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  1. *************************************************CHAPTER 5************************************************* ************************* When we were kids, we'd often have sleepovers. We didn't want to sleep in sleeping bags, though, so we'd often just share beds. Sometimes, on cold nights, we'd even snuggle up together for warmth. I suppose it's kinda weird in hindsight, but we didn't think much of it back then. I mean, back then, we didn't really have much of a concept of...well, you know... ************************* After walking for a very long time, I start thinking about turning back. I hadn’t encountered anything strange along the way. I didn’t even see any wildlife. I saw traces of our trail of breadcrumbs at first, but they were all scattered around and didn’t really seem to go anywhere. Just as I'm about to turn around and follow the string back, I notice some lights in the distance. A house, maybe? I come closer, and to my surprise, I see what looks like a second gingerbread house. It’s very similar to the first one. It has 3 stories, a lake nearby. Same architecture. I walk around to the front door…only to see some string right out front. I open the door, I see one of the pixies. “Did you find anything, Hank?” one of them asks. “No, I think I must’ve gone in a circle. But…I could’ve sworn I was going in a straight line the whole time!” “This realm is separate from the rest of Earth. It’s very small, and at a walking pace, you can generally go around the whole world in a little under two hours.” "Yikes, have I really been out for that long?" Just then, I see Greta walking by. Except, she looks different than she did this morning. Her butt sticks out a great deal more, both butt cheeks looking like large orbs of fat. Her once thin face now has the slightest layer of pudge on it, with the beginnings of a double chin. Her belly is already sticking out from under her shirt, which I remind you was made for her just this morning. And she seems to have grown to well over 6 feet (30 cm) tall. As she gobbles up what looks to be a clock made of gingerbread, she turns to face me and runs up to me. Her rapid weight gains seems to have little if any impact on her mobility. "Hank! I missed you so much!" She exclaims, pulling me into a tight hug, my mouth and chin pressed between her huge breasts. "I've only been out for a few hours." I let out a muffled reply. "It felt like an ETERNITY, though! I'm so glad you're back!" "Greta," I start, kinda nervous at what I'm about to talk about, "have....have you noticed anything different about yourself since we got here?" "Hmm?" she lets go of the embrace, and looks down at herself, "hmm, not really, why do you ask?" "Nothing about your weight? Or your height?" "No" she says, confusion in her voice. "Greta, you're putting on a lot of weight. This house is doing something to you, and I'm scared for your health," I speak, scared after the fact of how she might react. "What on earth are you talking about?" she asks confused, "I'm just as skinny as ever." She pats her tummy, causing to to jiggle. "Greta...come with me, I need to show you something." She follows me to the bathroom, and we look in the mirror. As expected, I see a very tall, very fat (and admittedly very cute) blonde with long hair, standing next to a thin brunette man. "See?" my large friend responds, "Same as always! I'm the short, skinny one. You're the tall, cute one." She says, a smile on her plump face. "What is this, then?" I ask, grabbing her big belly, giving it a jiggle. "Stop it! That tickles!" she giggles, slapping my hand away. "What was I grabbing?" I ask. "You were pinching my stomach, weirdo," she replies playfully, "C'mon! The pixies made lunch!" She grabs me by the hand and eagerly leads me back downstairs. She has to be under some sort of spell. That's the only explanation for how she can be so oblivious to her tremendous weight gain, not to mention her staggering growth spurt. Once again, the pixies prepared a humongous feast for my hungry friend. She was practically watering at the mouth once it entered her gaze. She starts chowing down, her belly pressing against the table while she eats. "So what were you two doing upstairs?" asks a pixie. "Oh, he was just pinching my stomach and teasing me around." she replies, giggling. That wasn't at all what was going on. "Speaking of whom," Greta continues, "Hank, come sit with me!" Blushing, I oblige and take a seat next to my obese friend. I serve myself a normal sized lunch, while she serves herself 5. Though I'm almost certain she'll be hungry for more. I suppose if she can't figure out what's going on, the only way to stop this curse is to find our way back home. I just hope she isn't too upset once she realizes what's happened to her body. In the meantime, all I can do is sit and marvel at my friend's fantastic display of gluttony. By the time she finishes it all, her shirt barely covers her belly anymore. This really shouldn't be turning me on. "That was *really* good" Greta says, hands rested on her very fat belly. "I'm gonna go eat some more furniture, you wanna come with me?" she asks, quickly standing to her feet. "Oh, I'm not really hungry," I reply. "Not to eat, silly, to keep me company!" she giggles. "Oh, uh...okay." Over the next several hours, she continually gorges herself, getting fatter and fatter over time. As afternoon becomes night, the pixies set out a large dinner that fills the table. Once she finishes it all, the pixies set out an equally large dessert feast. Which, to be fair, is a bit redundant in a house literally made of dessert. After she eats that, though, she goes back to consuming even more furniture. Eventually, though, we both get pretty tuckered out. "I think I'm going to bed soon," she says, licking the icing from her fingers as she gets up. As she does so, I can see just how humongous she's become. For starters, she's now the height of a professional basketball player. Her breasts have attained that soft, bouncy shape that you only see on really fat girls. And her almost-double-chin has grown into a full double chin. "What are you looking at?" Greta asks, smiling cutely. "Um, I was, um, just thinking 'hey, where are gonna sleep tonight?'" I say nervously. "Oh my god, you're right! We didn't get to pick bedrooms yet! [GASP] I gotta be quick so I can call dibs on the best one!" The huge blonde then sprints upstairs, the steps creaking under her, her big butt shaking, and her long, golden hair waving behind her. I quickly run after her, trying to get dibs on a better bedroom. "Bam! Beat you to it!" she exclaims, having already found the biggest bedroom on the third floor. "Aw man. Well, I guess I'll just settle for the room across." I reply. She giggles, "or we could just share a bedroom together." she suggests. "Wh-then what was the point of us racing around trying to get the best room?!" I ask. She giggles, then shrugs. "So is that a yes on sharing beds?" she asks, hands behind her back. "W-wait, beds?" I ask. "Sure! The bed's more than big enough for us to share! It'll be like one of our childhood sleepovers!" "Um, er, uh, sure..." I respond nervously. She giggles. We both brush our teeth in the master bathroom. Her large breasts wobble around as she brushes, and her big belly bumps into me any time she turns slightly. It's just so jarring to me. I know I've said it multiple times, but I feel like this needs emphasizing: she was skinny as a stick yesterday morning. We both get in bed together. She acts as the big spoon, wrapping her fat arms around me. It actually is pretty reminiscent of our sleepovers. It was such an innocent thing back then, but I suppose when you're an adult, it takes on a much different connotation. Now, I should note, we didn't do anything sexual that night. Not that I didn't think about it. In fact, I don't think I've had a stronger erection in my life.
  2. Okay, well, apparently, I can't edit chapters of the story after a certain amount of time, so I'll just put my edit summary right here. Because that's the best I can do, I guess On all other sites where I posted this story, I changed the time skip from 6 months to 1 month. I just felt like it made more thematic sense to have this all happen over a shorter time frame, especially considering what I had planned for future chapters.
  3. ***************************************************************CHAPTER 4*********************************************************** I wake up the next morning on the same couch. Greta’s in the other room, hungrily gobbling up a stack of pancakes. I stand up, arms stretched out and yawning. “Good morning sleepy head!” she playfully greets me with another of her contagious smiles. “Morning, Greta,” I reply, smiling back at her, “how'd you sleep?” “Great! You?” “Pretty goo—” I utter, before nearly tripping on the coffee table. Wait... “Um, Greta, was this coffee table here last night?” I ask. “Nope! Neither were these chairs, or this vase. The pixies say everything we eat here regenerates the next morning.” “Hmm, I guess we don’t have to worry about starving, then,” I say, walking to the dining room table. "Wait, Greta, didn't the pixies clean up last night?" I ask, staring at the cascade of dirty dishes covering up most of the table. "Of course, silly! [NOM] This is just from today's breakfast." Greta explains. "Wait, you had all this for breakfast?" I ask, shocked. "Yup! It was sooooo good! The pixies made me pancakes, eggs, waffles, French toast, omelets, normal toast, sausages, it was all so yummy!!!" From what I see on the table, this must've been a sizable feast, just as big as if not even bigger than the one last night. She continues, “Speaking of which, Hank, I saved you some food!” She gets up to bring me my breakfast. As she does so, I realize she's gotten very big this morning. While last night, she was somewhere between chubby and fat, now she's just fat. Her boobs have grown to a size you’d only see on an overweight woman. Her belly, which now juts even further out than her boobs, wobbles around with every step she takes. Not to mention, as she walks closer to me, I notice she’s now a good few inches taller than me. My morning wood, which was receding before, suddenly stands to full attention. What is wrong with me? Why is the idea of my best friend becoming fat so arousing to me? "What're you staring at?" Greta giggles, a suggestive smile on her surprisingly still thin face. "Um, oh, uhhhh..." I speak, flustered, "I was...just...wondering where you got that shirt from." "Oh this?" she asks, looking down, "My old shirt was getting pretty tight, so the pixies made me a new one. Do you like it?" She asks, tilting her gaze back to me. "Yeah, it's [GULP] it really suits you." Her smile widens. She hands me a plate with 2 pancakes, 2 slices of toast, 3 sausages, and some scrambled eggs. “Sorry that I didn't save you much,” she apologizes, looking down, "You gotta understand, I was really, really, REALLY hungry when I woke up!" "Don't worry, this is actually more than enough," I chuckle, "Besides, I'm glad you, *ahem* got enough to eat." I say, looking at her belly. "Well," she giggles, "you have to eat a big breakfast if you wanna keep a healthy metabolism. After all, how do you think I stay so skinny?" she replies, patting her fat belly, causing it to jiggle. She doesn't sound like she’s kidding. Surely, she’s gotta know, right? There’s no way she couldn’t realize it yet. “By the way,” the large blonde says, pulling me into a hug, “Thank you for yesterday, Hank. I know it's not what we had in mind, but it was honestly the best birthday ever.” She presses me against her soft belly. “N-no problem Greta,” I say, my wood growing stronger, my face growing redder, “y-you’re the best friend ever." She pauses, tilting her gaze down slightly to look at me, “Just friends?” she asks. I stutter, “What, no…um…I mean, I…” She smiles at me. Just then, though, our little moment is again interrupted by one of those annoying pixies. “My liege, do you want us to clean the table?” "Ugh," Greta turns to face the pixie, her belly rubbing against me, “yes, but don’t touch that one plate at the end, Hank still hasn’t eaten." “Yes, ma’am.” “You should probably go eat your breakfast,” Greta says softly, turning back to face me. Greta must’ve been up for a few hours to eat that much food. Yet despite it being out for so long, it's still warm. I suppose that must be another one of those spells the pixies mentioned. I proceed to eat my breakfast, the pixies proceed to clean up, and Greta proceeds to munch down on some candy furniture. I'm actually really worried about her. She’s never had an appetite like this before, it has to be some sort of spell. And if she really is oblivious to her weight gain, I'd hate to imagine how upset she'll be when she finally realizes what she's done to her body. I mean...I suppose she's not *that* fat. Once we get home and the spell wears off, it might only take her a few months to lose the weight, or at least get back down to a healthy weight. I just hope, for her sake, she doesn't get too much fatter. I suppose the best thing to do is to get back home as quickly as possible. “Um, hey Greta?” I ask my plus sized friend as she gorges on the peanut brittle umbrella stand. “[MMH], yeah?” “Do you remember how we got here?” “I….actually, I don’t…” “Come to think of it, the last thing I remember before walking with you in the snow was…I think…walking past a…hold on....let me see if I can remember anything after that, though…” “Pixies," Greta asks, "do you know how we can find our way home? For some reason, neither of us can remember how we got here.” “Ah yes, the amnesia spell. The witch made it so anyone who enters this realm cannot remember how they got here.” “Did she tell any of you how to get back?” Greta asks. “I’m afraid not. She feared we were too stupid to keep that information to ourselves.” the pixie replies. “Do you have any navigation tools or anything?” Greta asks. “Well, we have some string. You can look around the forest, unraveling the string as you go along, and when you need to get back, just follow the string back.” The pixie hands Greta a spool of thread, then continues, “I’m afraid that’s the best we can do for you, though. You’ll just have to look around.” Greta and I head out to find a way home. She brings the umbrella stand with her as a snack, as well as one of the couch cushions. Once she finishes those off, however, her belly immediately starts grumbling. "Um, hey, Hank..." Greta speaks sheepishly, "I'm getting kinda hungry, do you mind if I head back?" Shit, what do I say? It's not like I can tell her no, but at the same time, I'm scared what she might do to her body once she gets back to the gingerbread house. "Um," I speak nervously, "I was actually kinda hoping we could spend some more time together." "I know, and I was really hoping for that too, but I'm also really, REAALLY hungry!" she replies, her belly grumbling as she speaks. "Um..." I hesitate, "I suppose I can go looking by myself. I'll be sure to tell you if I find anything." "Thanks, Hank!" she replies hastily. She then gives me a quick hug, before sprinting back to the house like her life depends on it. Seeing her fat butt shaking behind her, I once again become erect. What is wrong with me?
