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  1. In these u will see me chug 2 cups of mass gainer shakes and I make a nice sticky mess😏My boyfriend feeder/feedee makes me two shake and I chug them left and right. Enjoy🙂


  2. In this picture set u will se me stuffing my face with the most amazing and greasiest food ever! I force my self to eat the last few bites❤️




    1. pgtip00


      And good morning to you too. Looking cheeky sweet today.

    2. Kyle82386


      Just stunning baby 

  4. In these photos u will see the clothes that used to fit me no longer do and I went threw and tried all of them on and let me tell ya A BIGGG DIFFERENCE! Come join me and see😁😉 ENJOY😘


  5. Enjoy this before and after pictures😍


    1. Bellylover777


      More after pics please - keep on stuffing your sweet round belly - very beautiful

    2. pgtip00


      That's a contented smile in that after pic if I've ever seen one. 

  6. Gooddd morning babes!!❤️ 

    Here’s a little sneak peak on the clip that just come out!!!! 
    This morning I’m on empty in my stomach but the more I keep making on here is the more I eat and eat and eat! And post videos and picture sets!!! 😍😛 

    My boyfriend/feeder is at work and couldn’t be here to feed me.


    1. Maverick500


      So plump and sexy🥰🥰😘

    2. pgtip00


      Good feedee. Taking care of herself. 

  7. Come watch my new clip! I get excited with my food! And honestly every time I stuff my self or my boyfriend feedee/feeder, I get turned on 😍

  8. New clip will be out soon🙌🏽😍



    1. Kyle82386


      Ur my dream girlfriend,...just eating and fattening up..staying inside on the couch getting pale and sexy from no sunshine,...and outgrowing that tight grey tank top as ur arms fattening up and swell,..ur so beautiful,..I'd love to come home and see u like this everyday as u gaining weight and getting astonishingly beautiful with every new pound and inch of fat u pack on,..please keep posting baby 

  9. Had an amazing dinner hamburger helper with heavy cream in it, had corn. Yesterday for dinner I had spaghetti with heavy cream in it and I had 3 mass gainer shakes😛 I’ve gained  5 pounds in 4 weeks😍

    1. Maverick500


      Dang girl with eating heavy cream and drinking weight gain shakes you're going to get super fat pretty quickly and very sexy 😍😘🥰

  10. New Clip Coming Soon!!!

    good afternoon loves❤️
    Hope everyone is stuffing there self full of food and more😛 Because I know I sure will be soon! Here’s a little sneak peak of the new clip!


    1. Kyle82386


      Ur so sexy with each fattening snack u push into ur fattening up belly,..ur truly a goddess 

  11. In these 106 photos u will see me eatting a half a dozen donuts and chugging a Dr.Peper! my feeder/feedee got me donuts and a 2 liter soda. I stuffed my self till i was full then I had him order pizza because I was still starving😛🤤 and me and him both ate the whole pizza🐖😍 Enjoy😉😘



  13. Good afternoon lovesss❤️
     Go check out my clips!  I’m fixing to make me a big yummy meal!!!😛

     Little sneak peak of my new clip coming out🙈


    1. imp


      That looks a little tight.

  14. Wait till u see this massive change in my body over the past few years 😍 Beyond amazes me how fat I’ve gotten I could be a whole horse😍 Keep watching for my amazing weight gain picture set🤤😍🐖

    1. Maverick500


      The fatter you get the sexier you will become 😘🥰😍

    2. GodBless22


      @Missouriqueen Can’t wait 😍😍

  15. In these photos u will see how my weight gain has processed over the past few years! And currently I have been packing it on like crazy thanks to my boyfriend/feedee/feeder! I wouldn’t of been able to do it with out him! He feeds me non-stop! He’s makes me weight gain shakes non-stop! And I gain here recently 3 pounds every two weeks!!! So enjoy me going from 120 to where I’m at now😍😍 MASSIVE WEIGHT CHANGE🐖😛😍❤️


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