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  1. I've just been having waaay too much fun filming. I'm pretty sure I'm visibly fatter already. 



  2. Sooo I JUST ordered these new clothes, and they're already beyond skin tight. I didn't really think I'd gotten THAT much bigger. I know I've been kind of comfort eating a lot lately, but who hasn't? Do you think I look that fat?? Regardless I'm sure these snack cakes and cream won't hurt.


  3. If you've watched any of my clips so far you know I loooove talking about how much I've been fattening up. This one is particularly talkative, about moments I've already experienced where my size or weight are becoming problematic, as well as all the ways that I can't wait for it to be more so. Featuring yet another ready to burst dress, I still can't resist snacking for the seven minutes it took to film this...


  4. Sooo as requested I did an exercise attempt clip. I stuck to jumping jacks and light stretching for this one, which was enough. I keep getting surprised by how fat I am at different angles, and it's making me overindulge basically every single day, instead of just most days 🐷 As you might expect I get pretty winded fairly quickly, and opt to sit back down on the couch instead of continuing.


  5. Taking bets on how well my attempted workout sesh might go... It's been a while
  6. When you think you haven't gained thaaaat much weight..



    1. henke26


      Adorable belly. Big different😀

  7. At the same time I kinda can't wait for that day...
  8. It's whole milk, I'll work up to being able to handle the richness of heavy cream combined with a cake this size haha
  9. I just found out my last three clips had major technical difficulties! Should be ironed out soon 😬 I'm so excited about these ones!



  10. I thought I might have been a little overambitious in trying to eat this whole cake in the time available... But I did it with time to spare. Don't worry, I took advantage of the extra seconds to let you watch me realize how engorged I made myself after shoving around 1400 calories of chocolate into my mouth with my bare hands.


  11. Pretty straightforward pizza stuffing video. I kind of just pigged out most of the night that night, in this clip you get to be a part of it. Making clips for this site is 100% going to have some immediately visible effects on my figure, I'm pretty sure.


  12. Juuust checking on the status of several items of clothing I haven't bothered with in the last eight months. Spoiler alert, I'm too fat for all of them. Button ups with snaps are fun because of the infinite popping factor! Another couple of pounds and that might not be so manageable.


  13. Making clips is proving to be terribly dangerous... I think I blacked out at the grocery store. Yes this is all sitting on top of the pizza I also picked up.


  14. I honestly had a goal of posting three clips this week but couldn't resist making another one that's just alllll about the belly. In this one I rub it down with Spanish olive oil and just revel in how soft and jiggly I'm getting.


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