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  1.  a few days of feeding you, I can promise you that you will gain and your belly will show the first fat. Your butt gets wider, your legs softer, your arms will put on fat and your face will fill out and you will look like a woman, not a girl anymore. I would love to make you obese, grow you steadily and once you have a belly, keep fattening you up. You might not feel fine in your lean and thin body, you need to balloon, you need to carry a lot of fat, it is your destiny. That's why you get wet when I tell you that I want to remove all firmness from you, gone that lean face, replaced by a fattened wider one, with a big double chin. Go ahead and eat


  2. The idea of making you bigger turns me on  watching that stuffed gut grow into gluttony 🥵


  3. When I came home with her, she had a hard time walking. Her belly poked out immensely so large had her stomach a big ball of dough through the constant overfeeding 😍


  4. hungry infinite stratos GIF




    1. Jasmines Soft Spot

      Jasmines Soft Spot

      This one x1000000000. That's my goal! 

      Can't wait to totally smother my feeder 🤤💕

    2. Guylikesfatgirls


      I should be your feeder 🤤 🥵🥵🥵

    3. Jasmines Soft Spot

      Jasmines Soft Spot

      Then feed me 😈💕

    4. Guylikesfatgirls


      Okay 🍰🍖🌭🍗🌭🍗🥞🍗🫔🌮🥣🍱🍲🍜🍲🍜 here you go 😜

    5. Jasmines Soft Spot

      Jasmines Soft Spot

      Mmm, delicious pixels :P

  5. She sat down against the wall, her belly squishing up as she did. She put her legs out straight, but her stomach was very visible: a small, squishy ball rolling over the waistband of her sweatpants. She put her hands on it and squeezed, laughing happily as she was able to grab close to a full handful of fat. "Hmmmm," she murmured to herself. "Finally."


  6. I want to make you fatter then ever baby 😉Miss Piggy Reaction GIF by Muppet Wiki

  7. I want you to grow faster. I have a thing for rapid weight gain, I would love to see you expand, to put on fat, to grow fatter every day, I want to see how you get stretch marks on your belly and other body parts, how you swell and get so soft. I want to make you very obese, I want you to jiggle and wobble for me, give you a hanging belly from all the feeding . I would feed you for hours, steadily making your belly larger and larger and larger. ❤️

  8. Girl put that body on mine Just crush me 😉

    1. Jasmines Soft Spot

      Jasmines Soft Spot

      Rest in pieces 😈🍑

  9. You are probably sitting there, with your little fat belly, longing to gain. You have just gotten a little taste of how hot fattening up can be. Do you also feel like a piggy? That you need to gain?bYou are just starting to get fat and we both know that you want a lot more, that you need a lot more. I dream of feeding you, of fattening you up, A LOT.I want to spend a lot of time with you and well, not mince words, that you need to gain, that I want you to fatten up for me, to become

    more and more woman!!! 😘🤤

  10. I .. ate too much again " she sighed with her belly so bloated and button ready to burst on her jeans any second. Deep down she wanted to be fat she had already put on a significant amount of weight last year going up four sizes in clothes the cake sat right in front of her, her belly started to rumble with hunger as she got down on her knees any started scarfing it down getting it all over her face she couldn't stop it tasted so good then boom! Her pants broke open laying there with a giant fat gut the sight of her fattening tummy turned her on more than ever!... This was only the beginning 😉


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