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  1. Very cool, and interesting stories about the closet and the tv, lol. Yeah, my gf and I also have a similar weight difference between us. At least 20 lbs of that weight she has on me is muscle I'd say...she has thick, sexy calves and thighs that are essentially all muscle, and her thighs are close to the same as my waist (within 6 inches or so). I love her leg size and muscles. My gf can also pick me up with her arms like your wife does with you. Last week, she was throwing her niece up in the air as a game, who I'd say is about 30 lbs...repeatedly!! That's some good endurance! Probably 15-20 times in a row! She is not a bodybuilder or anything, just has always been on the more muscular side than average with a nice thick/broad frame, and she gained more muscle/weight over time. We have done all sorts of different lifting, tossing, and riding type things to have a good time with her strength. It's a lot of fun! I can also pick her up for short periods of time by hugging her and lifting up. She loves lifting me and loves when I lift her, too. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Bodyfat and muscles aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, both require a caloric surplus to build. It's very possible to be both muscular and curvy or chubby for women, if they're active and naturally have a certain body type/frame and good muscle genetics. The lady in my life has abs that are like rock, for example, but only she and I know as they are hiding under clothing and whatnot normally and no one but me is touching her there.
  3. I have a gorgeous, curvaceous lady I'm proud to be able to call my girlfriend, and both of us are into staying healthy and athletic, which means we eat well and get regular exercise. For me, that means that although I'm not one of those super muscular fitness freak guys, I'm pretty fit. I can pick her up off the ground despite weighing a good bit less than her, while I bet there are guys who wouldn't be able to do that. Her body is both curvaceous and muscular. She's quite strong for a woman, which I love. Big, strong legs, and a muscular, strong back and shoulders (I think she developed those from having to support her DD cup breasts for years!). I love that I can bury my head in her big boobs one minute , and then the next minute, I can literally jump onto her booty and she'll squat me for reps 8), with her amazing lower body doing all the work with great form...that awesome ass and those gorgeous sexy thighs and calves (best on Earth!) that are both big and toned at the same time! Her hugs are the most amazing thing, too, and I love getting them. We wrap our arms around each other, and she presses her big boobs into me and picks me right up off the ground like I weigh nothing! I'm pretty sure her ability to do so is a testament not only to our relative weight difference, but to her workout regimen! She in fact just did an amazing 75 squats tonight, among other things...something many women surely wouldn't be able to do. To me, valuing health and fitness and having muscle is awesome, especially when you can have fun being healthy and strong!
  4. Awesome! Big girl genetics for sure (she's got a wide build on her and it looks like it's hard work for her to stay thin), but in a nice, fit package!
  5. Duh! A lot of guys here can't tell the difference between fat and muscle, but then they say they don't like girls with muscles. Now watch them try to convince us that her gain is mostly fat...just you watch... http://www.tennessean.com/VideoNetwork/2290201492001/Aly-Raisman-hopes-muscles-don-t-scare-away-boys?nclick_check=1
  6. Full story: Fat Girls Can Dance Too The Story Behind Whitney Thore - Proof You Can Dance At Any Size - 7 Feb 14 Go get 'em, Whitney!
  7. Yup, I am! And too bad about Bob's pinkeye. Guess that's why he was wearing glasses...maybe it was his contacts that picked up the bacteria from the water.
  8. I recommend you do heavy squats and keep eating! Your butt/hips/legs will only get bigger.
  9. That pic proves that miniature beer bottles do exist. btw, your personal text, "Make your mammary glands jiggle" makes me laugh. Do you have conscious control over them, lol? Some girls do! Love your sense of humor!
  10. + 1 million. I know a lot of people think hitting the gym is stupid unless you want to be in good shape. But it's not. If you work the butt and legs hard and eat a lot, you'll be rewarded. And yeah, ask AA for advice. She works out a bit.
  11. Hi Whitney, The new atomic wedgie video was crazy! ;D I really hope he was wearing something protective...you stretched his shorts up to his neck and lifted him off the ground by them! I can't imagine how much that must have hurt...he looks like he's about 170 lbs, and all that weight on his genitals, yikes. How does he enjoy doing all those painful stunts, lol? What's next for him??
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