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    One of the sexiest girls I’ve seen on here. Such a bbq Wing glutton😍 Her bloated belly is a site to see. Check it out!
  1. Would love to be this big again.... need suggestions
  2. I wish I was this big again....


  3. I wish I could be as sexy and beautiful like you😍
  4. Basically yeah, one has slightly more fat in it but not by much. You could also include mass gainer if needed to get a extra bulk.
  5. Add heavy cream to coffee, cooking, baking or make a shake out of it. Good way to get a lot of calories. Potato chips are very fattening to. But I see a lot of dairy being used to gain weight.
    You have again amazed me! You are so beautiful and plump. Looking really good. ❤️
  6. So I had covid about a month ago. My appetite dropped immediately. I’ve lost 25 pounds and still dropping. I need tips and tricks to get my appetite back and to get back up to my original weight and more. I want to do it safely but want to gorge so help me out with some thoughts or ideas! Thanks!
  7. I’m happy to express who I really am. Right now I’m the happiest/ scared person right now. I have more obstacles to hurdle but it the long run I will finally find my peace and live happily. But there are so many other things I want to accomplish. But this was the stepping stone. Hope you all are doing great!

    You are such a dream babe! Body looks incredible. I loved the video. ❤️
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