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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Lotion Up (ft. Aliss Bonython)   
    After being separated by lockdown for so long, Kitty and Aliss are so excited to be spending some quality time together again but this time, in GREECE! 
    It really doesn't take long before they can't keep their hands off of each other's growing bodies and what better excuse than helping to apply sun lotion to help a friend out.
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Supersized Squashing w/ ChubbyCupcake   
    It's been a while since KP and CC last hung out together and they can't believe just how much each other have grown!
    Seeing CC's belly in person looking so massive gets KP thinking... "what would it feel like to have it on top of me? 😈"
    After taking turns squashing each other and admiring each other's beautiful growing bodies, CC announces that she's actually got a toy just for squashing and she'd love to share it with KP.
    Can the toy really handle both of their body weights combined? 
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    fan2000 reacted to Kaybearcutie95 for a file, Belly worship ft. Curvage Casey, Reiinapop, MissSugarPlumpFairy   

    Kayla is surprised when all the girls @MissSugarPlumpFairy, @Curvage Casey,& @reiinapop all start loving how big she has become. 
    Everyone takes turns rubbing and grabbing kayla’s belly and rolls , including her big ass! 
    After everyone takes turns they all line up to get Kayla’s big belly slapped in there faces! Kaylas tummy is just so jiggly & soft now. 
    Kayla motivates everyone to gain weight to match her size ! 
    Plus WHO DOESNT WANNA SEE NEARLY 1000 Pounds on ONE BED!  
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    fan2000 reacted to AnnaOli for a file, Anna at her Fattest!!! A hot dog stuffing!   
    I am at this very moment, at my absolute fattest ever, there is no denying it and i actually take a lot of pride in every ounce of my fatness, however, to not just mantain, but to keep this body growing and expanding at the rate that i crave, i need more food, so come join me in this over 10 minute long video where i stuff my growing belly with brazilian style hotdogs, and for those that do not know it, the Brazilian hot dog has a lot of things used as toppings on it, so, it is much more filled with calories to make this girl even bigger!!
    and if you are curious about how much i have grown, take this video as a comparison for my size, after all, one year later, here i am again with hotdogs, enjoy my first hotdog video at a special price!!
    Come join me, after all, i am always growing for you!
    this video is subbed in english, come enjoy!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Kitty's Bouncing Booty III   
    Kitty likes to shake and jiggle all her curves for you. In this newest edition to this series, Kitty sports a cute skirt that has trouble covering anything!

    To top it off, shes wearing cute lingerie to go with it. Watch her roll around, shaking, jiggling and showing you just her body stays in motion. 

    All these extra curves and all this extra movement for your viewing pleasure ...
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Weigh In 16   
    Its that time again!
    Kitty comes to you with those oh-so-important and ever-increasing numbers for you to enjoy. 

    And of course what kind of Kitty Weigh In would this be without the post-weigh stuffing of course! Burger, onion rings, fries and chicken stripes ought to do it!
    Come celebrate with Kitty and revel in her latest gain in Weigh In 16 !
    - Enjoy
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Insatiable: 2 Years Later   
    Two years ago, Kitty awoke in the middle of the night to raid her fridge - that was the first time you all witnessed her Insatiable nature.
    To commemorate exactly 2 years today, Kitty awakes after an afternoon nap to do exactly that, raid. the. fridge. It sees that her appetite for fridge raiding has continued after all this time and boy does it show. 
    Come watch this comparison video of Kitty now vs Kitty two years ago - comparison clips abound so you can see just how her eating habits have really affected her figure!!
    And as always, Enjoy!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Skimpy Try-On   
    Kitty always outgrows her clothes. She wants to update you on just how tight some of her clothes are getting! 

    Outgrown, tight, and figure hugging. And to think that some of these items she bought not long ago!

    Come watch this cute and curvy catwalk of enormous proportions!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Pizza Snack   
    Kitty kicks back and relaxes whilst enjoying a pizza snack for your viewing enjoyment!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Funnel Fantasy IV   
    Kitty has come home from lunch with the girls and she's in a great mood. She tells you just how greedy she was, finishing her friend's food, ordering 2 for 1 desserts and not holding back. But today you have an idea ...

    You question whether she truly pushed her limits today and think its about time to bring out the funnel again ... its time to really test her limits after her big lunchtime meal!
    Its clear that shes bigger from the last time you did this. Her rolls are spilling out, her belly is consuming what little lap space she has left. Her arms are becoming gigantic and you cant help but think just how much larger they are going to be ... especially with how she takes down your shake ... gulp after gulp after gulp.
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, The Doctor's Visit   
    Kitty went to the doctor's office for a check-up. When she was there she was asked to step on the scales so the doctor could update her weight! It has been a long time since Kitty has done this and the feelings of both nerves and excitement kicked in!

    Kitty sits and recalls this event to you, bringing you in on the feelings and excitement that she went through this day!
    A relaxed view with belly, arms, thighs and boobs looking visibly softer and bigger welcomes you in this little chat about her trip to the doctor!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Bedroom Babes ft. Aliss Bonython   
    Kitty and Aliss love to play!

    Come watch them have fun as they jiggle, shake and explore each other in this cute and sensual setting. Two beautiful big babes simply enjoying each others bountiful curves!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Kitty's Kitchen: Gainer Shake 2   
    Kitty is once again serving up a calorific gainer shake treat! After months upon months of quarantine, Kitty has bought a new blender and is ready to enjoy her shakes again!
    Chugging, tight clothes and a very large looking Kitty!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Weigh In 15   
    It has been a hot minute! But Kitty is back with her latest weigh in!

