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  1. The fattening

    “One more piece… you can do it…”

    The girl shook her head with visible pain strewn across her face, breathing heavy. She was at her limit, the mixture of pizza dough, buttery cheese and carbonated drink made her stomach extremely bloated and she couldn't fit anymore in, not one bite.
    Upon seeing her in such pain I placed one hand on her bloated stomach and I start to rub it in a swirling motion moving up, down and her her belly,moving over the taught surface delicately to avoid causing her anymore pain. She started the rile in her chair in pleasure, my make do bonds limiting her movement. Her being dressed in only tight underwear gave me a nice view of her jiggling flesh and bloated midsection alongside her thick thighs, which was my second favourite part of her.Marks covered her body but her stretch marks were only slightly visible on her olive skin, but i didn't care, i loved her all the same, as well… I helped to but them there.

    She lets out a sequence of small moans and ended with a large burp. She was usually such a polite girl but during feeding she burped and let out other bodily gases so often I didn't mind if she forgot her manners once in a while of which i adored, i turned her into such a little piggy and i knew deep down she loved it too.

    “I guess there's room now huh?” I laughed softly, slowly bringing the final slice to her mouth, staring into her hazel eyes.

    She stared back into my eyes and opened her mouth to welcome it. As the slice entered her maw she devoured most of the slice leaving only the cheese filled crust in only one bite. Her cheeks bulged out and mimicked that of a squirrel who stuffed too many nuts into its mouth. She slowly began to chew, i noticed a large speck of tomato sauce managed to find itself on her puffed out cheeks, i wiped it of and smothered it on her lips, she smiled while chewing and licked her lips.

    Moments later, she had finished chewing and swallowed, opening her mouth to show me she had nothing left in there. I smiled.

    “Good Girl…” I said gently patting her belly.

    “Got any more of that… Garlic sauce?” She smiled.

    I searched through the plethora of empty pizza boxes and sound a spare unopened dip, tearing the top off and looked at her.

    “How m…”

    “Cover it…” She said interrupting me seductively licking her lips


  2. I love fatties and making you fatter 🙌







  3. Let me spoil you to such fattening portions ❤️🙏🤤

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