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  1. justjoe85

    Hi all

    This is long overdue but I thought I would stop lurking and say hello. Back in the day, about 10 years ago I used to write stories. Most should still be over on dimensions somewhere. Since then I have been very lazy, not contributing to the community in and way. I have started stories but not bothered to finish or edit any of them. Anyway I thought I would start getting a little more involved so.......... hello all Joe
  2. justjoe85

    Claire Richards – Steps

    Steps - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Christmas With Steps Manchester 03/12/12)
  3. justjoe85

    Claire Richards – Steps

  4. justjoe85

    Your Favourite Weight Gain Story

    again cheers for the props. when i first started writing i was roughly 16, now 26 so if i write again my writing style may be slightly different, but essentially the same. ill update you guys if i get started on something
  5. justjoe85

    Your Favourite Weight Gain Story

    always nice to get a compliment for my work. i haven't written aything for a long time, although i have started a few over the last few years. i just never seem to be bothered to finish them and then edit them down. but i have had a few ideas recently, so if i can get myself motivated ill add something in the next feews/months