    Come see the figures and witness the growth as she once again steps on the scales to find out those magic numbers - Kitty has been looking extra fluffy lately!
    How much has she grown? Where has it been packed on? Can she get much rounder?! Let's find out!

    Watch the weigh in, then watch the stuffing, because who doesn't want to watch a post-weigh in stuffing?

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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, KittyPiggy Vs Aliss Bonython   
    Kitty and Aliss both love pasta. But who loves pasta more?

    Come watch Kitty and Aliss duke it out over a friendly competition of who can devour the most pasta in the shortest time! A family sized tray of pasta meant for 8 servings is on the menu and they both cant wait to dive in.
    Who wins? You! Because what's better than watching two fat babes giving in to unhinged greed?
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Fat Chat & Play   
    Kitty enjoys a Dr Pepper with you whilst discussing her recent weight gain and showing off her massive belly that has ballooned in size recently.
    Enjoy casual fat chat with KP as she shows off every angle and see just how soft she is close up and personal!
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    fan2000 reacted to Curvage Casey for a file, Santa's Secret Stuffer | 5000+ cal Cream Chug   
    In This Video: Role play. Christmas Casey. Heavy cream. WG shake. Funnel. Belly play. ~14 minutes
    Don't tell Mrs. Claus.... but did you know that Santa has a secret girlfriend? That's right. She is his first stop every year when he heads out on Christmas Eve night. It's no secret that Santa likes his ladies on the chunkier side. So allllll year long Christmas Casey is on a VERY strict regimen of heavy cream and WG shakes. She works hard all year long to grow for Santa so that when he arrives on Christmas Eve night, she's bigger than the year before. If she's an extra big girl, then Santa gives her an extra big present. He has Casey feeding exclusively out of a funnel all year long to keep that mouth nice and greedy for him. Casey works hard to suck down all that cream and WG shake before the big day. She's so full but she keeps chugging. She's really hoping to blow his mind this year. She explores her huge swollen body with pride knowing how successfully fattening this past year has been. Someday, hopefully, she will be big enough for him to want to take her home to the North Pole. Only thing is, he may need a forklift to do that. She's going to grow HUGE for Santa. Christmas Casey want to drink more for Santa, eat more for Santa, and grow more for Santa. She's Santa's secret, and very special stuffer. 
    REVIEWS // If you enjoyed this video, a review/comment/reaction is always SO appreciated and they absolutely make my day!  
    CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you are ever dealing with technical difficulties - please never hesitate to reach out to me via DM or contact support [HERE].
    💥Find more of my hot clips HERE 💥Chat with me HERE 💥
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Shower Time 2   
    Kitty is staying at an AirBnb and it has become tradition to test out whether or not she fits in the shower - Only the fattest girls have these problems!
    It is a tight squeeze as she tries to enter the shower front on and sideways but once she's in, the real fun starts.
    Lots of soapy jiggling in this clip and enjoy every angle of Kitty's body in her cute bikini!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Donut Doubles feat. Aliss Bonython   
    Kitty and Aliss are back in another indulgent stuffing!
    Come watch Aliss stuff Kitty with donut after donut as they both show off their bellies. How much can Kitty handle?
    Tight clothes, donuts galore and two growing cuties await you in this newest collaboration!
    Enjoy! 💕 
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Insatiable: Fast Food Frenzy   
    Fast food delivery services are more than back in full swing and Kitty is getting far more than her fair share!
    She starts with breakfast but realises that she is still hungry! So, naturally, second breakfast is swiftly ordered. After second breakfast? Lunch and then, well, I think you get the picture 😋
    Delivery after delivery comes in as this Insatiable girl eats, eats and eats some more, piling those calories in.
    Another greedy spectacle to be watched in this 45 minute clip of food, food and FOOD.
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Birthday Treats ft Aliss Bonython   
    Kitty and Aliss are back and this time they are even bigger!! 🐷
    Come watch Kitty and Aliss have some messy fun eating and feeding each other some very fattening birthday treats! 🎂
    Feeding, belly play, lingerie and plenty of curves await you in this new edition of this highly anticipated collaboration 😘
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, STUCK: Bath Edition   
    Kitty loves to have baths - but poor Kitty cant fit in her own bathtub!!
    Come watch Kitty struggle to get in and out of her own bathtub as her hips squeeze against the sides, trapping her in!!

    Big curves, tight bikini and lots of struggling in this cute clip that shows just how big Kitty has gotten!! 💖
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Slip ‘n’ Slide 2   
    Its been a pretty hot summer and Kitty wanted nothing more than to bust out the paddling pool for some summer fun! And what could be more fun than slipping and sliding in Kitty's pool covered in slick, shiny oil?
    A tiny bikini, slippery fun, plenty of jiggling and many, many luscious angles all to be taken in and enjoyed in this playful video!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, The Weigh In 14   
    It has been a brief minute but Kitty is back with a weigh-in!
    Kitty slips into something a little sultry to bring you the much anticipated numbers! Will she have finally hit her short term goal? How much has she gained during quarantine? Is she noticeably bigger? All these questions answered in this newest edition of The Weigh In! As always, after the numbers comes a little snack to celebrate including Kitty's all time favourite, McDonalds!
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    fan2000 reacted to KittyPiggy for a file, Breakfast At Kitty's   
    Hi lovelies, 
    Join me for a spot of breakfast - it's my favourite, McDonald's! 😋
    I wanted to make this clip as a little thank you for everyone that has supported me, my videos and my gain.
    I have been feeling so inspired recently with my fantasy clips and huge stuffings recently that it's been a while since we just hung out like this. 🥰
    Thank you for all the love and I hope you enjoy the video! 
    Love, KP x
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