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  1. Sushi count! 

    Bunch of edamame, 4 salmon nigiri, 2 eel nigiri, 2 albacore nigiri, 1 monster roll

    Can a feeder daddy tell me you're so proud of me?🥺💕

    1. Zaklux480


      Well I'm proud of u 😉

    2. Bruno49


      How I Met Your Mother Thumbs Up GIF by Laff

      Good Girl proud of you 😘

    3. Filburt89


      That’s really impressive! Hope it was delicious. And I bet next time you’ll be able to go even further

    4. LordLurker


      I'm very proud of you, Baby Girl! I also know you'll do even better next time!

    5. Young_Yeetling


      Sushi is good and filled with great nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Not to mention Omega-3, fatty acids, and other things that make someone feel good, and feed your brain and keep you going! 

      While if you eat too much fish, it could lead to Meecury poisoning, it sounds like you are consuming a responsible amount.

      Not to mention, many people may not even be able to have sushi, afford it, and due to Tuna shortages it's great that you could get some quality Tuna, and shows you have a refined pallete.

      Very proud of you, keep it up!

      -Dad-dy 👨‍✈️


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