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  1. Hey guys I want to let everyone know that I'am single and looking for that special someone to date or just be friends and I also would like to say that I'm 31 yrs. Old and freaking good looking guy
  2. Hi welcome to curvage.org 

    This place you can be yourself and Nobody can tell you what you should do with your life. Have a great weekend 😘

  3. I'm sorry its really late but your welcome for me to follow you😘

  4. Hello beautiful 😘 

    1. CandyCandelaria
    2. greencottage


      Just bought 3 videos from you

    3. CandyCandelaria


      Ohhh really? 🤗 I hadnt recived the notificationn!

      Did u liked them ? 😊😊😍 hopppeee so 

    4. greencottage
  5. ❤️ cutie , what is your favorite picture of yourself ?

    1. CandyCandelaria


      Hhmm i dont know ! What do like the most? 😊💋

  6. Any feedee's wanna be my girlfriend 

  7. Aww😢 don't worry about your arms ! Your arms are cute
  8. Hi I'm new here and and I am  single.  I hope you get your confident's back

  9. Hi I'm new here and and I am  single

    1. greencottage


      I  have a suggestion what is the most favorite thing you like to eat and then you will be able to eat a lot of it.


  10. Hi I'm new here and and I am  single

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