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  1. I’ve been playing Post scriptum and squad. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to casual AAA shooters since my friend gave me his PC. There’s no video game experience that fulfills me more than shooting through the bushes at enemies 350 meters away whom we cannot see and have no indication of whether we hit them, also trying to communicate with you squad leader who is in turn communicating on the radio with other squads multiple miles away. But only if I also have historically accurate, standard issue gear and the squad roles are limited to be realistic, i.e. only 1 machine gunner, 1 marksman, several rifleman. And yes, it goes without saying; 1 shot=1 kill, and you better give me the option to adjust the range on my grenade launcher iron sight.
  2. I mean, how important is it to you? How strong is the urge to get fat? If you had to choose between being fat and staying with your boyfriend, which one would it be? Because as an FA, my preferences are so strong that I would have to break up with a woman if she decided to get skinny. I just can’t help it, I NEED a fat woman. Maybe you’re like that, but with your own body? You have to figure that out for yourself.
  3. Alright so I thought this was the funniest movie ever as a kid, and I still think it’s hilarious. But looking back, scenes like this bother me a lot. As a kid it was very confusing to kind of like this woman’s fat roles while simultaneously thinking that they were part of what made her ugly. I mean, look at the way they represent the fat woman vs the thin woman. The message here is obvious; the fat woman is made to seem brutal, masculine, she’s got her giant soda, etc. Imagine your favorite curvage model in this scene instead, and how differently it would come across. Probably wouldn’t even be funny because she wouldn’t fit the media’s typical fat stereotype. I hate the way the media tries to be the arbiter of what it beautiful and what is repulsive. It’s always... Thin woman essentially=young, pretty, trendy, long silky hair, sexualized, flirty, desired by men Fat women essentially=older, frumpier, grandma hairdo, asexualized This is why I avoid so much mainstream entertainment nowadays. I’ve gotten to the point where if I see fat women portrayed this way, I’m like “nope, fuck this, I’m outta here”. There was a time where it didn’t bother me as much because I could separate what I find attractive from what they portray on screen, but now I see that they’re equating the two. That’s how stereotypes work.
  4. I love it when a plus size model’s weight gain over time mirrors my own slowly growing preferences. Almost exactly, in fact. When I was 15, she was close to my ideal size back then, and now that I’m 23, she’s close to my ideal size now.
  5. I’ll probably find an actual girlfriend before she gains weight. Which is to say, we might all be dead before she gains weight.
  6. I’m starting to think maybe he’s not the nicest guy
  7. Is it bad that I think this woman deserves her own topic page ?
  8. The only thing that makes me angry (which Mal has not done, this is just an example) is when these plus size pornstars/social medi star try to gaslight you into liking their weight loss. Like “I love my body, don’t worry I’m not gonna lose my curves, I just need a positive change”, but then she loses like 60 lbs. Like ouch, why you gotta rub salt on the wound? The more feel-good, positive-sounding rhetoric you use to talk about your weight loss, the more it stings the people who liked you fat. that’s my out of context rant for the night
  9. I think we just gave „fat camp“ a whole new meaning
  10. Oh shit I never knew those were candid. I thought maybe she was sticking her belly out for the fetish boys, sucking it in for the...uh, normie boys who like 200 lb girls with flat stomachs (do those even fcking exist?)...and we didn’t know what it really looks like. But I guess this is what it really looks like. I think the reason I’ve gotten so exclusively into full fledged fat girls is that everybody on the internet sucks in and the chubby girls look like they have almost flat stomachs.
  11. So wait, does this mean it’s finally happening? I didn’t get the memo.
  12. I hate to break it to you, but pretty much all “big” girls are Le EAUX-BÎSE. Everybody at allgoodthings, for certain. They’re all at least 200 lbs. “Obeece” is just a scary ass medical word for anybody that’s more than a little overweight. I say just throw away the big bad O word altogether.
  13. @Miners666 I think the question of whether a 30,000 year old statue is sexist is silly. If people that far back in time were obsessed with certain body parts, it’s because it’s just natural to be obsessed with them. Sexuality is an inborn, irrational obsession with certain body parts which only continues to exist because has, up to this point, done a good job of getting potent men and fertile women to stick their genitalia together. And despite the matter of fact tone I use to describe a sexuality, I am autistic, so it is very easy for me to see how irrational obsessions are actually a good thing to live your life for.
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