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  1. Love to see an Aussie gainer! G'day and welcome to the community.

  2. New video :) feeling very chubby now


    1. Kika0119


      You look amazing 😍 your belly looks great

      Your boobs are looking like they got bigger too, right? 

      Also, how tall are you btw that you’re 180 lbs? 

  3. Hey all, I've been a little cheeky lately and decided to order myself an entire pizza with a delicious chocolate thickshake and some garlic bread. I think my eating habits are starting to catch up to me 😅 I keep gaining so quickly, I'm up to 82kgs / 180 lbs already! Apologies also for the snoring dogs in the background and general quietness! Hope you enjoy (✿◠‿◠)


  4. Pics of me at various weights documenting my weight gain and growth Lowest weight: 57kgs / 125lbs Current weight: 78kgs / 172lbs Goal weight: 91kgs / 200lbs
  5. Krispy Kreme Stuffing video pending!
    Here's some shots from a clip where I stuff myself with delicious krispy kreme donuts 😋







  6. Hey all, I was directed by a very helpful user to post here! I'll be posting some weight updates and photos along the way! I started gaining when I was 18 but I would drift away and lose motivation, only for the desire to come back even stronger 🙈 At 20, I'm now 40lbs heavier and more comfortable staying chubby and thick. Prior to gaining, when I was obsessed with losing sadly. I've kinda grown to like the gaining now and can't imagine myself ever losing again! It's funny cause even though I was aware of my kink I kinda hated it and desperately wanted to distance myself from it. So, I got really skinny and ended up at a low weight of 57kgs / 125lbs. I just checked and I'm now 81 kgs / 178lbs! Pic below is one of the few I took when I was at my thinnest (It's so strange to think I was proud that I fit into such tiny clothes! Now I'm outgrowing my entire wardrobe haha). I really appreciate all the love and support you guys have already given me 😊
  7. In this clip I quietly eat 4 delicious krispy kreme donuts while playing with my jiggly belly 😊 It feels so good to play with and I even tease you with my, now much bigger, breasts. ✿ Thank you to the people who sponsored this stuffing! ✿ Apologies for being so quiet and shy, I'm gonna work on speaking more in future vids!


  8. Aw I'm so glad you love my progress 😊 I'm hoping to reach 200lbs and then I'll see how I feel.
  9. Hi I'm miss cinnamon and this is my first vid on curvage In the video I'm trying on old shorts and jeans to see if they fit after I'd gained so much during quarantine. My thighs, belly, butt and boobs have all gotten so much bigger. I'm so much softer and I jiggle all over as I wiggle my way into the too-small garments. PS: All the shorts and pants that I try on in this vid fit earlier in the year! Come and see what I've done to myself 🙈


  10. Heya, this is my first time posting on this website but not my first time visiting. I'm a 20 year old feedee wanting to gain and really indulge myself 😊 I'm now a curvage model so will be looking forward to interacting with the community here too 🌸 Here's a little pic of my gain in quarantine: (Hopefully I've done this right 😅)
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