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  1. cutebelly99

    Beach Babes

    @ICU82Much best candid pictures I’ve seen yet.
  2. That must be a serious booty! She must be lazy if she can notice a difference from that. My girl will just lay around and snack like she is here.
  3. WOW! She definitely sounds lazy. How big is your fiancé? My GF tried to get out of the pool today without using the ladder, and yeah she failed lol. It was such a hot sight. She couldn’t lift her fat thighs high enough to get out. Her upper body isn’t strong enough to pull her self out either.
  4. All that eating makes them tired. My GF was taking care of the laundry the other day... four days later it’s still in the basket on our floor. So I end up taking care of hers as well. Like your wife she used to keep everything spotless. Now she’s just concerned about lounging around and making sure she has snacks
  5. Yeah I don’t mind especially if she sitting in the couch eating while I do the cleaning. She complains if I park to far away in a parking lot because she doesn’t like to walk lol
  6. I have noticed my GF has gotten lazy since she’s gained weight. She hardly ever does house chores and just wants to lay on the couch and watch tv
  7. cutebelly99


    We just decided to take a break from it to focus on some other stuff. Everything is good though. We may return in the future.
  8. Please delete my forum on here in woman of curvage. Thank you. @KFD @Avataг @maybejames @S77
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