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  1. That's Tenderbelly. She was on "that site that can't be mentioned" years ago.
  2. I think it's a morph of Siri.
  3. My User Name

    Who she is? :o

    Not lately, no.
  4. My User Name

    Who she is? :o

  5. My User Name

    Who’s this?

    Krystal Jordan
  6. My User Name


    - Some of CurvaceousCutie's pictures where she showed more than the ones that are out there. - Complete Brittany and Breanna galleries. I recall some nudes that foolishly got censored by a certain individual (using the excuse that he had a girlfriend but I'm sure he was just a prude) here pre-shutdown. - Tiffany (falloftroy7) from Dimensions had some racier photos that were deleted around 2008. - The black-haired girl from GermanStuffer. - The Chrissy and Gina stories from MySpace. The photos are here but not Chrissy's stories about Gina's day-to-day life. - A number of feedmecookies photos from LiveJournal and Tumblr. Some still exist but most seem to be gone. And some FatCelebs-era photos of nameless people that I'll never see again.
  7. My User Name

    Who is this Gainer?

    Harmony. She was active on FantasyFeeder.
  8. Shawnaamarie. She used to be on Fantasy Feeder.
  9. He quit the community through a hilariously awful post on Reddit where half of the post consisted of nonsensical acronyms he made up.
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