  4. ******************************************************CHAPTER 3********************************************************************** When we get inside, we’re greeted by a large feast, big enough to feed a family. There are three large roasted chickens, a plate of butter rolls, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, 2 big bowls of mac and cheese, a large apple pie, and a plate of sausages. I speak to the fairies, “Whoa, um, when Greta said she wanted a feast fit for a king…I don’t think she meant—” “IT’S PERFECT!” the curvy blonde interrupts, rushing over to the table to dig in to her feast. A pixie giggles, “feel free to eat whatever you want, your highness! The witch cast a spell that prevents us from running out of food or accumulating garbage, so if you get full, we can just throw the rest away.” “[MMMH!], thanksh, [mmm], wow, you guysh are shooo good at cooking!” Greta says, standing against the table and shoveling food into her mouth. Feeling pretty hungry myself, I grab a roll from the table. “DROP THAT ROLL AT ONCE!” one of the pixies commands, a deep intimidating pitch in his voice. “This feast is reserved for the royal Queen Gret—” “Whoa whoa, hey guys,” Greta interrupts, dropping all her food and positioning herself between the threatening pixie and myself, “Hank’s my friend, he can eat whatever he wants!” “Very well, my apologies your highness,” the pixie says, looking down. “You better be sorry. Guys, new rule, whatever you do, you don’t get to hurt Hank! Understood?” “But what if he acts out of line?” “If he acts out of line, I’ll punish him myself,” she says, playfully slapping me. “…very well…sorry m’lady.” “It’s alright,” she says, picking up from where she left off with her feast. I finally take a bite out of the butter roll. “Mmmh, you’re right, this is tasty!” “I know, right?!” she agrees, giggling. “Um, hey, pixies, do you know where all the chairs are?” I ask as I look around for a place to sit. “We only take orders from our queen!” a pixie responds. “Hey! Don’t be rude to Hank, either!” she yells at the pixies, before turning back to me, “Also, sorry Hank…I kinda ate all the seats.” “Wow, all of them? You must’ve been really hungry!” I exclaim. “[MMMH], you have no idea! I ate six chairs, a flower vase, and a coffee table before I called you downstairs!” That explains quite a bit, to be fair. “Anyways, sorry about the pixies threatening you Hank,” she apologizes. “It’s fine, it’s not like you could’ve known that would happen.” She smiles at me. Once again, I smile back. “Hey, pixies, can you go find a chair for my friend so he can sit his ass down?” “With pleasure, your majesty.” She giggles, still not accustomed to the regal titles. After they fetch me a chair, Greta orders the pixies to leave us alone. I assumed initially this was so we could continue from where we left off at the lake, but instead, Greta continues gobbling down the hearty feast. I suppose that moment can wait for another time. We’re still young, after all. It’s not like we’re in any rush. At some point, we both decide to change back into our normal clothes, but Greta makes haste in doing so so that she can return to her feast as soon as possible. I end up eating, well, a normal meal’s worth of food before I start feeling full. By that time, though, Greta’s eaten at least twice as much as me. And she’s still going. I never knew she had such an appetite. At some point, she’s exhausted most of the food within arm’s reach, and she begins to move around the table. It’s at this point that I begin to notice her body changing. Over time, her belly, boobs, and butt are all slowly but surely growing larger. Her belly begins pressing against the table, her butt jiggles more and more every time she has to move around the table, and at some point, a rip forms along the cleavage line of her once loose-fitting blouse. For some reason, I just can’t look away. When she finally finishes her great feast, she’s just barely on the verge between curvy and fat. From some angles she looks fat, and from some angles she just looks really thick. Her blouse is essentially a crop top at this point, and is basically on the verge of being ripped to shreds thanks to her large breasts. Her now exposed midriff reveals a very deep navel, and while it doesn't stick out as far as her boobs, her belly still juts out very far. I can see it jiggle around with every motion. She's still attractive in the conventional sense, but it's a fine line right now. “Ahhh, that really hit the spot!” Greta exclaims, hands on her plump belly, “That was so good, right?” “Yeah, it was pretty good.” I comment, standing up. She stretches and yawns, “God, I’m really tired for some reason.” She walks over to the couch, her butt jiggling behind her in the process, and takes a seat. As she walks over, I notice something: her and I are now the same height. “Come sit with me.” she says, patting the spot beside her. I do just that, and she leans her head on my shoulder, her soft hair brushing against me as she gently closes her eyes and smiles. What I decide to do next, admittedly a strange move, is to put my hand on her belly. Just to know what it feels like. “Hee hee, that tickles,” she says, eyes still closed. Her belly is so large. I mean, it doesn't compare to her breasts, but I never expected to see a gut like this on Greta. It’s so soft, too. You’d expect it to be bloated and hard after a feast like that. Maybe one of those spells the pixies talked about is causing her to digest food more quickly. That’s probably why it took so long for her to start feeling full. That is, assuming she is full, and not just tired of eating. I can’t believe this is the same girl from this morning. She looks so much fuller. I hope for her sake that she doesn’t fill out any further. I’m still struggling to judge whether or not she fully qualifies as “fat”. Honestly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more attracted to her now. It’s normal to be attracted to curvy women, right? I wonder if that’s the end goal of the spell, to bring us closer together somehow. She does seem a lot looser around me than she was before. I haven’t looked in a mirror lately, I wonder if the spell is making me more attractive to her as well. Perhaps she’s no longer hungry now. Perhaps the spell has done all it needed to do. I’d have to assume the spell is also responsible for her change in height. I mean, I still thought she was cute when she was shorter, but…I mean, something kinda feels more natural about this, now that we’re the same height. Suddenly, I start getting tired as well. We both fall asleep in each other’s arms, and for a whole night, everything was perfect. The next morning…
  5. ******************************************CHAPTER 2******************************************************** I follow the now-curvy blonde downstairs. Along the way, I notice that, on top of gaining weight, she also, for some reason, has grown taller. She’s not as tall as me, but she’s not nearly as short as she was this morning. She leads me to the kitchen, and quickly warns me, “Okay, so…don’t freak out, but…” before opening the oven. What I then see, I should warn, is gruesome. It appears to be a humanoid figure that’s been burnt to a crisp. “Greta! What did you do?!” I exclaim, horrified. “I swear it wasn’t me! I was planning on making some dinner, and when I opened the oven, this is what I saw! That’s why I asked you to come down here!” After further inspection, we find that the burnt human is cold, indicating this was done a while ago. “What do we do with it?” I ask my friend. I hear her stomach grumble, “I don’t know, but we better hurry up, I’m starving! And we can’t make dinner with a corpse in the oven…at least I hope it’s a corpse…god forbid it’s still alive…” We both pull the dead body out of the oven, and carry it outside. Several pieces of char fall off the body as we carry it. Once we drop it outside, what we see, believe it or not, is even stranger. We see several…I think they’re fairies? Maybe pixies? Whatever they are, they fly towards us. “You summoned us, queen?” One of them says. But as they see the charred corpse, they all gasp. “You killed our queen!” One exclaims. “What happened to our queen?” “When did this happen?” “Is this why she hasn’t summoned us in 87 years?” Scared, Greta speaks, “Um…I…I think she’s dead…” The small creatures pause for a moment, before rejoicing, “Hooray! The witch is dead!” One of them gets on the floor and delivers a pathetic kick to the corpse. They begin to celebrate, and while I was scared before, now…I’m more or less just confused. “What are you…things?” I ask over the loud sounds of celebration. “We’re pixies! We were summoned to serve our witch queen!” “But now that she’s dead, we no longer have to serve the mean old witch!” “Ma’am,” one of the pixies says to Greta, “as gratitude for killing the wicked witch who showed no mercy, we’d like to make you our new queen!” I correct the pixie, “Oh, no, she didn’t ki—” Greta slaps a hand over my mouth and interrupts, “I’d LOVE to be your new queen!!” “Hooray!” the pixies rejoice. “Greta, what are you doing?” I whisper to her, “We don’t know what these things are, for all we know, they’re the ones who put that supposed witch in the oven.” “Oh relax, what’s the worst that could happen?” she whispers back. She then turns to the still celebrating pixies, “My first command as your queen is for you to make us dinner!” “Oh, we’re not allowed in the gingerbread house.” “Yeah, Miss Witch made that very clear. The first and last pixie who went into the house got her wings pulled, her hair shaven, and was drowned in a boiling cauldron.” Greta replies, “Well ‘Miss Witch’ isn’t here anymore. I’m your new queen, and I’m hungry! Now make us some dinner, chop chop!” “Hooray!” the pixies cheer, rushing inside and scrambling around the kitchen. “What would you like us to make?” asks one of the pixies with a scratchy voice. “Surprise me! Just make sure it tastes good! And make sure it’s a feast built for a king, I’m STARVING!” my hungry friend commands, her tummy grumbling in agreement. “Yes ma’am!” the pixie responds enthusiastically. “Oh, one more thing,” Greta says to the pixies. “Yes, your highness?” one of them asks. Greta giggles at her new title, “The snow, would that happen to have anything to do with this ‘Miss Witch’ you mentioned?” “Yes, the witch casted all sorts of spells and enchantments on this realm. The seasons go by very quickly here, that’s why it’s currently covered in snow.” “Right…well, could you by chance make it Summer?” “Of course! That’s one of the few spells the witch taught us how to cast! She didn’t want to go through the trouble every time of—” “Just do it, okay?” Greta commands. A pixie whispers some strange incantation. All of a sudden, just outside the window, all the snow starts melting. Greta grabs me by the hand and pulls me back outside. I chuckle at her enthusiasm. Just outside the house, we see a huge lake. It's not gross or filled with algae, it's a clear blueish hue. No frogs, no geese, I don't even see any fish. “Yes! I can finally go swimming for my birthday!” Greta exclaims excitedly, “Hank, go inside and get our swimsuits, m’kay?” “Sure thing, birthday girl,” I say, smiling. I just can't help