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  1. Just gotta keep hope that you'll post soon!

  2. Maybe three months.....?

    1. cherrymontana


      I might try to start again but I wasn’t getting enough food to make good content. I’m sorry, :( I hope I can make some more videos soon. I haven’t gotten that much bigger and it is so disappointing.


    2. acetaker


      It's alright. I'll take bigger, regardless of the amount. It's good to see you reply, nonetheless.

    3. acetaker


      Oh, and I'd recommend you create a Pat.reon(Curvage will just hide the word, so excuse the period), it could help with getting more food.

    4. nomanisanisland1


      Come back please! 😍

  3. Any update by chance? Two months must've done a number..

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