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  1. Hello and welcome to curvage beautiful
  2. Oh yes it’ll be perfect to double the size of such big fat belly
  3. hehe yes soon you`ll be big belly and boobs😍
  4. Great mix with fatness and sexiness, incredible😍
  5. Yes bb, looking at you i beleive you can grow endlessly😘
  6. and then 400, 500...😉😍 can`t imagine how big your belly will get at such weight
  7. You just keep on getting sexier and sexier with every pound gained😍
  8. Definately a wife material, willing to make you the fattest brazilian
  9. Yes you`re and i hope your current weight will be only a start to something wayyy bigger and fatter
  10. Ok let me clarify a few things, i didn`t tell you to do anything, it`s your body and no one here is able to force you to do something with yourself, sorry if you got hurt it wasn`t intentional, i just saw the last pic with bigger belly and bigger breasts and noticed a good proportion of growth, that`s all, sorry if you got hurt, i understand now that all that comments are making you uncomfortable, sorry, won`t happen again, cause i know now you have mixed feelings about your gain, let me say that you`re beautiful the way you`re and i`ve never told and will never tell you`re not good enough
  11. Interesting how fat you want to become
  12. Of course personal life comes first, we`ll wait, return to us refreshed and fatter😘
  13. Happy birthday to me🎉


    1. Waynesworld


      Happy b day bro 😎 

  14. 😉


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