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  1. Welcome! You’re absolutely stunning and so excited to follow along on your journey!
  2. Hey guys! My name’s Mitch! I’ve tried the sites, FF and **, they’re okay but I figured I’d throw a post up here. I’m fairly experienced but have struggled to find a partner close by to explore this with. I’m looking for a woman who identifies as a feedee or gainer, looking for a partner in crime to explore this way of life with, probably/preferably platonically at first. I WFH, don’t mind driving a little bit. I’m in CT, about an hour or so from NYC. Looking forward to meeting the right one:)
  3. I just wanted to give a shout-out to all of us in this community this holiday season! I just hope everyone finds peace and joy with the ones they care about and all the feedees among Us are able to indulge as they see fit

  4. These are probably some of my favorite pics you shared! I’m such a sucker for the “in the moment” type of things
  5. @gorJESS you’re content is awesome!! Looking a little bigger too, keep up the personality, it makes the videos that much better :)

    1. gorJESS


      🥰 Thank you!! 💁‍♀️ 


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