it, like I said, her smile’s contagious. Once we get our swimwear on, I have to do a double take on Greta. Now, I've always been pretty slim, but Greta was always the skinniest of us two. Looking at her now, though…well, I think I'm the skinny one now. Her boobs look like they're gonna explode out of her bikini top any second. Her butt and thighs are stretching the shit out of her bikini bottom, resulting in her having to readjust her wedgie every several seconds. And her belly, while not fat, appears to have a much thicker layer of pudge than I previously thought. “So, how do I look?” she asks, beaming with happiness. “…you look beautiful” I respond, a bit awestruck. “Awww, thanks! You look pretty handsome yourself! Race you to the pond!” she exclaims, running outside. I quickly sprint after her. Her big butt jiggles behind her and her long hair waves in the wind. “Hah! Beat you!” the curvy blonde exclaims after jumping into the lake. “No fair, you got a head start!” I object, dipping a toe into the water. It's surprisingly warm, despite having thawed out just a few minutes ago. “No need to be such a sore loser!” she says, giggling as I finish submerging myself in the water. Greta then splashes me. “Greta?” “What?” she says innocently, before splashing me again. “Cut it out,” I say, giggling. “Cut what out?” she says, once again splashing me. I splash her back, and we end up getting into somewhat of a splash fight. “Thunder clap!” she exclaims, lowering her voice and clapping her hands to send a large splash my way. In doing so, I can see her generous breasts jiggle through the progression of her clap. After a while, the splash fight dies down, and she races me to the other side of the lake. Under normal conditions, I’d probably win this race, but given her now more buoyant figure, she ends up just barely beating me. After about an hour or so of just playing around in the lake, we stop at a shallow zone close to the gingerbread house to take a breather. “God, today has been perfect…” Greta says, leaning back, hair hanging down into the water. “Really?” I ask, questioning her judgement. “Of course! I mean, the nearly freezing to death part sucked.” “Which, again, sorry for that…” I interrupt. “It’s fine, it’s not like you could’ve known that would happen. Anyways, aside from that, this day was pretty great.” “So, you’re not at all bothered by the fact that we’re currently lost in some…weird magical forest, and we have no idea how to get back home?” I say, a bit of sarcasm in my voice. “Nah, I don’t mind. It’s not like I had anything to do back home anyway. Besides, if I had to be lost in the forest with anyone,” she leans against me, “I’d want it to be you.” I blush. “H-hey, um…Greta?” I speak nervously. “Yeah?” “I’ve been meaning to ask you…whatever happened to that one guy you were engaged to, Henry?” She giggles, “well, first of all, we weren’t engaged, that would imply I said yes. And second of all, Henry and I haven’t talked since that night.” “So, you two are…” “Yeah, we broke up that night.” “But…why? You seemed so happy together.” “I was. We were. Happy, that is. It’s just…when I saw him, down on one knee, I realized…” she gets off me, turns her head to me, and her face goes a somewhat awkward red, “I realized, I know exactly who I want to spend my life with, and…it’s not Henry…” “You do? It’s not?” I say, growing all the more nervous. “…Hank…” she starts, placing her hands on my shoulders, “there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” She leans toward me. Oh god, this is it, isn’t it? I lean into the kiss as well, but just before it happens… “DINNER’S READY!” exclaims a pixie from far away. Suddenly, I hear a loud grumble from Greta’s stomach. Her attention is completely redirected as she gets up, grabs my hand, and runs toward the house, her large butt jiggling behind her. Once again, I chuckle at my friend’s enthusiasm as she takes me to the house.
  6. Contains Female WG & GTS. The intro is long, and contains some arguing, but the weight gain is fast. Oh, and just to make it perfectly clear, the main characters are NOT brother and sister. Enjoy! ***************************************************************CHAPTER 1*********************************************************** How did we get to this point? How did a simple walk through the forest turn into me arguing with my best friend as we both freeze to death in the snow? "How was I supposed to know it'd start snowing in the middle of the Summer?" I shout, the only way she'd hear me over the freezing winds. "You could've at least had SOME sort of emergency plan, Hank!" Greta replies, projecting a deal of anger you wouldn’t expect from someone of her short stature and stick thin frame. "I did have a plan! I left a trail of breadcrumbs!" "We were going to use that bread to make sandwiches!" I should probably back up a bit. It all started this morning. It's Greta's birthday, and she wanted to go the beach. But there was just one small problem: all the roads were blocked off. We actually spent an hour driving around, before eventually, I just suggested we park somewhere close to the beach and walk from there. So that brings us to now, walking through the forest, in the midst of an unexplainable blizzard. "This is just great! I'm cold! I'm starving! Honestly, this is the best birthday present ever! I always wanted to freeze to death!" Greta shouts. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean for any of this to happen, okay?!" I reply, on the verge of tears. "Hank...I don't wanna argue. Let's just focus on staying alive, okay?" she says, trying her best not to cry as well. I nod. Just then, I notice something, "Greta, look!" I exclaim, pointing at a faint orange glow in the fog. She gasps, "Do you think someone's there?" "Let's see!" We run as fast as we can towards the light in the distance, taking long steps so we can get through the thick, summer snow. ********************* Greta and I have been friends for a long time. We were next door neighbors as kids. Her house had a swimming pool, my house didn't, so one day, my parents asked hers if I could come over. We've basically been best friends ever since. Her parents would always comment about “how nice our little Margaret is getting along with the boy next door.” Her parents always called her that, Margaret. She went for Greta for short. Some people call her Marge…she doesn’t usually like those people. ********************* As we run closer and closer, we see that the source of light is from some sort of house. When we finally arrive, we make no haste in getting inside, not even bothering to knock first. "THANK GOD! WARMTH!" Greta exclaims as she darts in. Keep in mind, it's the middle of July, none of us even thought to bring winter gear. The moment we're both in, I shut the door, place my hands in my armpits, and sit down against the wall, curled in a ball. “Hank, are you seeing this?” Greta asks in awe. I look up, only now realizing that this house is made entirely of candy. “This can’t be real…” I speak, taken aback, but not willing to muster the strength to get up. She takes a whiff, “It smells divine,” she says, ecstasy in her voice. While Greta is probably just as cold if not more so than I, her stomach has also been grumbling practically nonstop since we started walking. Her intense hunger outweighs her desire for warmth, and she starts nibbling on one of the dining room chairs. “Mmmmh! Sho good!” she says, a bright smile on her face. I swear, her smile is contagious. Whenever she does it, I can’t help but smile back. “Hey Greta…I’m sorry I got us into this mess.” I apologize, head tilted down. She smiles at me, “It’s fine. I know you didn’t mean to.” “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” I ask. “Hmmm, well for starters, could you please look around the house to see if anyone’s home?” My feet still somewhat numb, I struggle to stand up, before searching the house for inhabitants. Greta, meanwhile, continues to feast on the peppermint legs and graham cracker seat of her chair. I search through every room in this strange house. There are three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room. This is actually a pretty sizable house. And while I wasn’t searching rigorously for exceptions, it seems the only things in this house that aren’t made of candy are the blankets in the bedrooms and the toiletries in the bathrooms. And yet I couldn’t spot a single living soul. “I don’t think anyone’s home, Greta.” I speak to my friend, who continues to hungrily consume the candy chair. “[MMMH] That’sh good to know. If anyone comesh home [GULP] I’m sure we can explain to them the whole thing.” “Hey, Greta,” I ask, “do you need anything else? It was pretty cold out, I’m scared we might’ve gotten hypothermia.” “It’s weird, I was cold before, but once I started eating, I warmed right up…” “Really? What’s in this candy?” I ask. She offers me a piece of the chair. Hesitantly, I decide to take a bite. “Did that help?” she asks sincerely. “…A bit…but not much…” “Aww, I’m sorry…” “I don’t think I have hypothermia…I don’t think…I think I just need to get under some covers and lie down…are you gonna be okay down here?” I ask, still concerned for my best friend. “I’ll be fine. Just get some rest,” she reassures me. “Okay…happy birthday, Greta.” I say, sincerely. “Thanks Hank,” she replies with a slight smile. I smile back, even her lesser smiles are contagious. ********************* Greta and I went to school together, from elementary to high. We’d often be in the same classes together, and usually sit together at lunch. She always had a specific look to her: long, straight, blonde hair down to her hips, a modest blouse, and usually some sort of accessory in her hair. When we were walking through the forest, she was wearing a blue plastic headband. She was taller than me when we were kids, but when we hit puberty, I became the tall one. Now that we’re both adults, she stands at a petite 4’9, 85 lbs. (152 cm, 41 kg), whereas I stand at 5’8, 120 lbs. (170 cm, 54 kg). We were always best friends, but never more than that…not that I didn’t think about being more. I was always scared if we dated, it would ruin things between us. Besides, we were always dating someone else. She dated 2 guys in high school, and I dated…one girl, for like a week. Well, okay, but I had more relationships when I went off to college. As for Greta, she actually almost got engaged. They were both really happy together, but then he proposed, and that was the last I ever heard of him. ********************* I’m woken up by a lovely voice whispering in my ear, “Pssst! Hank!” “Hmm?” I ask, turning to face the blonde beauty. Thoroughly convinced the events I experienced were nothing but a dream, I'm surprised when I turn to see the same gingerbread house, the same chocolate bar door, and the same icing lined ceiling. To be honest, though, the most surprising thing I see is Greta herself. She’s now a much different looking woman than she was this morning. Her once petite A cups have grown to triple Ds at least. Her once small bottom has rounded out to be shapely and plump. Even her once flat belly now has a layer of pudge on it. “Hey, Hank…would you mind coming downstairs for a bit?” She asks, a bit of concern on her face.
