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  1. drfeedwell

    Lexxxi Luxe

    She definitely looks fatter and also better!!! I hope she keeps gaining!! :thumbsup:
  2. This discussion is not appropriate on this board!
  3. He is a racist and sexist jerk and doesn't need to be on entertainment television. He does have a First Amendment Right, but no right to have a television show or a part in one. Hate speech doesn't belong on television!!
  4. She never had a site and yes she was Starbelly. Last I heard from her she was having weight loss surgery for health issues. She was a very nice person.Probably still is.
  5. There are plenty of fatties in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur as well! Whoever said Asians are skinny hasn't been to SouthEast Asia. When I mean fat, I am talking 300++ pounds.
  6. I may be the big winner here!!! Biggest girl I dated was 5'6 740ish! Total heaven!
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