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  1. None what’s so ever. Yea that belly is really growing I can’t wait till it hangs just a bit more. She’s been cooking a lot too. Made a joke that I was bad at feeding her she said I’m just in the perfect situation because she can’t stop feeding herself. And snacking is my best friend once she pops she just can’t stop. Any one have any suggestions for some fattening snacks be specific like brand and flavor she can’t resist new things lol. And nothing too crazy I’m not trying to add anything or be sneaky about it. I usually have chips and chocolate around does the trick.
  2. 167!!! She’s been hitting the gym a lot lately but I feel like that’s giving her the green late to enjoy herself she’s been eating like crazy, and hey nothing wrong with being healthy for damn sure. Funny cuz she was saying her belly was getting too big “even though it feels so nice”. Also seems to be embracing it and loving herself more and more, she’s amazing.
  3. Yea I try to just have stuff she likes around. Need to be on it more though
  4. Dude that’s what happened for sure, she gets seconds a lot and is always looking for something sweet after we eat. And if it’s a snack it’s hard for her to put it down until the bag is empty
  5. Was a carnival cruise to Mexico but yea it did she couldn’t stop eating
  6. Nothing official she hasn’t seen a scale in a while . But she went to the doctor a few months ago and was 166 so I’m sure she’s over 170 now hopefully closer to 180
  7. Hello there! I love the shape of your gf! I got an asian gf too, but she says she's not into gaining.even though she gained 20 pounds in 6 months :)

    1. D-Rain


      Technically mine isn’t either she just loves to eat, says she doesn’t wanna gain but 50 to 60 pounds later we are still going lol. 

    2. Ilovetofeed87


      She's a asian beauty! ♥ Don't let your thread die. I would love to see updates ♥ I hope my gf will become softer too ♥

  8. Yea man I don’t think she gonna slow down just yet. Sometimes talks about it but actions are stronger than words lmao.
  9. Update time. She’s been eating whatever she wants and a lot of it. We have been slowly building up her wardrobe because hardly any of her old stuff fits, cool thing is she really accepts it and doesn’t have a problem with something doesn’t fit. Just sad she has nothing to wear. We recently went on a cruise and of course unlimited food and she went in! It was great. We was taking while eating and I was rubbing her and she was talking about how big she is as she needs to slow down, I was like cmon you know it’s been fun eating whatever and getting bigger she replied with “ it’s been the best time of my life” . Turned me on so much. Any way here’s a few pics
  10. https://xhamster.com/videos/big-booty-luckylee2-12847436 opps my bad
  11. https://xhamster.com/videos/big-booty-luckylee2-12847436 This seems to be the beginning of one of the precious videos you see a lot more of her belly in this one. Looking hot as fuck
  12. Hey boys here’s a little update she’s been eating a lot honestly think she might have lost weight for a bit but she’s definitely back to where she was if not more. This is before the holidays. Last year I swear she put on like 15 pounds real quick. Hopefully it happens again. Her belly is starting to ger big.
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