  7. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////CHAPTER 5////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// It’s been roughly 3 weeks since Sarah and I first made love. Since then, I’ve stayed the night with her every night I had work. She's been a lot more happy since that night, not that she was ever particularly unhappy. And something I’ve learned about Sarah, she eats more when she’s happy. Much more. Following the standards set before, if she were just as fat as she is now, but as tall as the average person, I think she’d be about 500 lbs (225 kg), possibly even more. She went from being stick thin, to having a bit of a belly, to having a lot of a belly, to being fat, to being huge. When we walk to class together, she often gets stares from classmates. Even the professor has trouble not showing surprise. Keep in mind, Sarah's only been in this class for about a month, and she’s already doubled in weight since then. I’m convinced the only classmates not staring just don't realize that the girl who sits next to me now is the same girl who sat next to me at the start of the semester. Whenever I deliver pizza to her, she always gives me a big hug. It’s still jarring when she does this, since when she first hugged me, she was rather slender. Even as she started getting chubby, she wasn’t that wide. Her body just looked like a much, much thicker version of what it was before. Now, though, her body frame is nothing short of the word "round". Her belly not only bulges outward, but to the sides as well now. I used to be able to reciprocate her hugs, but I can no longer wrap my arms all the way around her fat stomach. It’s genuinely shocking how fast she’s growing (and, if I’m being honest, a little hot). I'm at work right now, expecting to see Sarah tonight. Much to my surprise, though, my expectations are met even sooner than that. I hear loud footsteps coming from outside, followed by an audible feminine grunt. I'm currently making pizza, but decide to subtly lean my head over to get a better look. Lo and behold, I see my gargantuan girlfriend, crouching slightly so her head doesn't hit the doorway, and struggling to fit her fat body through the double doors. Well, technically just one door, the other one's always locked. She eventually squeezes her big, round body through the doorway, panting slightly before regaining composure and getting in line. "Hi, is Peter here today?" she asks the cashier, who tries not to show his shock at her sheer size. "Um...y-yes miss, but he's busy at the moment." "Well, I'm sure he could spare a moment. I just wanted to stop by and say hi is all." "W-with all due respect, ma'am, unless you're ordering something, policy says you have to leave." "Hmm, well I suppose I am pretty hungry...how about 10 orders of extra large meat lovers pizza?" The cashier takes a hesitant look at this humongous woman, before replying, "um, can I assume that'll be to go?" "Nope! For here, please!" she says, a cute smile on her plump face. "Um...I'm afraid we can't fit that many pizzas on one table..." "Oh it's fine! Just put them in boxes, I don't mind!" "Um...sure....anything else?" "Yeah, can Pete bring them to my table?" "Um...I guess..." he turns to face me, "Hey Pete! Ten pizzas for here! She wants you to box 'em up and bring them to her yourself!" Leaning my head over, I respond, "Got it!" Seeing me, Sarah's smile lights up instantly, "Hi, Peter!" she exclaims, hand waving high and belly pressing into the counter. "Hey, Sarah!", I call to her from across the room, "We got a bunch of orders today, so we can only make two of your pizzas at a time! Is that okay?" I ask. "Sounds good!" the large redhead replies, before looking back at the somewhat confused cashier. "Can he deliver them to me two at a time? I'm REALLY hungry!" She says, hands on her huge gut. "I'm sorry ma'am, we have to give it all at once along with a receipt." "Ugggh! Fine! Can you make it five separate orders?" "Five orders, two pizzas each?" "Yyyyup!" she says happily." He rings her in, "$60.33 is your total." She pays the man and squeezes her huge body into one of the booths. Her great, big belly is pressed heavily against the table frame, but she doesn't seem too uncomfortable. As she waits, she holds a gaze on me, elbow on the table and head in her hand as she looks at me from across the room. Eventually, I bring over two large pizza boxes. She looks at me giddily as I carry them to her. "Two extra large meat lovers pizza for a miss....Sarah Matthews?" I say, reading off the order and pretending not to know her name. "Yup!" she replies, giggling. I place the pizza boxes on the table in a way that they don't get pushed over by her fat belly. "The rest will be coming over shortly!" "Thank you mister...what's your name again?" she says jokingly. "Peter." "Thank you Peter." She says, giggling as she reaches her plump fingers for a slice.
  8. ---------------------------CHAPTER 9--------------------------- After I packed a suitcase and several belongings, the girls drove me to their apartment so I could get used to my new home. I knew it would take a few days to fully move in, so Jessie and Emily kindly agreed to help me with packing. This is actually the first time I’ve seen the girls’ apartment, and I was quite surprised by what I saw. "Wow, how do you guys afford a place like this?" I asked as I stepped foot into their luxury sized flat. "My parents pay our rent, silly." Emily replied, tousling my hair. "Yeah, Emily's parents are filthy rich! They're the ones who helped us buy the bakery, remember?" The girls got into the apartment with relative ease. I imagine they must've gotten their doors refitted at least once, as no other apartments in the hallway had doors this large. "Someday, though, that bakery will go big, and we won't need my parents help anymore, right Jessie?" Emily said cheerily, her belly wobbling and her hair swaying as she turned to face her friend. Both girls giggled an adorable giggle as they set some of my stuff down. I didn't doubt what Emily said. These girls really are talented in the kitchen, I'm surprised they don't get more traffic in their bakery. Though, I imagine their weight must scare off quite a few customers. "Speaking of baking, though," Emily said rubbing her large gut, "we should really get to work on dinner. I'm starving!" "You're right! I’m thinking pasta, tonight!" Jessie said excitedly. "But you girls literally just had tacos." I said with a light chuckle. "Well yeah, but helping you move out really worked up an appetite!" Jessie replied, her belly grumbling in agreement. We had only carried in one load so far, but I didn't say anything, lest I sound ungrateful. The girls got to work on the homemade pasta. “Do you two want any help?” I offered. “Not really, but feel free to watch if you want!” Emily said, a plump smile on her face. I did just that. And it was actually pretty interesting, I’ve never seen anyone make homemade pasta. And these girls were quite good at it, despite their heavy frames making it difficult for them to navigate around the kitchen. The brunette who crushed my bed was in charge of making the sauce, while the raven head who demolished my couch was tasked with making the dough. Most of my attention was on the latter. After mixing together the ingredients, the dough would quickly become thick and tough to stir, so I would see Emily aggressively trying to mix it all together, the rapid and forceful arm movements causing her boobs to bounce around in a tantalizing manner. She often had to step back to take a breather (keep in mind, they were making a lot of pasta, so they needed a lot of dough). Each time she went back to continue stirring, she had to push her huge belly to the side so she could reach the counter. The first time around, I stood too close to her and got smacked by her immense gut. As much as I enjoy their company, I have to be careful around these girls. With bodies so colossal, they could probably be classified as lethal weapons. After producing several things of dough, Emily set out some flour and started kneading. I’d have offered to help, but her gigantic belly prevented me from reaching any of the balls of dough, so I just left her to it. Once again, her arm motions caused her boobs to jiggle around like crazy. I had sex less than an hour ago, and I was already getting hard again. Emily seemed to notice my excitement, however. “Hey, Jessie, I’m getting pretty exhausted. You mind if I take a break and sit on the couch?” she asked. “No worries, Em! I was almost done with the sauce anyway! Mark, you wanna help me with the dough?” Jessie asked. “Actually, I think Mark would like to come sit with me on the couch.” Emily answered for me, grabbing my hand. Before they could start arguing, I interjected, “Actually, yeah, I think I want to just sit down for a bit.” I didn’t have a strong preference either way, but as I said, these girls are like lethal weapons, and standing too close to Jessie while she does something like kneading dough is probably a disaster waiting to happen. Emily and I went to the couch. I, for some reason, decided to sit between her and the arm rest. Which put me at risk of getting crushed by her immense weight, but it was too late to change my mind without being socially awkward. As I sat down, I realized just how big this couch was. It was wide enough it could easily fit all 3 of us, and was tall enough that I couldn’t see behind it without standing up. I couldn’t say the same for the tall woman sitting next to me, though. Speaking of whom, after quickly making sure Jessie wasn’t looking, she placed her right arm around me, the arm fat acting like a pillow for my head. She then placed her left hand on my crotch, having to angle herself towards me so she could reach around her massive belly and breasts. Due to this angle, the unbelievable weight of her belly now rested on my knees, and while these girls seem to have no problem carrying around such a ridiculous amount of weight, I do not possess such superhuman strength. As a result, this really fucking hurt. But with a hard on like this, I wasn’t gonna stop now. Emily then scooted away from me, leaned in, and placed her lips on mine. I should mention, kissing Emily was a lot different than kissing Jessie. Jessie’s kisses were a lot more energetic and involved a lot of physical contact. Meanwhile, Emily’s kisses tended to be slower, calmer, and had a touch of focused-on-the-moment romance to them. When she pulled away, she had a calm, dazed look in her eyes. I was temporarily distracted from how much my knees were killing me from having to support even a fraction of her belly. This is probably the only girl I’ve ever been able to have moments like this with, where I can just get lost in her eyes, and her in mine, and we don’t even have to say anything, the scene just speaks for itself. That’s probably the biggest difference between her and Jessie, come to think of it. Jessie was never one to open up emotionally. Even though Jessie’s become much sweeter and more kind over the years, I’ve still never been able to have an emotional moment with her. Not one like this, at least. Emily pushed a strand of soft hair behind her ear, and we slowly pulled out of the moment. She placed my hands on her breasts, which despite now having a shirt over them again, were still incredibly soft. I could even feel from through the fabric where the bra ended and the flesh began. I slid one hand downward and started rubbing her huge belly. Despite my slow, gentle motions, her tummy still seemed to wobble around almost uncontrollably. She let out a cute giggle, which made her body jiggle even further. “What are you doing?” she whispered, smiling down at me. “O-oh, s-sorry…I’ll-“ “I didn’t say stop!” she interrupted, still whispering. Despite her complete obliviousness to its titanic size, she seemed to enjoy me rubbing her belly just as much as I did.
