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  1. Absolutely amazing! Me and my gf have been together about 2yrs now and before we met she was about 180lbs and she’s 5”8 and now she’s about 145lbs at 5”8 and I’m trying to make her gradually gain it back. She looked sooo great with more weight. Is your gf aware you’re into bigger girls and gaining on purpose? Or just comfort?
  2. Absolutely perfect body. WOW! I’m in awww 😍
  3. Yes please check! I would love to see more pictures of you in dresses or yoga pant WITH THE BALLET FLATS ON. And Your belly is so perfect! I can’t wait to see how much more you gain to add to your belly and thighs
  4. Wow! Absolutely amazing and can’t wait for you to reach your goal!..or even bigger 😊 the combination of your belly, butt and thighs are amazing 😍
  5. Hi Venus! I was curious is you have any recent pictures of you after your weight gain wearing the shoes you have on in the white dress? Maybe in some leggings/yoga pants with the ballet flats? I bet they would look great with your chubby thighs and feet. Please let me know
  6. Absolutely stunning! Perfect in everyway! The way your bell sets between your legs is unbelievable 😊
  7. I’d say stick with 250lbs..I believe I recall you saying she’s 5”2 and that would probably be the most proportional and even out everywhere. BUT...if you prefer round rather than soft I’d say 300-315lbs
  8. Check your messages 😊

  9. Hopefully you’re having a great day! I sent you a message in your inbox. 😊

    1. Baby-Cakes84


      Ok sorry I’ve been so busy, I will check it today when I get a little time and respond babe 😘😘

    2. bbwlover181


      No worries! 

  10. Most definitely agree! That’s why I love to comment and hopefully make some friends/followers along the way to make some smiles.
  11. Glad to have ya! I’ve only been here for a bit myself. Definitely great to see some females embracing their curves and everything that goes with it while a guy like myself can sit on the sidelines to encourage and remind you you’re always beautiful no matter what. Chubby, chunky, curvy, bbw, ssbbw....I love them all and everyone should be just as accepting! 😊 I’m definitely rooting for you and your model success! I’ll gladly be following your gain for sure!
  12. Wow. I can’t believe you were this slim. You’re making great progress! One thing I’d love to ask tho...would you be able to recreate the photo with those flat shoes, jeans and sweater? Your feet will probably look so full and bulge and would be so hot
  13. Hi everyone! I’ve been here for a few weeks but never really broadcasted it. But I figured this was the best place to reach out and maybe get some input on my situation....So! I’ve always been very attracted to bigger girls, Thick, Curvy, BBW, and even SSBBW. I’m 5’9 150lbs normal average fit guy and my family is all the same and that’s all I’ve ever dated or brought home to momma if you will. BUT! My thing is..My gf right now is 5ft 8in Tall and 145lbs but before we met she was about 175lbs to 180lbs so with that being said. I’m trying to encourage her to move back to that weight. She’s not aware of my liking for bigger girls but I think she’s slowly getting the idea I have a soft spot for them. And with my parents and relatives not being used to bigger girls around I thought maybe I’d be able to gradually get her to gain. It’s been about 2yrs together now and she did stop the gym and is getting comfortable but her metabolism is sooo good and makes it hard to gain. I already ensure her she looks great no matter what and she recently starting eating some snacks before bed. But she’s not looking to actively gain but whatever happens happens kind of thing. I did hint I do like her previous weight and wouldn’t be mad if she got there again. Any tips or recommendations on how to get her to Gain WITHOUT getting her to gain if that makes sense? Before loss of weight GREEN SHORTS necklace Current Jeans/Jacket
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