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  1. Hello Everybody, I am really new here and I would like to clarify some topics before I would jump into action. Sorry, if the questions are dumb/or answered earlier, despite of hours of searching in the forums, I haven't found them. So let's see the questions: 1)How do views for clips are counted?If I open open a clip before buying , and see that 'Views:1,000', does that mean 1000 people opened the page for downloading, or 1000 people bought the clip? 2)To be a Cruvage Model, you need an identification card and a document which validates your adress. I live in Europe, and we have a special identification card for address. May I use that? 3)I have seen some clips where the model's face was not shown. Is it allowed to make all of your clips without filming your face/ capturing your voice? 4)Some history here: I found about this site by seeing some of your models. When I open a new thread, is it allowed to name them as inspiration? In general, I think this website is really cool and helps to get in touch with this community. Thank you for your answers.
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