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  1. Could we get a picture of maybe you in a tight skirt if you have one? Kind of like a secretary outfit? Or any tight tight clothes showing your belly and ass. Please and thank😊❤️
  2. Does anybody got any gassy content coming out? 

  3. I want to see more Star Wars character role play. Or any other movie character. Just to see any character blimp or pig out and act like a slob would be hot!

  4. I got some great news guys! She is pregnant! Nearing four months! I hope you guys are ready!🥳 we are so happy! 😍❤️
  5. Her just now 🥰 Snacking away and growing to the impossible 😍
  6. Didn’t hesitate to plop down on the couch and stuff her face when we got home 😍 just constantly feeding her gluttony🥰🥰
  7. This may sound nerdy lol, but I wish there were more star wars cosplay videos. It would be so hot to see Leia, Rey or padme cosplay. Just a thought 

    1. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      This is dropping today :)


    2. K.M. Joyce

      K.M. Joyce

      I can’t wait!😍 @Curvage Casey

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