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    stunning vid, love it 😘 seems like ur already so full and still manage to chug down that shake 😘
    lovely vid, the struggle is real 😀 nice to see u in public 🥰
    wow bunny, cant believe to got even fatter 🥰 love the tight leggins and ur bloated big belly, awesome vid 😍
    u‘re getting so fat, the shower even cracks at some point in the vid 😀
    wow m, love the position from below 😍 ur belly is so big, one can barely see ur face anymore. must have for every fan 😀
    love the different angles! very hot to feel like touching and slapping ur fat belly 🥰
    so hot bunny! 🥰 love how u expose that huge belly in public, where everybody could see u. ur getting soo fat and u seem to enjoy it so much, keep it up, ur stunning
    soo sexy, u getting bigger and bigger 🥰 love the heels
    i really enjoyed this vid bunny 😘 nice to see how far out u can push ur belly
    really, wow must have been stuffing urself well lately. not even the tape fits ur belly anymore 🥰
    omg this is soo sexy! love the angle, u look so big and bloated 🥰
    exciting to see u eating in public while everybody is watching 🥰
    hey bunny, stunning vid! like the angles and different perspectives. so sexy how ur fat belly spills over the sink 😍 great work
    wow, love this outfit, u look so sexy with this vest and high heels. u look so full that ur clothes seem to burst at the seams 🥰 lovely vid as always
    wow bigbunny ur‘getting soo fat. love the leopard panties. 😍 very nice video, love the way u talk and show how stuffed u are
    beautiful and sexy as always, really like to hear you talk about how fat u are 😍
    wow ur getting soo fat 🥰 gotta love that stuffed bloated belly. u really look like ur bursting at the seams. ur def my fav girl 😍
  1. lovely vid, one of ur best bigbunny🥰 keep up the good work
    hi bigbunny, i love this vid 😍 it‘s very sexy, i think one of the best ones u ever did. i really like the way u talk and how u struggle with ur heels. u look so hot when u try on these heels but fail cause ur belly is too fat and in the way. and the wg shake chugging on top, incredible 🥰🥰🥰
    love this vid, she chuggs till she cant anymore. her belly was already stuffed from lunch and looks so round and bloated in the end 🥰
    love this one 😍 she is really stunning, eats with so much pleasure and looks so full and satified in the end
    BigBunny is such a beauty, very hot vid, u will love it! 🥰
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