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    Jennie's trance face is even cuter than her normal face - and that says a lot. These hypnotic suggestions were great to listen to. Be careful to anyone susceptible who listens to this!
    The voiceover alone would be HOT. The video without audio would be HOT. Put them together and you have an irresistible inferno. My god, what a clip!
    This video is great. Mochii starts off with a cute outfit, awesome long hair, gorgeous makeup and (of course) a nice smile. On top of that, her fattened body is oozing all over the place. By the end, she looks even better. Her face, clothes, belly and even her hair are covered in grease, her belly is significantly rounder and she's burping like crazy. That's no wonder - I'm amazed by how much she ate... and I'm not exactly new to Mochii here. A must-buy for any fans of gluttony!
  1. "With a belly as fat as Mochii has, it must be difficult for her to become noticeably bloated." "Actually, sir, it's super easy, barely inconvenience." "Oh really?" "Yeah, Mochii devours most of a 14-pound turkey." "She devours a 14-pound turkey?" "Yeah. With sides." "Wowowow... wow."
  2. Apart from weight gain, I'm also really into pregnancy. While a pregnant woman is beautiful to me, a concept I love is breeding - women who get knocked up again soon after giving birth, carrying multiples each time. Like many fantasies, it has problems if you wanted to live this way but, damn, I get turned on by women who want to get pregnant, stay pregnant and have dozens of b**s.
    Far out, this is adorable. It's as sexy as you might guess, based on the photos. Both gorgeous girls clearly had so much fun with this video. There's a lot of eating, laughing, fat chatting and beautiful, supple flab on display here. So good!
    Yes, yes, yes! Rosie is super cute as always. What isn't typical with this video is her size - she's gotten enormous recently! This video treats you to a few wardrobe changes, most of which show her wonderful belly and round, beautiful face. This is a nice POV/GFE - a style Rosie does so well. Add to that the wickedness of secretly fattening her up, followed by a body tour as she realizes how much she's changed, followed by her slowly coming to love her changes. There's a lot to this video. It's a delightful slow burn, with every scene having something you can enjoy. I fully recommend this one!
    It looks like Aria's been eating well! This is a sexy video about a hungry, horny, submissive feedee, eager for everything you have to give her. A must buy!
    The holy trinity of feedee babes is back, and all three of them are bigger than ever. Candice and Jennie tease and fat-shame Casey - a case of the potbellies calling the kettle fat. Three gorgeous, rounder faces; three pairs of full, beautiful tits; three bulging, sexy bellies. And those outfits are hot! As usual, the chemistry here is wild. It's great, so get it.
    Yessss! Such good girls - so amazing. I'm a fan of each of these babes - put them together, take away most of their clothes and let their submissive feedee energy shine, and what you get is a masterpiece.
    This is so hot! Every moment drips with pure lust and sexuality. It's as close to hard core content as I've ever seen on this site, skirting up to the edge of that without crossing it. So sexy.
    CBW's belly is the eight wonder of the world. Just when I think I can grasp its size, there's another video and it's even bigger. (CBW's grunting and moaning is the ninth wonder and there's plenty of that here, as always.)
    This ticks the usual boxes. It's Candice looking beautiful as always, spilling out of her tight clothes, looking at the camera with her loving, sexy eyes. Something unique about this? There's a subclass of bimbo: one who's clueless about healthy eating and exercise. Candice nails this. Her explanation of how treadmills work made me shiver.
    This is so good! It's the kind of video that keeps on giving. Seriously, it's 40 minutes and it never slows down. Mmm. Like many CBW videos, this has plenty of burping, grunting, moaning, stuffing, pinching, struggling, hefting, jiggling and slapping. She's a girl who clearly just loves how big she is and the thought of getting bigger. She gets so turned on playing with her flab - it's great. What makes this different from her other videos? Firstly, there's the Sailor Moon theme. I never watched the show so that does nothing for me either way, but it runs strong through the entire video. Secondly, those stockings. Apart from looking hot as hell, they're not enough to cope with her massive jiggling thighs. By the end, they're wrecked. Thirdly, there's a lot of denial that gives way to realization then acceptance, plus a lot of teasing and humiliation. My only complaint is some of the story is told through chat messages and the chat notification noise is much, much louder than her wonderful moaning and grunting. At a few points, it's an extremely loud ding every few seconds. If you turn the volume down, though, you miss her wonderful, sexy noises. I can live with it though and the idea of giving this less than five stars is blasphemy, so there you go. I recommend this video.
    I own at least three KCK photosets and this is by far my favorite. As always, she rocks her distinctive combination of sweet, sensual and slutty, sometimes all in the same photo. So good!
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