  9. ---------------------------CHAPTER 8--------------------------- Mark's Perspective: Once we got in my room, I immediately shut the door. I took off my shirt, and Jessie tried to take off her pants. "Ugh! Mark, could you please help me with this button?" Jessie asked, frustration in her voice. We both worked together to try to undo the button on her tight jeans. Once we got it undone, her belly immediately exploded out from its confines, resulting in me once again getting hit in the face. This time, I was knocked to the ground. "Mark, are you alright?" Jessie asked concerned, holding out an arm to help me up. "Uhhh...I'm fine," I responded, a little short of breath, "you definitely need to get some new jeans though." "Right? It's that stupid washing machine! Everything keeps shrinking!" Jessie complained. I chuckled as I stood back to my feet. A short silence ensued. Not an awkward one, more so an in-the-moment one. "Say, Mark," Jessie spoke softly, "Is it just me, or have you been working out?" Jessie asked, looking down at my stomach. I blushed, "I actually have...why do you ask?" "...it feels just like it did in college." she whispered, her hand on my abs. I looked up at her adorably plump face. Her double chin was practically swallowing up her neck while she looked down. A strand of hair fell in her face as she tilted her gaze to my face. Just then, she picked me up and we started passionately making out. It was then that I had to do a double take on just how fat she really was. My body was laying flat atop her boobs, with my knees just barely touching her belly. My god, she is huge! At some point, we both got on the bed. As always, I laid face down atop her belly. Even though it was meant for two people, Jessie basically filled the entire bed all on her own. We were still only making out, but she was slowly guiding my hands over to second base. Her hair was sprawled out on the bed in an almost elegant fashion, like some sort of ancient goddess. Except she was much fatter than any ancient goddess ever conceived. I imagine the people of olden times would struggle to even imagine a woman this fat. “Let's get those pants off you, honey" Jessie spoke hastily. She quickly leaned up, presumably to pull off my pants, when all of a sudden- CRACK!!! My mattress fell to the ground, and with it the two people laying on it. "What was that?!" Jessie asked, her hand in her hair and her body still jiggling around from the impact. I climbed down from my ex-girlfriend’s humongous belly, and after further inspection, I found that the bed frame had collapsed. It was split in half from the middle, and the legs had snapped to pieces. I couldn’t believe it, Jessie had actually become so fat that she broke my bed. I suppose it was only a matter of time, I should be surprised it even held out this long. It probably should've busted the first night we spent together. I explained to Jessie what happened to the bed. "Ugh, Mark, why is all your furniture such shit?" Jessie said, half jokingly. "Well, I guess I'll just have to sleep on the couch for the next few nights." I spoke. Just then, Jessie stood to her feet, which caused a very loud thud from the floor and a great jiggling shockwave from her belly fat. “Hey Mark, do you remember where you put my tacos?” Jessie asked, smiling down at me. “It’s...erm...on my desk.” “Thanks, cutie!” She said sweetly, her footsteps booming as she walked to my desk. She grabbed the bag, then slowly waddled up to me. “So Mark,” she spoke softly, sliding a finger down my chest, “even though the frame’s busted, your mattress is still intact,” she slowly pushed me against the wall with her colossal gut, “What do you say we pick up right where we left off?” “Um, I mean, shouldn’t we at least pick up some of the pieces first?” I asked, trying my best to not be muffled by her fat belly. “There’s no time,” she pressed her hands against the wall, smothering me even further, “I want you now, Mark!” “Um, could we at least grab a condom?” I asked, face turned to the side so I could speak. “Of course.” she said, backing up so I could move. As I weakly walked to the dresser to grab a condom, I couldn’t help but do a double take at Jessie. Her feet were right against the mattress, yet her belly was just barely far enough from the wall for me to have scooted out of the way. Granted, that doesn’t mean anything unless you know the size and shape of my room, but for me at least, it’s pretty shocking. I thought before that I was attracted to Jessie regardless of her weight. Or that I was only more attracted to her now because she was sweeter and more considerate. But considering how I was never this hard when we dated in college, despite being practically drained from having sex every day this week, I think it’s time I admitted to myself, I’m actually much more sexually attracted to Jessie now that she’s fat. We soon got on the bed and what followed was possibly the best sex I've had in my life. The whole time, thoughts continued to replay in my head of Jessie destroying the bed with her weight alone. And throughout most of the time, Jessie was continually gobbling away at taco after taco, trying to feed her insatiable appetite. With how quickly she's plumping up, I was scared (and yet extremely aroused) of the fact that any new bed frame I buy could quite possibly be instantly destroyed by this massive woman. Or, just as well, by her equally massive friend. After the amazing sex, and after Jessie finished all her tacos, we went back to the living room. It was about just as difficult getting Jessie out of my room as was getting her in. Emily had finished all her tacos as well, and was sitting on my couch watching TV. "Hey guys! What was that loud crack I heard?" Emily asked, hands resting on her humongous gut. "Mark's bed broke." Jessie replied. "Oof, what happened?" "Honestly, it just got old. Mark, you need to start buying furniture that's built to last." Jessie said, fake condescension in her tone. "I will, I will. Until then, though, I'll just have to sleep on the couch." I said. Just then, my couch collapsed. All 4 legs snapped and Emily’s gargantuan body fell to the ground. After a quick exclamation of surprise, the raven-haired beauty turned to me, “Um...about that...” “It’s okay, Mark, you can just stay the next few nights with us,” Jessie suggested, "y'know, at least until you get a new bed." “Actually, why don’t you just forget the furniture and move in with us?” asked the huge woman sitting on my busted couch. “W-wait, what, really?” I asked. “Hey yeah, why not? We already spend so much time together already!" "Yeah, Mark, what do you say?" Emily asked, shaking the ground as she got to her feet and waddled up to me. Both girls were now in very close proximity to me, so I slowly walked sideways to avoid the possibility of being squashed between their guts. "Um, I mean, I guess so," I said nervously, "You guys only have 2 bedrooms. Would I be sleeping on the couch?" "That's an option," Emily said, "or you could sleep in my bed. There's more than enough room for 2 people." "How come he gets to sleep in your bed? Why can't he sleep in my bed?" Jessie asked, anger in her tone. Both girls got into a heated discussion. I'm glad I got out of the way when I did, because both girls were now standing bellies pressed together, so that they could get in each others faces. Keep in mind, they still weren't wearing shirts. One argument later, they both agreed I would sit on the couch, before both turning to me and giving a wink. "Well, okay then, I guess I'm moving in with you two." I said. They smiled at me.
  10. ---------------------------CHAPTER 7--------------------------- Jessie had me pinned against the wall. We were both in our underwear. Her hips were pressed firmly against mine, she felt so soft and warm. I wrapped my arms around her, albeit only partially. It's weird, when we first met, I remember I was able to wrap my arms all the way around her, but I guess not anymore. Then again, I also remember her having curly hair, I guess some things just change. She leaned into me, and just before we kissed, "Girls! I'm back!" Mark exclaimed. "Fuck!," I whispered, "Mark's back!" "Quick, Emily, go get my jeans!" Jessie told me, backing away from the wall. I rushed over to the nightstand and tossed her her pants. "Girls?" Mark said, I presume looking around for us. "You made sure to lock the door, right?" Jessie asked. "Um, I, er..." Pulling my pants up, I rushed to the door. Mark's perspective: I opened the door to my bedroom, only to have it bounce off a great wall of fat and slam back in my face. "Ack!" "Mark! Are you okay?!" Emily asked, concern in her voice. "I'm fine" I said, opening my door, this time more slowly. It turned out the wall of fat in question was Emily's colossal belly. "Um...girls, why aren't you wearing shirts?" "Um...because...I-um..." Jessie started. "Because it's just so damn hot in here!" Emily spoke, fanning herself off. As she did so, her belly started wiggling around. She was still up against the door, so I took a step back lest I be hit in the face once again. "Anyways," I continued "I just wanted to tell you that I brought food". Both ladies immediately tuned to face me. As Jessie did so, her massive butt pushed my bedside lamp to the ground, breaking it. "What'd you bring?!" Emily asked, an adorable eagerness in her voice. I quickly forgot about the broken lamp, "I brought you tacos! I know you girls get pretty hungry, so I bought you twelve each!" That wasn't a joke, they really do eat that much. Both girls' jaws dropped, a wide smile on their faces. Jessie ran up to me, after which both girls picked me up and pulled me into a hug. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" they excitedly exclaimed, jumping up and down in the process, no doubt making noise for the apartment below. I was tightly compressed between the bellies of the two fattest yet cutest women I know, and I couldn't be happier. "So, where are the tacos?" Jessie asked, setting me down, her stomach growling angrily. "In the kitchen." With that, both girls headed for the door. Now's probably the best time to mention this: Over the past 6 months, Jessie and Emily have put on a lot of weight. I mean, A LOT of weight. I mean, it doesn't compare to the weight they put on in the 3 years after college, but it was still a lot. I remember when I first saw Jessie again, she was bigger than any other human I've seen to date, and Emily was practically exactly the same size when I saw her. Well, you can imagine my surprise seeing both girls even bigger than that. Especially since I can still vividly remember them once being size 0 twigs in college. I say this now because they used to be able to fit through my bedroom door, if they turned sideways. But after 6 months of gorging and snacking constantly, that's no longer the case. Both me and Emily worked together to squeeze Jessie through the door. After that, Jessie and I worked to pull Emily through the same door. I was exhausted by the end of it all, but at this point, I'd do anything for these girls. "Thanks Mark!" they both said, before running to the kitchen and grabbing their tacos. While they were busy, I pulled out a vacuum and cleaned the broken lamp Jessie knocked over. When I finished, I rejoined the girls. Emily was sat on the couch, while Jessie was sitting on the floor, her head leaning on Emily's belly. "Mark!," Emily exclaimed, "come sit next to me!" Now, like I said before, both girls have put on a shit ton of weight. It used to be that one girl could sit on the couch, and I could just barely squeeze in right next to her. At the moment, though, Emily's belly fat spilled over both of the couch's armrests, so I couldn't sit next to her even if I tried. "Um...I...don't think there's enough space..." I said nervously. "Ugh! I keep telling you, you need a bigger couch!" Emily said, rolling her eyes. "It's okay, Mark. You can sit next to me!" Jessie said, patting the spot next to her. I gladly took a seat next to my extremely fat ex-girlfriend, and leaned my head on her big, squishy belly. Since Jessie's butt props herself up so high when sitting, and since she's so tall to begin with, my head only reached up to her belly. I was basically half her height when sitting, not that I minded of course. "Jessie, let's switch places." Emily said. "Hey, not two minutes ago, you insisted on sitting on the couch." Jessie replied. "Well I changed my mind. I wanna sit next to Mark." "Too bad! You can have him next time, this time he's mine." Jessie spoke, picking me up and pulling me in close to her fat, fat body. My head was pressed firmly against her luscious breasts, and need I remind you she wasn't wearing a shirt. She was wearing a bra, but most of her fat breasts were still exposed. We all watched TV while the girls mindlessly chowed down on their tacos. I actually couldn't really see the screen, as Jessie's boob was blocking my entire left field of view, but I didn't mind one bit. At some point, she did put me back down, mostly so she could eat her tacos with both hands. After eating about 6 or so tacos, she leaned into me and whispered in my ear "psst! Mark! Emily's distracted. You wanna take this to the bedroom?" She slid her finger down my chest provocatively. Jessie's Perspective: Mark and I quickly dashed to his room. I was holding two bags of tacos in one hand, and Mark's hand in the other. Emily pretended to be too focused on her food to notice us. I turned around and gave her a small wink. She silently mouthed to me. When we got to the bedroom door, Mark had to help me fit through his tiny door. Seriously, I was turned sideways, and sucking in my already skinny stomach, yet I still couldn't fit! Whoever designs doors this way needs to be fired! Eventually, I got in, and Mark soon followed suit, for some reason not having nearly as much difficulty.
