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    Thanks for this. Been a fan from the get-go and this is of the most candid-candii as it gets; a personal favorite, yet. Your professional acting skills for us all in your other vids are of another world. Candii-dly, the people who really understand our kink's intimacy and pleasure rely on this type of authenticity and beauty. Hope you're enjoying this as much as we-and obviously your hubby 🤣❤️ are. Thanks, again.
  1. Lol I'm in too... Been a fan of your content for prob like 10 years. No way I'm the only one. Fe*dizm, especially with the boom of people finally getting slightly more accepting, for many boys/fans isn't about "quantity" of individual content but quality of the deity and/or goddess involved. You're not only above average nice and tolerant of the grossness of it all after all this time 🤣, but as a fanboy we all know this kink is just as much your dream as it is ours. ❤️ And I'm bummed, frankly, you haven't showered us with videos all this time 😂
    Adore you're at a place now that you've embraced your own autosexuality; either through an empathetic boy/partner or life events or both you're a gorgeous resource every additional ounce is a step towards ending hunger :(for your beauty)
    Not sure if you need the hype post- but! Yo. Been a fan since you were a twig on f-e-a-b-i-e. You're not only the hottest fatass now. But I can't quite explain- you're rad... you've achieved the apex of my mind's eye f-e-e-d-i-s-t kink of achieving 'hotgirl fat'!!- like, your bod & your personality & your zest & autosexuality for your own chub combine into crazy fire. ... like, the more of you there is... for those who adore you; it's similar to a kid suddenly magically "gaining" more ice cream; or someone sad being allowed an escape for just a bit longer in an incredible dream; or like someone magical wrote a new season (& a movie) of Community. ...more time in a better place. More of you. Thank you xx
  2. Before you were some industrially forgettable dark shear curtain. Now, your curves black out the sun. By your recent work: Everyone *must* notice your elaborately plush femininity. You're amazing
  3. This first paragraph makes me appreciate you so much 💙💙💔 ... relate a lot. How my own brain “broke“ in adolescence towards “making” fat girls ... the pressure / “no-win” life pretty girls are destined into of abstinence & constantly being on guard... 😈 n why the only solution is a commitment to nihilistic hedonism & finding an appreciative, adoring yet dominant partner. xx As for bacon :3 ... I cook a bit... try oven baked-bacon. And mebbe get a wishlist so adorable creeps like me can get you a bacon microwave tray like this ... 🤣 https://www.amazon.com/Solutions-Progressive-Microwavable-Bacon-Grill/dp/B00IQKES1I/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=bacon+microwave+tray&qid=1596158614&sprefix=bacon+micr&sr=8-3
  4. Thanks for the feels. ❤️ That's the hope. We're really good at connecting emotionally. But she has such obstinate body self-hatred issues. Not necessarily hoping to make her a feedee, but find a way to join our hobbies together. She likes erotica, I like fat. Thanks for responding riptoryx ... I've been a fan of your content for what has to be years!!! It's an honor, yo. ❤️ I'll read through the story & give feedback on how I think it might reach her. I like your thought-vein; bringing in teasing & over-eating as options for this fetish world to branch into. I could see her being more on the sub / carateking / teasing side with enough "woke-ness" to how this works. ... She doesn't mind full-on erotica. She's no stranger to the sexually perverse. :3 Just ... colorblind to how fat can be attractive. 😓
  5. My partner is hella into erotica. And has DDlg tendencies ... But is obstinately anti feedist due to body dysmorphia. ... It’s been 6 yrs, and to this day I don’t think she fully understands the sexuality of this kink ... So I’m thinking this might be a good outlet. Anyone have any stories in a subtle newbie feedee vein they can recommend that can slowly / inadvertently sway her into understanding feederism‘s sexuality ?? The longer the w more character development the better. She can read 500 pgs in a day. She also prefers fanfic erotica ... ranging anything from Harry Potter, Star Trek, Marvel; the list goes on.
  6. Beautiful lips. :3 (if those were done? It’s so subtle I can’t tell, but feck it, lips don’t sweat) you’re gorgeous:)
  7. As this whole thing has been your bod - your choice. And if we were in love with the natural norm so much, we wouldn't be such fans of watching you grow ❤️ ... I think what he means (apart by any grading of you; which is obvi - degrading), is your pretty face without make up on its thinnist & saddest days are a 9. And your personality is a 10++ homerunsuperstarwinneroutofthepark ... Any body mods that are beyond keeping you stuffed & a good growing girl, to many of us, feel superfluous & surprising ... like asking the perfect rose to "open up more" or "stand up more straight"
  8. Have to say I'm a big fan of your profile's "calender girl" theme. :) Each month is a treat, and watching you get spoiled month to month so well ... it's almost like a new girl each month! & better yet ... after obtaining sensible focus, the realization it's just growing abundance of the actual one :3 xx

    1. KinkyCurvyKat


      Aww thank you! ❤️ I definitely wanted to show off the growth I've made in such a short amount of time. ❤️ I think this calendar girl concept though... Might have to turn that into a series 😘

    I have boundless affection for you & this video. My affection is not going anywhere & is only growing at this rate. Almost foolishly. For this vid: The way you bounce with happiness, as your cellulite thighs rub, & fat spoiled girly body jiggles riddles me with so much happiness. The way you bust through (*now*) see through too tight top role playing like a hot happy bimbo princess drives me insane You are the *best*... really happy & lucky to know you.
  9. You are the best girl gg Elated to hear about your health :3 such a sweet heart deserves the best treatment. And yeaaa... that just means you're a princess by destiny. 🙂
  10. Yeaahhh I'm in line with everyone else. That fluffly chubby waddle is the hottest shit I've ever f*cking seen.
  11. Just ... Give in. 😋 We love you. and love, adore & dream of having more of you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Subtle starvation incrementing is apparently what slows down the body anyway. There's a health plan called "All in" ... where you eat as much as you can with reckless abandon for 3 months. Apparently it resets your metabolism, & once it's finally out of "starving mode", they say you regain self-control. ... Maybe that's the solution to all our deviant problems ???
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