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  1. mandarten

    Anyone have any lizzi lodi pics or vids?

    Tori Talia https://twitter.com/tori_talia
  2. Whoever commented last week that it would be good to see more of her body in these videos; thank you! As well as lots of footage of her working out & looking much chubbier than her partner we get a look over of her in her underwear at the end. Love the shot of the ass she has grown at 1.42 (screenshot below); especially compared to her partner's. The next 20 pounds she hopes to gain will place her firmly in the overweight BMI bracket. Can't wait.
  3. I absolutely adore this story, can't wait to see what effect all of that dwarven bread will have on Ashlay's figure.
  4. mandarten

    Ajay Rochester

    She's amazing. I can't believe she wears a two piece whilst being so fat, especially after she has presented various dieting programs. But I love it. Her legs do seem to be her thickest part though, and I guess as a one piece isn't going to hide that, why not let loose?
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