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    I love eating, of course. I also like reading, Minecraft, Nanoblocks, logic puzzles and watching sci-fi and scary movies. I'm always down to try or lean new things. I love dancing. Even though I'm not good at it, I still enjoy shaking my big butt for you all. ;)

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    4' 11" (150cm)

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  1. Just outside enjoying the breeze.


    1. Andy SNk

      Andy SNk

      how beautiful you look 😍😍😍

    2. chucklehead2


      perfect shape

    3. Lardfiller


      Just a divine beach beauty 😍

    4. FatGuy1234567


      Why can’t I be your neighbor?

    5. Devi Thikk

      Devi Thikk

      Sometimes I wonder if they are peeking lol.

    6. Lardfiller


      peeking means whale watching 😁

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