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  1. Fatty at Walmart showing her gut.
  2. I was at the pool the other day. There was this hot mom there probably early 40s. She was wearing a bikini top with jean shorts. She ordered a pizza for her and her two kids, but the kids were to busy swimming to eat much. She sat there and kept eating and eating. Finally she had to unbutton the shorts . I thought it was funny/hot lol.
  3. @HungrylilKitty you used to be so petite and healthy , and now you’re spilling out of everything you wear. 🔥
  4. It would be awesome if you could post a before/after for old times sake. 🔥
  5. My bad.. I just read the thread and saw you already responded to the creatine lol
  6. I’m not sure if that skirt would even fit over one of your thighs now. 🔥
  7. I would love to see you try and squeeze into this outfit
  8. I love when my GF will wear higher waisted jeans, but throughout the day as her belly swells from all the food she eats she will pull them down and her belly will hang over.
  9. She really is getting lazy. She goes to work and sits in her office chair all day and comes home and sits on the couch almost everyday. There’s not a whole lot of exercise for her these days. She gets out of breath if we have to walk for more then 10 minutes anywhere
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