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  1. For me it was ass, I would find myself searching bigger and bigger bootys. Till the point of bbw. Then my love for curves grew and I started to love bellies, arms, anything fat!
  2. Lmao that’s what I’m saying it’s natural. But she’s only up to about 155 we started at 120 but she wants to gain more says around the 180 range, I’m hoping for more of course. She just thinks that she gained to fast, does gaining slower actually mean less stress marks. I feel like that might be a myth.
  3. So my girlfriend recently started gaining and especially over the holidays she gained a lot. She wants to gain, but she recently started getting noticible stretch marks on her hips and thighs. To me this is fine I love it honestly, but she’s pretty self conscious about it. Long story short what are some products to help minimize stretch marks.
  4. D-Rain


    Hi everyone been lurking for years now. I feel like it's time to be involved. I'm from Vegas just wanna get into the scene
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