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  1. Here’s a little update for everyone since it has been a while! How have all my lovelies been? 


    1. Tendedsugar


      You look great!!!😍🤤

  2. Hey everyone! Sorry I havent been on much. Life’s been a little crazy but here’s a little update! I went a couple weeks ago to get a pedicure done for my sisters wedding and couldn’t believe how delightfully plump I looked here! Wanted to share with you all! More updates to come. Xo!


    1. BBWLover312


      Loving your huge belly !!  It must hang well. Beautiful !!  😍

    2. flyingservice


      Gorgeous as always, the lady herself who got me into big girls!! Low key hoping we see the pedi in an update sometime! You always have such a knack for color and makeup everything looks amazing on you! Cute pedi too? Oh my word ❤️

  3. Hey everyone! This weekend was my sisters bachelorette bash so I’m sorry I haven’t updated more, but here’s a few pics of me from the wine tour! Tons of drinking and snacking, I am a happy girl! ❤️🍷





    1. Tendedsugar


      Glad to hear your happy! Hope your weekend was a blast!😍

    2. buster12


      Post more lol

  4. Good morning! I woke up and felt kinda cute this morning so so thought I’d take a few pictures for you all! Yesterday I had a doctors appointment and of course I had to get into it with them about my weight and gaining. Apparently I gained more weight 😏 would anyone be interested in me making a video talking about my interaction with the dr and my updated weight/measurements?? ❤️






    1. bigboy1858


      Most definitely would love to see that video!!

    2. Maverick500


      I love your sexy fat belly😘🥰😍

    3. adidasjkl9
  5. Hey everyone! I hope you’re enjoying my new clip from the clip store of me stuffing me face during last nights midnight snack!! 😜


    how is everyone this evening? I’m thinking it’s snack time again for me! ❤️🍪


  6. Hey lovelies! I have a new clip uploaded to the clip store. This time you get to indulge in watching me stuff my face during one of my midnight snack runs 😜 and don’t forget all the soda chugging, belly rubs, and belching!!

    Don’t forget to review the clip.. I’ll be choosing someone who does at random to get a free clip credit from me! ❤️



    1. Tendedsugar



    2. Benzka


      I can´t believe my eyes 🥰

  7. Biggblondie wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes her belly is feeling pretty empty. She wanders out into the kitchen and plops herself at the table with her round apron belly spilling onto her lap. She devours slice after slice of pizza, washing it down by chugging orange soda right out of the two liter. She finishes it off with a cookie and lots of belly rubs and belches.


  8. Good morning Curvage! I feel extra lazy this morning and I really just don’t feel like getting out of bed. I’m motivating myself by reminding myself I have lots of yummy food waiting for me in the kitchen. But I really just want to lay here a while longer !



  9. Good morning everyone!! 

    Just wanted to let everyone know I decided to go ahead and discount all FOUR of my clips including my BRAND NEW clip I uploaded yesterday of me trying on my old too tight softball clothes. 

    All clips of mine are now priced at $3.50 for a limited time. I want to make it easier for everyone to enjoy me and my big body, so head Over to the clip store! 

    *Giveaway* The first person to review my newest clip will get free access to one clip of their choice (can be used now or in a future clip)! Just PM me when done. Thanks! ❤️



    1. Biggblondie2.x0


      Thank you @pancakeparty message is sent! ❤️

  10. It’s that time of day!!! My newest Curvage clip is live in the store! 

    Watch me struggle as I force my massive belly and body into old, outgrown softball sweatpants that are size L/XL. Keep in mind I now wear a 3/4X!!! 

    Lots of belly play and moaning as touching my belly turns me on...

    Show me some love, my other clips will remain on sale throughout the rest of the day too!! 

    here’s a preview:







  11. Good morning my lovelies! Just a heads up that at some point today a new clip will be dropping, and it’s ones that you all have been wanting to see!! 

    For now I still have my other clips marked down to $3.99, catch them while they’re on sale! 

    I need my belly rubbed.. any takers? 


    1. degek2001


      Wow, your belly needs a lot of rubs... ❤️ 

    2. Tendedsugar


      I’ll rub that belly all day until your Uber eats comes then I would feed you and rub your belly again

  12. Watch Biggblondie as she forces her enormous belly into three different pairs of old, outgrown size Large and XL softball sweatpants. She also throws on and old tank which appears like a crop top now. Watch her struggle and sweat as she squeezes herself into these clothes ready to burst at the seams. As Biggblondie gets into her tight pants she starts to admire how huge she looks compared to how loose those pants used to be, and she starts to moan softly as she gets aroused playing with her delicious belly. Lots of sexy belly play, catch Biggblondie getting herself all worked up over her new huge body. She loves how embarrassed she feels to think she’s let herself go so much since then. It makes her want to gain even more!


  13. PS: I am running a Labor Day Sale on my three existing clips for the next 24 hours, pick one up for $3.99 each!! 

    Be on the lookout for some new clip content tomorrow.. catch these ones while you can on sale!! ❤️ Xoxo



    1. Bellylover777


      Absolutely sexy - your sweet big belly is an eye-catcher

    2. AresEno52


      All I can say so far, I've really enjoyed every single second of your three vids here on Curvage so far.🥰 You are such a cheerful person and it's just a pleasure to watch whatever you do ... hehe😉
      I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.😊 And just four letters about your gaining process (the comparison pictures were breathtaking) = MEGA!👌😍💪

  14. Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and safe Labor Day! ❤️❤️



    1. henke26


      same to you❤️

    2. Tendedsugar
  15. I need some morning belly rubs, I’d love someone to come play with my rolls and belly button. Any volunteers? Maybe breakfast in bed? 😘




    1. Popstylee22


      You would always get morning belly rubs 😏

    2. henke26


      Wish i could be that volunteer😍

    3. bigboy1858


      I would give you belly rubs all day and keep that belly fed😍

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