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    This is a great video! I want to feed you so badly lol you are so cute! Massaging your belly after a stuffing would be a dream come true lol
  1. I want to see you chug some cream while you lean back and show that massive sexy gut
    The way you explained your struggles made the video very interesting. If anyone is wondering this is only the beginning lol. I think everyone who has watched your videos is very excited for the future. I cant weight to see how fat your face gets and how stretch marked your mid section becomes! Keep up the great work! I think it is important to note that the videos had very good lighting and the camera captured all the angles ones imagination wanted. For anyone looking to purchase a newer model's videos this blubber gut is a great individual to check out!
    Do not sleep on this fluffyprincess. The struggling and straining on top of the flushed face makes this vid a cant miss
    My favorite part was when you said the shake was "so good" your accent made you sound like a gluttonous queen😍
    The fact that your friends called you a greedy glutton makes this video memorable. And no you did not let yourself you just have a problem with your dryer😉. Def worth the price for admission.
  2. I love how fat your face has gotten!! it shows how greedy you are
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