wow! just fantastic. Great shots of her fat booty too.
    I've been debating on getting this video for about a week now. Glad I did. You are a really fucking hot! Sexy belly covered in stretch marks and boobs that are overflowing a bra and top are all things I like very much. Would have liked more farts, but the ones you ripped were pretty cute so I can't complain. I love content like this so please make more.
    This is a clip I've been rather hoping for. I know Rylie can burp, impressively, but burps aren't really my thing. I like farts and chubby bellies. Rylie has a cute, soft body. Very pleasing on the eyes. Her tits are perky and adorable in this clip. Too bad Curvage doesn't allow full nudity because she's got a rockin' bod. Rylie fills up on beans all while rubbing her pudge. Her thighs are looking fantastic. Her toots are as cute as she is, but I'm sure they stink. I hope she continues to put out more clips with booty burps because I know a lot of people, myself included, would love it.
    This is the kind of content I love. Fat bellies and farts are the perfect combination. There's a lot to love about this clip if farts are your thing. She rips lots of farts sitting and standing. So many different sounds. Then there's her round belly. For me, the best fart clips are the ones where the booty and the belly get shown in equal measure. This clip doesn't disappoint in that aspect. Plenty of shots of her belly and butt. I especially love the parts shot from her POV looking down at her belly as she's sitting and you hear a fart bubble up between her thighs. Very hot.
    Absolutely superb! Great sounding farts from a big sexy booty. This babe has a gorgeous body. You know that all the food she's consumed to make these farts has gone to good use on her waistline. I've purchased her first two fart compilations and those are fanfuckingtastic as well. Can't wait for this chubby goddess to become a fart machine. She's so good at it.
    Candice seems to have a knack for finding beautiful, soft girls to fatten up. What I like about Rylie is she is curvy and smooth. She might have a slender figure, but she has a smidge of pudge on her body that will eventually grow. Rylie has a nice round booty, and Candice can't keep her hands off of her. Candice's belly is looking quite round and I adore the stretch marks on the lower part of her belly. I loved the end of this clip when Candice gives Rylie's belly a big kiss. I'm a little envious. She looks like she has a very kissable belly. Watching her grow will be great. I can't wait to see Rylie and Jennie in a video together.
    This is the first clip of yours that I've purchased and I am very happy with it. You have such a nicely shaped belly. I love that way it hangs. Also, those stretch marks🤤. Clothing try ons are my favorite type of video right after basic belly plays. Fantastic thighs too and a cute booty. The little black shorts and blue shorts really showcase your butt nicely. Really liked how your lower belly remained soft and jiggly even after stuffing yourself. You made a new fan out of me and I can't wait to see more. I would definitely like to see a bikini or underwear video of you in the future showing off at this higher weight. Or a video centered around tight jeans. Your belly would hang over those and look so incredibly sexy.
    This clips is so sexy. This gorgeous babe has really cute farts and an amazing body. This clip comes with great shots of her big booty, her soft belly, and fantastic ass gas. If you love chubby babes farting this clip is definitely right up your alley. Seriously, this clip is worth it. Thickgoddess92 is so fucking hot and she has superb farts. I would love to see more fart clips from you in the future. I know they aren't your favorite thing to make, but damn, you are a natural.
    I've watched Reiina gain weight twice now. I remember her gain from several years ago and thought, damn! she is so fucking hot! This gain changes the game. She is bigger than ever and she looks incredibly sexy. Reiina has always had a cute butt. Even when she was tiny. Her butt is so big and fat now. It's covered in cellulite. You can even see her dimpled booty through the skin tight dress she tries on. I love it when chubby girls want to wear tight clothes in public to show off their bodies. Not only does Reiina try on a couple of tight pieces of clothing, she talks about how she plans on wearing them. One thing I couldn't get over in the clip was the size of Reiina's thighs. My god, she has gorgeous thighs. Her curves are unreal at this point. I think she has attained fat goddess status now. If she gets even bigger, hell yeah! but if she stays this size it would be fine too because she is just so hot. Her belly is round and soft and hangs now. I remember when it was a little, jiggly ball of fluff. With her booty, that belly hang, and her load bearing hips, she'd look killer in any outfit. I'd lose my mind if she'd wiggle into a pair of low rise skinny jeans. Let her belly hang over the waistband and her booty popping out the back. Also, I love Reiina's blue hair. I have a thing for girls with blue hair for some reason. Now, one is reasons why I bought clip was I wanted to hear Reiina fart. I love it when chubby girls fart. I know a lot of people think it's gross, but I think it's cute as hell. Reiina has farted in several of past videos and she is great at passing gas (sounds weird, but c'mon, we're all on this site gawking at fat bellies). The fart in clip is fantastic. Sorry if this part grosses anyone out. I don't think I alone in saying we need more Reiina farts.
    If you're going to shake your belly you need to have a belly to shake. Mami has a sexy belly. Soft, jiggly, and covered in adorable stretch marks. At one point I swear I heard her butt cheeks clap.
    Absolutely hot video if you're a fan of sexy chubby babes farting. This is a short and sweet video packed with great farts, sexy poses, and one amazing belly. I would love to see more videos like this. This is the kind of video I absolutely love.
    FIrst off, Lauren is hot as F U C K. Her whole body is a work of art. That's it, that's the review. Buy the video.
  1. Hello mate, was wondering if you could be able to message me?

    This clip is waaayyy too damn hot for mere mortals. All three of these absolute babes have ridiculously hot bodies, but differences in their sizes and shapes make everything about this clip even sexier. This is also my introduction to Lauren. I've never seen her videos before. I knew about her, but never watched any clips with her. I love Casey and Bella so I knew I would like this. And wow, fucking wow! I'm blown away. Lauren is so fucking sexy. I need to see more of her. All three of these girls are so hot together. This clip is a must. A sexy premise acted out by sexy girls being sexy.
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