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  1. Not many models would allow an upward angle in this photo shoot showing a belly like that without shapewear. Unusual, refreshing and sexy for a model with so much quarantine weight piled on, and not at all self conscious about it.
  2. This dress selection is a real step in her fat acceptance. It's tight to prove how sexy she still is, but the ruffle cleverly covering the expanding middle is a real tell. She knows that the high dollar shapewear doesn't tame the belly enough in this dress.
  3. To Off to Target in between newscasts to buy chocolate. So perfect. At least four attempts to pull down her dress over her belly. Futile.
  4. To No doubt the industrial strength spanx (girdle?), waist cincher and high capacity push up bra cost more than the dress. To get her money's worth she should let us see what she is spending her wardrobe budget on. Must take an hour to get it all on and in place. There is a lot more to see after work.
  5. The weight gain has clearly moved Alicia into adding a waist cincher to the already routine heavy duty spanx. Unzipping that painted on dress, unwrapping all the tight armor and releasing the jiggle to spill out every night would be a daily erotic adventure.
  6. She must have squeezed herself into last year's St. Patrick's day green dress - now a size that's too tight. The waist cincher is obvious in this photo. Only way to zip it up.
  7. Moda dla puszystych Rzeszów Elomi duże rozmiary plus size xxl prezenty (paryzanka.eu)
  8. Amazing video: Moda dla puszystych Rzeszów Elomi duże rozmiary plus size xxl prezenty (paryzanka.eu)
  9. Jowita comes on at :50. 3. Salon of lingerie / Fashion Film TV - YouTube
  10. There are dozens of videos - with plus size and skinny models. FashionFilmTV - YouTube
  11. No question there is a very tight girdle or spanx and even a waist cincher as outlined in this photo. Everything is tightly packed in, nothing moves during her dance steps. No jiggle or wobble. When she skips the waist cincher is when the muffin top rolls spill over. A great B/A video would be the dance routine with and without the shapewear. The belly and ask undulation would make you dizzy.
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