  11. ---------------------------CHAPTER 6--------------------------- Just as I was about to help them out, they finally stumbled across a solution. They picked up their bellies, walked forward, and dropped them on the table. Oh shit, did they figure it out? Do they now know how fat they are? Surely, after picking up their bellies like that, they must’ve realized what was going on? How am I gonna explain this to them? They must be upset I didn’t tell them sooner! Okay, just relax, maybe they didn’t notice. I’ll just ask them a few questions, see how they respond. I walked up to Jessie, who appeared to have already started on the chicken wings. “Hey Jess!” I said, casually. “Hey Mark!” she said, a high-pitched giddiness in her voice. “So, psssh, what’s the deal with these tables, right?” She shook her head, “I don’t know. People make things so weird, nowadays. Like those small ass bathroom stalls?” "I know, right?!," Emily agreed, “Or those small little doorways?” “Or Mark’s tiny clown car!” Jessie added, smiling. “And don’t even get me started on air pods!” Emily added, grabbing a slice of pie. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I responded, still kinda nervous, but a bit more reassured. “I‘ll admit Jessie, I don’t know you eat so much yet stay so thin.” I instantly regretted saying that, but was luckily met with a positive response. “What can I say? I guess I’m just a miracle of nature!” She flipped her hair back vainly, her double chin wobbling in the process. Once again, it was pretty cute. Emily interjected, “Puh-lease, I eat just as much as you, and never gain so much as a pound. If anything, I’m the miracle of nature here!” The girls once again got into a heated discussion, that somehow ended with them trying to see who could eat the most and still have the energy to dance afterwards. A part of me feels like they just wanted an excuse to eat more food. They rapidly gobbled up food after food, sometimes even fighting over a specific piece of food they both reached for. While I’ll admit it was a bad time, I took one more shot at seeing if Jessie noticed anything. “So, you sure you haven’t noticed anything different, Jessie?” She cocked an eyebrow, still rapidly gorging herself. “Nothing about yourself? Nothing...bigger?” Just then, she looked down at herself. Why do I say these things? I’m such an idiot!! She looked back up at me, a big grin on her face. “You know Mark, I think you’re right. In fact, [NOM] I’d shay two thingsh about me have grown.” She then leaned over. My entire field of view was then blocked by her humongous breasts. “Wouldn’t you agree?” she asked, her mouth full. I gulped nervously, “m...mm-hmm”. She leaned back up, a slice of cheesecake in her hand. “I guess that’s why you’ve had your eyes glued to me all night, huh?” she asked. “What?! I-noo, what?” I stuttered nervously. "I’ll tell you what, [NOM] when Emily and I are done eating [GULP] [CRUNCH] You can be my dance partner. Alright?” I nodded. “Now, I know you’re not as [NOM] thin and quick on your feet [GULP] as me, but just [MMM] try to keep up, m-kay?” At some point, both girls had nearly cleaned the buffet table. They couldn’t quite reach the foods farther back, so they ended up pushing themselves forward until the food was in reach. In the process, their bellies pushed several bits of food off the table and onto the ground. By this point, nobody was at the buffet table anymore, if anything they were actively avoiding it. It was just me and the girls, and I wasn't eating. “Hey Mark, [NOM] could you pleashe pick up that food that fell?” Emily asked. “Sure thing, Ems!” I picked up the food from the floor and placed it right next to both girls’ bellies. “Thanks Mark! You’re the best!” Jessie responded. I blushed. Before long, the girls had eaten everything at the buffet table. While I doubt the employees will ever let these ladies pay for an all you can eat buffet again, the girls both seemed pleased. They each had their hands on their bellies. The front of Emily's dress ripped open, revealing a very fat mound of belly fat. "Ugh! Cheap thing, I guess I'm gonna have to go dress shopping again soon." Just then, Jessie grabbed me by the hand. “Dance time!” She exclaimed. Both girls got up, went to the dance floor, and started dancing. I’m actually surprised how energetic they were despite having eaten so much. While at first, both girls seemed to be competitive about their dancing, at some point, they just let loose and had fun. “Hey, Mark.” Jessie spoke, a bit of sincerity in her tone. “Yeah, Jess?” “W-we’re not dating yet, right?” I blushed. Oh god, I didn’t know how to respond to this. “Er-I mean, do you want-er, um...” “We’re not, right?” “I-um-uh...no??” I said, unsure of myself. “Good,” she said, relieved, “with that out of the way..." She started sliding down, her finger on my torso. She unzipped my pants, lowered her head, and...look, I should mention, the only light there was by disco, and based off my surroundings, either no one really noticed, or no one really cared. Right after she finished, she slid back up, and I noticed her dress had ripped in the front just like Emily's. I guess it must've happened in the heat of things, and I just couldn't hear it. Either way, from that night on, the girls and I agreed to meet on a regular basis. Most of the time, I’d have some form of sex with one of them, and the other would be completely unaware. I was basically having the time of my life. Not just because the sex was amazing (although, I’ll admit, it was), but also because for once, I wasn't alone anymore. Even though both girls are kinda vain and argue a lot, they’re also very sweet and fun to talk to. They’ve definitely changed since college, not just physically, but on the inside as well. While I was no saint either, Jessie used to be a stuck up brat, and Emily was nothing but a spoiled rich kid. But now, well, I mean, they’re still kinda self centered, but they’re still really kind and caring. 6 months later...
  12. ---------------------------CHAPTER 5--------------------------- While it wasn’t my intention at first, I ended up spending the rest of the day at that bakery. It was just such a marvel seeing the ways these two girls constantly gorged themselves throughout the day. And, if I’m being completely honest, I was kind of enjoying having them fight over me. After closing time, we cleaned up shop and got ready to leave. “Hey, it was really cool hanging out with you today.” Jessie said, looking down at me. “Yeah, I had a lot of fun. We should hang out again sometime.” “We should! Have you heard of the All Night Disco?” “I...might’ve...it’s a club, right?” She nodded, “Emily and I were talking about going this Wednesday. Wanna come?” “I’d LOVE that!” I exclaimed, which made Jessie giggle. Just then, she started leaning over to kiss me, which made her gigantic belly and breasts hang down. I started leaning into the kiss too, but we were interrupted by Emily. “Hey Jess! I saved you a chocolate filled donut!” All of Jessie’s focus was lost and she ran over to consume the donut her friend saved her. Before we each headed to our cars, we each gave each other a hug, which gave me another chance to feel both girls’ fat, cushiony bellies, before bidding our farewells. That Wednesday, I went over to the All Night Disco. Jessie and Emily weren’t too difficult to find, given how tall, and especially how fat they both are. They were both dancing to the music, their colossal bellies bopping about, their humongous tits swaying side to side, and their huge butts constantly bumping into each other. I came up to them, and before I could utter a ‘hello’, Jessie picked me up and hugged me, her fat, fat breasts in my face. “MARK! I’m so glad you made it!” There was so much fat in my face, I was almost suffocating. Just then, I was grabbed from behind by another very large woman. I heard Emily’s voice as she pulled me so close my ears were sandwiched between her breasts, “Yeah, Mark, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you!” I could feel my legs being firmly compressed between their bellies. In order for Emily to get close enough to grab me, she had to squish her belly right up against Jessie’s. Jessie pulled me back into her embrace, “Well, I missed him more!” “No I missed him more!” “I missed him more!” Both girls continued to argue while they aggressively pulled me back and forth. “Girls! GIRLS!” I exclaimed, scared that I could get crushed if they weren’t careful. “Oops, sorry Mark...” Jessie said, putting me down. After I took a moment to collect myself, I had to take another moment to admire the clothes the girls were wearing. Both were wearing dresses, both of which were way too tight. Their boobs were practically exploding out of their cleavage line, voluptuous breast fat spilling over the edges. I’m sure they were still fat when they got these clothes, but they’ve definitely gotten much fatter since then. “Hey, Mark, I like your tux!” Emily complimented me, a fat smile on her plump face. “Thanks! I like your dress!” I complimented her back. “[GASP!] Thank you!” She replied, flattered. “What about my dress, Mark?” Jessie asked, jealous that Emily was getting more attention than her. “Looking gorgeous, Jess!” I exclaimed. A noticeable red tint on her face, she replied “Thank you! Em and I haven’t worn them in a few months, so they’ve gotten a little tight. Hopefully though, after some dancing, we should be able to wear them back in!” Just after she said that, the club's buffet was restocked. Jessie and Emily rushes over there, and I followed behind them, doing my best not to stare at their gigantic asses swaying around. They constantly bumped into people around them as they tried to get through. Most of said people appeared to be staring at the massive, massive women before them. Both girls basked in the attention they were given and flipped their hair provocatively. Once they reached the buffet, they found themselves in a predicament. Since both girls’ bellies jutted so far in front of them, they actually weren’t able to reach the food on the table. But since neither girl was aware of their gargantuan size, they both continued to stretch out their arms, very confused as to why they couldn’t reach the food. Occasionally, they’d let out a high-pitched grunt or frustrated sigh. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t cute.
