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  1. hfceix

    Sommer Ray

    Look at that little potbelly
  2. hfceix

    Sommer Ray

    She totally sucks in once she see the camera here, she also weighs 144 pounds at 5ft 7in, which isn't over weight, but is closer than you'd expect.
  3. Photoshop vs. no photoshop, a clear difference. Also check out the roll in the second picture. She can't hide it forever, but her vain ass will try to.
  4. hfceix

    Sommer Ray

    In this video, right after she says thank you for the "cuppycakies", look at her stomach. She thought she was sucking in but looks down to realise realise that she wasn't using enough force. She tries twice to suck in and gets it right on the third time, but she still has a pooch. Let's hope she slips up more https://www.instagram.com/p/CFFtSj_J5JN/?igshid=r464jbtq4ys4
  5. hfceix

    Sommer Ray

    Thick untoned thighs, and that zipper is struggling
  6. hfceix

    Sommer Ray

    Abs are gone, all she can do is suck in
  7. hfceix

    Cardi B

    I love how she tries to act fit even when her fat spills over her skirt as she walks. The way she is so vain about how hot she is only make this all the more satisfying. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEk6BoHARWs/?igshid=1doao7ldww8zt
  8. Difference, and I must say, she can hold her gut in pretty well. I guess she just can't do it for long. She has never experienced the weight before, she doesn't have any endurance.
  9. Holy shit. Nat had her eyes covered and don't know David was recording, no opportunity to suck in. We got her.
  10. Where are those abs at Nat, thought you were on a diet
  11. hfceix

    Sommer Ray

    These are some photos someone else took with Sommer, as you can she it was in the spot. No photo shop, no nothing. She is desperately trying to suck in, but she can't his the fact that she has no definition in her stomach. Her thighs are huge and show no muscle whatsoever. Andas a plus, she isn't standing on her toes, so we can see her calves. And needless to say, her legs have gone down with the rest of her frame, guess she hasn't seen the gym in a while, that is also supported by the fact that her gym videos are all old. Bye bye sexy fit body, hello average slightly flabby frame.
  12. hfceix

    Sommer Ray

    As you can see by these next few pictures, her calves are not that toned. A trick she often uses to appear more muscular than she actually is is to stand in her toes. But since she is laying down, we can observe what her legs actually look like (her calves are spilling over the edge of her boots). And I love how she is still trying desperately to flex. And her stomach in these pictures is far from toned.
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