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    This was cathartic in a way I didn't expect. My ex-girlfriend, a couple of months before we split up, didn't show up to my birthday party. She even looks a bit like Rosie, though not as big or as pretty. This, as dumb as it might sound, helped me work through that. Even without all that... wow! This is a great roleplay, with lots of great dialogue. Then the talking stops as Rosie enters a kind of trance, moaning as she shoves cake into her mouth with both hands. Beautiful!
    I love this. Eating a bowl of pasta that size would be greedy. Eating it like this is pure, uninhibited gluttony. I wish there were more videos like this on the site. Also... wasn't Enchantress skinny a few months ago? My goodness!
    What a fun, sexy roleplay! If I went on a first date with a woman this round, ravenous and ravishing, I'd struggle to keep from proposing by the end.
    The world's best secretary is back! I'll never get enough of hearing how her boss is "manipulating" her, even though she's one step ahead. Delightfully wicked and hot. Also, the part where gorjess has to break character because she's too turned on by the scenario is *chef's kiss*
    I love this. From the "I'll just have one" to seeing KCK surrounded by the trash from her gorging, this is wonderful. Also, any time she does a GFE, you're in for a good time.
    This is great. Lauren is a real beauty with a real appetite. I don't usually go for montages like this - I prefer my erotica to have a story or progression of some kind, even a flimsy one. Even so, I'd give this six stars if I could. This is raw, pure sexiness.
    Five stars! The first video in this series hit all my kinks and it hit them hard. This time, we have twice the pets to choose from, so twice the pleasure. I'd gladly see more of this series, with more feeding, oinking, and talk of breeding and fattening. This is a unique and wonderful concept, executed well.
    I'm a huge fan of vids like this - using padding to create the effect of massive weight gain. I'm also a huge fan of Rosie in general and her roleplaying videos especially. So, yeah, there was no way I wasn't going to love this. It's even better than I hoped for though. Her enjoyment is as delicious as the snacks she enjoys!
    Damn, these two girls are adorable. And Jennie is getting big! Candice and Jennie can't keep their hands off each other throughout this which, yeah, fair enough. I almost passed out from the sudden blood redirection when they started talking about their breeding kink. Mm!
  1. GGG, I'm sorry to hear that your kinky fantasies and biological reality don't see eye to eye. You deserve to have the body of your dreams. I am excited that you're back, though. Your roleplay and stuffing videos are awesome. If you make more of those, we're all going to be so happy.
    Truly delightful. CouchQueen here is cute, flirty, round, gorgeous and hungry. This video is wonderful - close to what it would actually be like to be there and feed her. I thought her car stuffing was great - then I got to watch her strut around her kitchen, straining her tight dress and getting even flirtier than before. A great video from a great model.
    If I were to say this video is beautiful and sensual, with a cute-as-pie Rosie stuffing her face with junk food, outgrowing her tight clothes, moaning the entire time and playing with her soft belly, and is therefore easily worthy of a 5-star review... ... please know that I'd be understating how good this video is. The lighting, sound and cinematography are all professional, to a standard you rarely see in erotica. Fair enough - that's not what we're here for. When it show up, though, what a treat. You could show this to a normie who's into film studies. While they might be confused by the subject matter, they'd agree that it's well done. The eerie tension at the start, slowing fading (but never disappearing), as Rosie's hesitation lessens and pleasure rises - for a film with bare-bones plot and little dialogue, it still manages to tell a story. This is extraordinary - satisfying to the brain, not just your hips.
    JG has a lot of personality and a great appetite. This video shows all that, plus her incredible figure. It's a long but fun journey through gluttony, seeing her demeanor and figure change as she crams a delightfully absurd number of calories into her mouth. On the surface, this seems like so many other videos out there - a gorgeous, curvy woman eats a lot of food while talking to the camera. If that's what it is, it's a great version of that. I see it as more than that, though - it really does feel like you're there with her, having fun alongside her.
    WHAT. Both of these gorgeous ladies have gotten so big lately. Remember when Jennie was skinny, in the days before she met her Mistress? She's come a long way since then. If you've seen any Candice/Jennie videos, then you know the chemistry between them is delicious. This is no different, except they're both even bigger, sexier and simply wonderful.
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