  13. ---------------------------CHAPTER 4--------------------------- Jessie and Emily finished off the rest of the brownies. The whole time they were eating, I was trying the best I could not to stare at their humongous asses. After they finished, Emily took a few steps back and leaned against the counter. Unbeknownst to her, I was already leaning on the same counter. “Emily!” I exclaimed, my voice muffled as I was crushed by the enormous woman in front of me. “Oops, sorry Mark, I didn’t see you there!” she said, taking a step forward. “I-it’s fine Emily...” I stuttered. She gave me a friendly smile. The two girls switched into their work uniforms and put on their hairnets, about ready to start the workday. Emily grabbed one of my hands and asked “Hey, Mark, could you help me restock the display cases?” “Oh, uh sure Em-“ “No, I think Mark would rather help me remove the expired food from the display case, right?” Jessie interrupted, grabbing my other hand. “Oh, uh, sure thing Jess, I’ll-“ “No, he doesn’t know when each baked good expires, I think it’d be better if he helped me in the pantry” Emily said, tugging on my arm. “No, he can’t reach the higher shelves in the pantry, I think he’d be much more helpful with me at the display case.” Jessie said, also tugging on my arm. “Mark, how about you decide? Who do you wanna help?” Emily asked, looking down at me. “Um, er, I mean...well...we don’t know what we need to restock yet, so how about we all grab the expired food, then we all go to the pantry?” I responded, a bit unsure of myself. “That sounds like an excellent idea!” Jessie said, speaking to me but looking at Emily. We all walked to the display cases together, both ladies still holding my hands. We had to take turns leaving the kitchen, as both girls were way too huge to fit through the doorway with another person. Both girls looked through the food in the display case, while I...well, stood there, unsure what to do. Like Emily said, I don’t really know which foods are expiring. “Um...so...” I tried to break the silence, “w-what do you do with the food once it’s expired?” “We eat it!” Jessie exclaimed, taking a bite from a cookie. “But, I thought you said it was expired?” I inquired. Emily responded, “Well yes, but only by bakery standards. Once the food stops looking like a culinary masterpiece, and just looks like something from the grocery store, we eat it.” “Yeah, no sense in letting good food go to waste, am I right?” Jessie said, patting her gigantic belly, causing her boobs to wiggle around. “Wow, you gals sure do take your work seriously.” I commented, subtly side eyeing Jessie as her boobs wobbled. “We sure do!” Emily said, downing a cupcake. She too gave her fat belly a pat, also causing her boobs to wobble. Once we finished grabbing all the food that needed replacing, we set it down on what the girls call the ‘snack counter’. “Jessie and I usually go here any time we get hungry.” “Wow, that’s a lot of food. How long does it take you two to finish it all?” “About a day,” Jessie responded. Oh fuck, did I just inadvertently call them fat? Just before I can correct myself, Jessie continued, “What can I say? Walking around all day preparing culinary masterpieces takes a lot of calories.” We went to the pantry and started stockpiling our cart with replacements. I was stood between both girls as Jessie instructed me on which items to grab. Both ladies kept bumping their butts against me as they grabbed more stuff, but I’m sure they didn’t mean to. As we grabbed more food, I noticed Emily’s breasts wobbling around excessively. “Hey, what are you looking at?” Emily asked. My face immediately turned red, “Er-uh, I was just, uh...wondering where you got your uniform from?” I said nervously. “Oh this? Jess and I designed these ourselves!” she exclaimed, tugging her shirt down a bit, “it’s a shame they keep shrinking in the wash, though! We keep having to replace them!” Jessie interjected, “all because our cheapskate landlord refuses to fix the washing machine! He keeps saying ‘we’re the only ones who are having this problem’”. “That sucks.” I commented. “It does! We must’ve blown through at least 20 sets of uniforms in the past few years! And this set is starting to shrink, too!” Jessie exclaimed, tugging her shirt down over her fat belly. “20 sets. 20 uniforms in each set, 10 for each of us. All ruined in just 3 years. If that doesn’t scream ‘something’s wrong with your washing machine’, I don’t know what does!” Emily exclaimed, grabbing the last of the food we needed from the pantry. “So wait, do you two have the same landlord?” I asked curiously. “Yeah, didn’t Jessie tell you? We’re roommates!” Emily exclaimed. “Yeah,” Jessie spoke, “after months of arguing about who gets to take home the leftover snacks each night, we eventually just decided to move in together so we could share. But we don’t usually have any leftovers anymore.” “Yeah, like she said, running a bakery takes a lot of calories.” After we finished stocking up, Jessie got her keys and started heading out. “Wait what?” Emily asked her, “You can’t leave now! We were just about to open up, you’re already wearing your uniform!” “I know! I know! But we’re almost out of icing, and we have a wedding cake to finish! Hey, Mark, would you mind helping Emily with the bakery while I’m gone?” Jessie asked, looking down at me, her fat double chin bulging out in the process. “Um...s-sure thing Jessie...” I stuttered nervously. “Thanks, cutie!” she exclaimed, giving me a big fat hug. “Ahem!” said Emily. Rolling her eyes, Jessie gave Emily a hug. They really had to press their bellies together to reach close enough to hug. After grabbing two cookies, Jessie flipped the closed sign to open and waddled outside. “Um, s-so Emily,” I said, looking up at her fat face, “what should we do first?” “Hmm, let’s see...first I want you to grab the last of the icing and bring it over to me. Could you do that for me?” she asked, leaning over so that her boobs (and her belly) hung down. “Um n-n-no problem,” I said, my face red, “wh-where is it again?” She giggled, her double chin jiggling in the process. “Over at the back of the pantry. I think you can find it.” I followed orders and grabbed the last of the icing. When I got back, she was no longer wearing a shirt. She was standing there in her white bra, her gargantuan gut sticking outward as she leaned on a table. In fact, “leaned on” might be a bit of an understatement, as her butt covered up the entirety of said table and then some. “[GASP] Mark! You brought it!” She ran up to me and snatched the packets of icing. She then started sucking down each packet of the creamy substance. “Um, er, uh, Emily?” I asked as her giant tummy pinned me to the wall. “Mm-hmm?” She responded, looking down at me with big eyes. “Why aren’t you wearing a shirt?” “Ugh, it’s SUPER hot in here. Don’t you agree?” She said, fanning herself with one hand, the arm motion causing her boobs to jiggle around amazingly. “B-but, what happens if one of your customers sees you like this?” “No worries, I flipped the sign back to closed!” “But...er, the windows-“ “ooh, good point, we should go somewhere more private.” She grabbed one of my arms and waddled to the restroom. Once we got to the restroom, Emily started getting a lot more physical. After she finished her icing, she had both plump hands on me. “Emily, I don’t think we should do this!” I exclaimed. She took a step back, “W-what do you mean?” “Look, you’re a nice girl, but...I like Jessie. I don’t think I can do this to her.” “What are you talking about? You two aren’t dating yet, right?” “I mean...no, but...I mean” “...Look, Mark,” she spoke softly, “I know you and Jessie have been through a lot, but...I feel something between you and me. If you can look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t feel it too, then I’ll let it go.” I stood there for a moment, silently. She sighed, “I see. Well, I hope you and Jessie make each other happy.” “No, wait! I didn’t say—er, uh-“ “Yes?” “I mean...” My face is bright red as I try to figure out what I want. “Look,” Emily said, placing a hand on me, “I promise if slash when you and Jessie get back together, I’ll keep my hands off. In the meantime...” she placed my hands on her waist. “I mean...that is, if you’re okay with that...are you?” She asked. I nodded. She smiled. She then picked up her icing and finished the rest of each packet.
