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  1. My User Name

    Who is this Gainer?

    Harmony. She was active on FantasyFeeder.
  2. Shawnaamarie. She used to be on Fantasy Feeder.
  3. Her name was Stacia. I believe she stopped due to hypoglycemia making it difficult to keep the weight on.
  4. He quit the community through a hilariously awful post on Reddit where half of the post consisted of nonsensical acronyms he made up.
  5. Her name was Natasha and she had an Instagram account. Eventually, she found out about the posting of her pictures and asked that they be removed. She pretty much left social media not long after.
  6. That's AdorkableBeth/Adorkable Violet/Lizaandlace. She's someone who will create an account one day, disappear the next, and you never know when she'll return (she's mentioned having mental instability in the past as well as having stalkers hack her account, so she has reasons for disappearing). Unfortunately, I have no pictures but I know that she's been as big as 320. Last I saw, she was around 240.
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