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  1. Little Update I'm currently having some fun with making 3d renders on my deviantart so i'm not really working on the game at the moment.
  2. I'm guessing the figurine gains the weight that Balla would. I wonder what'll happen when you take it off? Or i there a limit of how much the ring can hold? 🤔
  3. I meant pictures because there's something about that when it isn't being posed, like the food isn't on purpose. I also found a very old thread for this stuff. Thanks for a reply anyway.
  4. The slight squish you can see is great and not only their butts are fattened. You can see some starter bellies and muffin tops.
  5. i've only seen like two of these drawings, they're amazing
  6. I find it hot to see a picture of a girl with a chubby belly chugging a beer or eating some fattening food, you can see on the picture the very reason they're the shape they are. So is there a thread made for pictures of girls with food/drink, either just near them or in the process of eating?
  7. I think that most of the people with feederism fetish seem to like people to gain so that they're obese or even immobile. For me i rarely see a body that can look good at 200 pounds without being a pear or a hourglass. But i enjoy the idea of gaining, so i can push the upper weight limit in stories. Also the characters being drawn or 3d often can make them look good at higher weights since they aren't real. It's hard to find good stories with a slow gain. A lot of them just jump to being obese. I wanted to make a story where the focus is on the beginning of the gain. And i want to make something i'll enjoy so that's why the weight limit. (it isn't a set number)
  8. That thing with seeing only her face could be a nice thing to use at some point. The athlete will like her curves, at least at the first 30 pounds, but you'll be able to make her dislike her weight/make her lose it or tell her you like it if you're with her in a relationship and make her gain more, just like every character. I like the idea with the armrests, maybe not a whole couch but like an office chair. I'm not really into obese women so i'll stop at 220 pounds max (even though bmi for it is at the beginning of being obese). So the couch just isn't something that will happen at that weight, the same goes for her being slowed down. She'll still be slower but not like being near immobile. I appreciate your comments so far, the more people talk the better (i hope) i'll make the game
  9. Update? So i'm going to set the characters' traits but i still haven't decided for two(and also the player) of them what they'll be There will be 3 other characters, i'll name them 1-3 1 likes the weight the most at the start and 3 does not. Now the 3 i decided to be skinny, without any curves, that is a hourglass that shows after she gains weight. 1 is a girl that does sports a lot and 2 is the most regular of them all. Now, what would work best for those characters for their body type? Who would you rather to be a pear and who to gain all over evenly. If you have any questions about the characters or really anything you'd want to ask, i'll answer all of them.
  10. Damn, love handles over her jeans, her butt jiggling with every step and at the end jiggling so much when she hits that wall. Someone is getting thick.
  11. All advice and suggestions are welcome. I'm planning on making the weight at the end different as a result of your choices and having that if you give them compliments etc. they'll gain more. I'll also have as a not really common mechanic the characters will be able to lose weight and your choices can affect that. So you can influence the rate at which the characters gain/lose weight. That's a good idea to make some of the "bad" choices to be you pushing someone too much.
  12. I've been trying to find a name for it so i can search more pics like these. What i mean it's that indented vertical line under the bellybutton. The first pic has like dent on the bottom of the belly without the line but that is often a part of that belly shape. The second has a slight line visible and on the third you can kinda see the line i'm talking about. It's hard to find more pics with that line beacuse i don't know what to type so i can find it. If i find more pics of that belly shape i'll post them too. This belly shape is imo one of the best belly shapes for a started belly. The first 20 pounds are imo the best and that line makes the belly look actually fat rather than it just being a smooth round belly that just look bloated.
  13. Update I made a timeline of the game. It's a full year of a freshman college class and for now the story ends at the end of summer vacation. There are 14 points in the game with time skips between them. I want to make each point quite short, kinda like in sarah goes to college at the start. I think a day or two and then a time skip is an easy way to make the story move forward and for the characters to actually gain weight while not having to write as much story since i want to make multiple paths for the player to take. During each point you'll "set" what your or the other character will continue to do until another point. At each point you'll get to influence the other charaters, (as well as your character, but not being aware of consequences as the player is, the character doesn't start as a gainer/feedee/feeder etc.) you'll get a few choices that will affect a certain thing about the character (like the stuff i talked before) and you'll get a few choices with a different amount of the influence on that thing, depending on the situation you'll get "better" or "worse" (for the player) options. As a additional feature you'll have to do "quests" by exploring or talking to get more options with different amount of influence(the thing >_< 0_0 suggested). The quests will be pretty simple as i found that overly complicated interactive stories tend to be unclear as how to move the story forward and sometimes you have to walk around to everywhere and talk to everyone for you to got further. As the story will have multiple paths and you'll play the game multiple times, i want for the interactions that do something to be clear which do something and which you can avoid to "speedrun" the parts you already played. I have the names, a few additional characters and a few paths that would be fun to make. I also have some ways to make the characters gain weight but i haven't put any of them in a specific path/character yet. I won't tell the arcs for now since i don't want to spoil the story😉
  14. I hope you treat yourself to a deserved snack after each workout
  15. this is a great and fitting sequence. Does anyone have any sequences with dialogues? https://www.deviantart.com/whatevaman03/art/Schoolgirl-1-819255710 https://www.deviantart.com/whatevaman03/art/Schoolgirl-2-819256231 https://www.deviantart.com/whatevaman03/art/Schoolgirl-3-819256741 https://www.deviantart.com/whatevaman03/art/Schoolgirl-4-819257091
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