  14. ---------------------------CHAPTER 3--------------------------- Mark’s perspective: I woke up the next morning in Jessie’s arms. I thought the first few hugs felt good, but feeling her soft, cushiony embrace for an entire night was nothing short of amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so comfy in my life. I’m actually amazed that my bed was able to support her tremendous weight for a whole night. We got up and made breakfast together. I wanted to make breakfast for her, but she insisted on helping on the grounds she has far more culinary experience than me. Now, I should mention something about my kitchen. It has counters on 3 sides, cooking utensils hanging from above, and a little island in the middle. For most people, there’s plenty of room to move around and prepare food. Jessie is not most people, not anymore at least. Every time she had to move from one part of the kitchen to another, she had to squeeze her massive body through the space between the island and the counter. Every time she took a step, I could hear the utensils banging against each other. At one point, she needed to get past me, and had I not moved out of the way when I did, I would’ve either fallen to the floor or been crushed against the island. While I was loving the new Jessie, she was definitely taking some getting used to. We made a regular sized breakfast for me, and for Jessie, a breakfast at least as large as the meal she ate at Marco’s. I could tell she was very hungry, in part because her stomach was constantly grumbling as we cooked, and also because of how frequently she taste tested the food. Once we finished cooking, she sat her gigantic butt down on the couch and digged in. “Sho, [NOM] Mark, do you have any work today?” she asked, eating from one of 4 plates. “Nope, not on Saturday. What about you? Is the bakery open today?” “Yup! Emily and I are working on a wedding cake for this lovely lesbian couple that came by. [MMH] Plus, we get more customers on the weekend, and as small business owners, we need all the business we can get.” “Well, I’d definitely love to come by and try out what you have.” She gasped, “I’d LOVE that! Hey, if you’re not busy, why don’t you come over today?!” “Sure! We’re gonna have to pick up my car first, but after that, absolutely!” She cheered happily, her elbows pressing her breasts together as she expressed her excitement. “You know, if I’m being honest, it’s a relief having some company over for once.” I spoke, sitting next to her on what little space was left on my couch. “What do you mean? Don’t you ever have friends over?” “I mean...no...none of my college friends still talk to me, and everyone at work is extremely antisocial.” She stopped eating for a moment, “So wait, you have no friends at all?” she asked. “I mean, not really, no...” After a short silence, she wrapped her arm around me, “Well, you have me...” We both smiled softly. After she finished off her several course meal, we went out to bring my car back from the ice cream parlor, before driving to the bakery. Upon arrival, Jessie reintroduced me to Emily, who appeared to have undergone the same body transformation as Jessie over the past few years. In fact, except for their faces and hair, they both look identical. Equally fat bellies, equally massive boobs, equally tall in height (though to be fair, Emily was already tall back in college). They also both appear to be equally friendly, as the moment she saw me, Emily pulled me into a soft, squishy hug. “MARK! It’s been forever! How’ve you been?” she asked enthusiastically. Just after Emily released me from her embrace, Jessie grabbed my hand and pulled me close, a hint of jealousy on her smile as she responded for me, “He’s doing great! He’s an accountant now, isn’t that right Mark?” “Yup! I’ve been doing that for about 2 years now. What about you Emily, what have you been up to?” I asked, trying to ignore the possible tension between her and Jessie. “I’ve been great! I’m sure you already know, but Jessie and I have been working at this bakery for the past few years. And so far, we’ve been loving it!” Just then, a timer went off from the kitchen. “Ooh! The brownies are ready!” Emily exclaimed. All of a sudden, both gigantic women practically ran into the kitchen, their fat bodies jiggling and the ground shaking beneath them. “C’mon Mark! We made this batch just for you!” Jessie exclaimed, looking back at me as she entered the kitchen. I did as instructed, though I couldn’t actually enter the kitchen, as Jessie was standing in the doorway. Technically, her feet were in the kitchen, but with how big her butt is, there wasn’t any comfortable way I could get in. As Emily pulled the brownies from the oven, Jessie grabbed some cookies for her and her corpulent friend to snack on while the brownies cooled off. “Mmh! Jess, these cookies are really good!” Emily exclaimed. “Thanksh! I made them myshelf!” My girthy ex-girlfriend replied, flattered. The girls continued to gorge themselves on cookies for the next several minutes, seemingly without any sign of slowing down. With appetites like theirs, it’s no wonder they got so huge in just 3 years. “Hey, um, girls, I think the brownies might be getting cold.” I reminded them, which snapped them out of their cookie devouring haze. “Oh my god, you’re right!” Jessie exclaimed, quickly finishing the last of her cookie before she race walked to the stove. She tucked her smooth, brunette hair in the back of her shirt before leaning over and cutting up the brownies. As she did so, her humongous boobs hung down in an almost hypnotizing fashion, bouncing up and down as she cut up the chocolatey dessert. “Mark, since we made this for you, we’ll let you have the first brownie,” Jessie said, looking straight at me. I quickly averted my gaze from her massive breasts. Luckily, I don’t think she noticed. I did, however, notice that Emily gave a slight look of contempt after I stopped staring, so Emily might’ve noticed. I grabbed one of the brownies and took a bite. “Wow, Jessie, these are REALLY good!” I exclaimed. Jessie cheered excitedly, “I just KNEW you’d love them!” “Let’s not forget to thank the beautiful chef that prepared those brownies...” Emily interjected. “Thanks Emily!” I said, looking up at her. “Aww”, blushing, she pulled me into another soft squishy hug. When we stopped hugging, I noticed another jealous expression on Jessie’s face. “Hey, what about the beautiful chef that helped make you breakfast this morning?” Jessie asked, holding her arms out for a hug. I leaned in and she pulled me close. While we hugged, Emily snuck over to the brownies and started gobbling them up. “Hey! Wait for me!” Jessie exclaimed, letting me go and turning around to grab some brownies. I stood behind both girls as they leaned over and hungrily devoured their batch of brownies. Emily soon had to follow suit with Jessie and tuck away her thick, wavy, black hair into the back of her shirt, lest it fall in her face as she ate. They continued to shove chocolate square after chocolate square into their mouths, their bodies pressed against each other as they did so. It wasn’t in a sexual way, it was more to compete for space as they reached for the brownies. I imagine if they were in the bodies they had in college, they would not even have to make contact to reach for the same batch.
  15. ---------------------------CHAPTER 2--------------------------- Jessie’s perspective: (Remember, she doesn’t know she’s fat) I couldn’t stop thinking about last night. Running into Mark, his surprise seeing me with straight hair, feeling his embrace again. Not to mention the AMAZING food! I had to see him again. I know it’s a bit soon, but I decided to text him the next day. I asked if he wanted to meet up and get some ice cream tonight. Of course, he said yes. We agreed to meet up around 7. I came to the ice cream shop at 6:50 and got myself 2 large cones. I ate one, and just as I started on the second, Mark showed up. “Hey cutie!” I greeted him, standing up to give him another hug. While we hugged, I could feel him quickly developing a boner, but decided to say nothing about it. “Take a seat! Careful, though, these chairs are tiny!” I spoke, sitting back down. “What are the odds both the restaurant AND the ice cream parlor have awful seating?!” he commented. “I KNOW, right?! I’m using two chairs, and my butt STILL doesn’t fit!” I responded, shuffling uncomfortably in my seats. He bought himself a medium cone and took a seat across from me. “So, how was it at the bakery today?” he asked. “It was okay. Kind of a slow day, but I don’t mind slow days. Me and Emily usually just have some snacks and talk.” “Hey wait, is this the same Emily you hung out with back in college?” I smiled, I couldn’t believe he remembered! “Yup! We were besties! Still are!” “Wasn’t she on the volleyball team?” “She sure was!” I replied, finishing off my cone, “I told her about you, she seemed to remember you, too!” He started to speak, but I interrupted him, “hold that thought, I’m gonna get a few more cones.” We continued talking for the next half hour or so. I told him about my job at the bakery, he told me about his job in accounting. After eating four large cones (not including the initial two), I leaned back, placed my hands on my flat belly, and let out a sigh of satisfaction. “Did that hit the spot?” He asked, that adorable smile on his face. “Yup!” I replied enthusiastically, “So, what do you say? Where should this night go from here?” “Well, if you want, we could go back to my place. I can put on a movie, order some pizza—“ “Stop! You had me at pizza”, I interrupted him, giggling. We left the restaurant and headed to Mark’s car. He got in the driver’s seat, and I started to get into the passenger seat. I noticed the car’s suspension squeak as I stepped my foot in, but it was probably just because Mark got in at the same time. After all, men usually weigh more than women. Unfortunately, his car seems to be one of those uncomfortably small cars that went in fashion for some reason, because I’m trying as hard as I can to get in, but I can’t fit through the door frame! “Um, Jessie, you need some help?” Mark asked, looking at me from the driver’s seat. “RRGH, yeah, I’m a bit...UGH, stuck” I responded, frustrated. Seriously, who makes doors this small?! I was turned to the side, trying as hard as I could to get through, but to no avail. My butt touched the back of the doorway, and my stomach touched the glove box. If someone as skinny as me can’t fit in a doorway, while facing sideways AND sucking it in, it shouldn’t even be considered a doorway. Mark came to the passenger side to try and help. We pulled the seat back all the way, and I tried my best to get in that tight space, but I soon gave up. “Look, Mark, even if I do get in, there’s no way you can drive around with my boobs pressed against the windshield. Let’s just take my car.” After taking an equally long time getting me out of his tiny car, I handed Mark the keys and we headed to my car. “Seriously Mark, how do you fit in that clown car? Let alone get around in it?! Honestly, you need a bigger car.” I exclaimed, half teasing, half genuine. We got in my car and he started driving to his place. “Hey, Mark, we should order the pizza right now, so we don’t have to wait as long for it to show up.” “Really? So soon? I thought you said the ice cream hit the spot?” “It did, but then you brought up pizza, and I became a lot more hungry all of a sudden,” I replied. Chuckling, he pulled out his phone and placed an order for pizza to be delivered to his house. As he described the order, I could feel my mouth watering. “Trust me, they make fantastic pizza. You’re gonna love it!” He reassured me after he got off the phone. “Dammit! I think you actually just made me even more hungry!” I responded, my hands on my flat stomach as a ravenous growl emitted from it. “Wow, Jessie, I never knew you had such an appetite. Er—um-I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with that, um-“ Just then, I put my arm behind him. His face turned bright red, but he didn’t resist one bit. In fact, he leaned into it. I couldn’t believe it, I was falling for this man all over again. Mark and I walked into the main lobby of his apartment complex. For some reason, I got a few stares as I walked in. I guess I’m just that gorgeous. Hand in hand, we walked to the elevator. Now, some elevators are built large and roomy, generally to accommodate for multiple people going up and down at once. This definitely wasn’t one of those elevators. In fact, just having me and Mark in there was a bit claustrophobic. It didn’t help that after we got in, a few more people joined. We kinda had to shuffle around so everyone could fit, but we managed. When we got to his floor, he led the way to his apartment. “Ladies first,” he said, holding the door open for me. I giggled at his act of chivalry. Unfortunately, the entrance to his apartment was another one of those way-too-small doors, so I had to turn sideways and shuffle to get through. I decided to say nothing about it, though, lest his gentlemanly gesture be in vain. After I got in, I took a seat on his couch. Judging by the loud squeak it let out, it was a pretty old couch. Shortly after, the pizza arrived. At my request, we got 3 large pizzas and a thing of bread sticks. Mark paid the delivery man and placed the pizzas on the coffee table in front of me. With my stomach still grumbling, I didn’t hesitate to grab my first slice. “Mmmh, Mark, thish ish REALLY good pizza!” I said, hungrily eating away at my food. “I told you you’d love it!” Mark said, taking a seat on the couch. Due to his couch being so small, he kinda had to squeeze in the spot next to me, though I certainly didn’t mind. I looked at him, finishing my first slice of pizza. “What?” he asked, chuckling. Smiling, I put one of his arms behind my back. As I grabbed another slice of pizza, he put his other hand on my torso. I suddenly got a warm feeling in my stomach, like a sense of nostalgia back to when we were dating. I’d always make the first move, and he knew what do from there. This time, I was the one going red in the face. I almost would’ve stopped eating, had I not still been so hungry. We continued cuddling on the couch, as I continued to eat the pizza Mark so thoughtfully bought for me. His eyes were closed and he was leaning up against me. Aside from the tininess of the couch, it was basically perfect. After I finished all three boxes of pizza, I leaned back, licked my fingers, and placed my hands on my stomach. “Hey Mark?” I said softly. “Yeah?” “Would you mind I stayed the night?” “I wouldn’t mind at all.” he responded, snuggling up closer to me. I then placed my finger under his chin and nudged his head upwards. We looked into each other’s eyes, leaned in, and passionately kissed. It was amazing. We didn’t have sex that night, but we did share the same bed. Just like the rest of his furniture, his bed was quite small, but we managed. I slept through the night, my arms wrapped around him as he played the little spoon. Once again, I was reminded of the times we spent curled up together in college. Feeling his bony rib cage, his toned abs. I think it’s official: I’ve fallen in love with this man all over again... ...oh boy...
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