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  1. Tried on some old clothes tonight. They were sooo tight. Look at how big I've gotten compared to when I was a skinny freshman. I wonder what I will look like a year from now. I wish I could be as big as GoodGirlGrows, her body is so beautiful.My belly looks so round and my love handles are widening and thickening rapidly. My breasts are becoming more like udders, and I would be lying if I said I didn't fantasize about being pumped. What have you guys done to me? Tease me please, I'm super turned on right now.
  2. If I were to film a video, what all would you like to see? Any specific ideas for what I could do, or what you think would be sexy?
  3. I'm now up to 167 pounds. I'm feeling a little bit softer, and I'm starting to notice a major difference in the way my clothes fit me. I constantly have to pull and tug throughout the dat to stay covered. My breasts seem bigger/rounder as well, and I think I'm starting to finally gain a little in my upper arm area. I'm really liking these new changes in my body. I feel more womanly than ever, and am wondering how my figure will continue to widen and plump up
  4. You're so lucky you're short. I bet you start looking thick and plump really easily. I've been doing the same thing in college but since I'm taller I don't think I look near as curvy as you
  5. Up until now I've been letting the weight gain happen naturally but I'm debating trying something new. I'm wondering how much my body would change if I purposefully stuffed myself for the next month. Like I wonder where I would start to fill out and if any rolls would become more defined/bigger. Let me know what you all think!
  6. My wall test I did for Dr. Feeder😜 I feel like my thighs look pretty big here, and like that the way my body looks here really shows where the weight is going
  7. Took this side view of my empty belly when I was getting dressed.
  8. I'm thinking my ass might be finally looking a little rounder? or plumper maybe? today i went to the chiropractor and the middle aged man adjusting me made a comment that made me think he thought I had gained weight, or at least that he thought I seemed chubby. He asked me if I was more active in high school. He asked this after adjusting my lower back and hips so I know for sure he felt my love handles, ass, hips, and maybe he saw my muffin top too
  9. I'm back at college for the semester and decided to try on some of my older going out clothes. They seem a little tight haha. I had to unbutton my shorts😉
  10. Based on my weight distribution, does anyone have any ideas of what I'll look like 20,50, 75 pounds bigger? Like are there any models or people who's body types seem similar to mine?
  11. Haha for sure. I spend a lot of time now laying in bed.
  12. I'm not sure yet what my weight gain goals are. I kind of think I might just let myself go and hope that I naturally get bigger. Hopefully as I get bigger I fill out more all over.
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