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  1. mmm thank you. i do feel like it might be slow moving, but i am changing. my body feels more and more feminine and soft.
  2. Tried on this dress I bought when I was a lot smaller. I never even took the tags off lol and now it is wayyyy too tight.
  3. I think tonight I'm going to film a video/take some new pictures. Any ideas for what I should do/poses you would like to see? I'm not really planning on doing anything involving talking, but more so rubbing my belly maybe
  4. Oh it's definitely not hiding much. Wouldn't that be something. It already feels sooo tight. I've just been naughty lately with how much I've been eating and drinking.
  5. Just walking around in a swimsuit felt different, like I was kind of on display a little bit. I had to constantly keep adjusting my swimsuit bc it would not cover my ass or breasts. I didn't realize till I saw these pictures just how wide my hips had gotten, and that is in a swimsuit that is designed to suck you in haha
  6. So I went to the beach this weekend and looking at photos from it I can truly see that I have gotten fatter. I am shocked at how round and curvy I look in these photos. I thought black was supposed to be slimming lol but I think I look a little plump.
  7. This is probably the most accurate/recent representation of my belly shape. This is on an empty stomach.
  8. Thank you! I have a difficult time deciding what shape I am since I do have some breasts, but also wide hips. What exactly do you mean about my hips being separate from my belly?
  9. I would love if y'all could look at this topic and let me know what type of belly and body you think I have based on what you have seen in my pictures:)))))
  10. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of any or wanted to record any audio that is meant for female gainers to listen to. I've seen some specific to men but I would love to find some hot audio meant to tease girls with growing bellies.
  11. 5'7. I bet my boobs are actually bigger than those measurements show cause rn I'm wearing a sports bra which is super tight
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