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  1. jewbacca

    A Matter of Time

    Yes, it continues! I have to say, Hades (a weird thing to say), your specific focus on curvaceous hotties blowing up due to uncontrollable gluttony is 👌.
  2. This is an all time classic. 👌
  3. jewbacca

    A Survey of the Prof

    I just wanted to say that this story was great! Are you planning on continuing it?
  4. Hey, just letting you know that I saw your email and responded. Sorry for not keeping in touch! I sent you an update re the question you asked (vagueness b/c this is public haha). I'll be interested to get your thoughts!

  5. jewbacca

    "Craving Control" - a small serving of new content!

    Great developments! So what lead to the decision to make her gain weight rather than simply bloat up? Not that I'm complaining, I'd just be interested to hear the thought process behind the decision.
  6. jewbacca

    I'm back!

    Glad you came back for seconds!
  7. jewbacca

    Hugging in bed

    Looks like her boobs have done their fair share of growing too!
  8. jewbacca

    Girls talking about their weight v2

    Wow, you know she's really let herself go when her goal is to go from being majorly obese to "only" moderately obese. Does she snack a lot at work? Have you ever tried tempting her to?
  9. A friend recently posted a pic with the caption: "(Her friend's name) and I spent the entire afternoon enabling each other, and I loved every minute of it". They went to some trendy brunch place where, according to the other pic she posted, they ate various slices of cake and drank cocktails. About an hour later she tweeted, "I've had three cocktails this hour, so I'm feeling GREAT". Hopefully she and her friend continue to enable each other more often!
  10. Sounds like an awesome situation! Any idea how many pounds you've seen her pack on since you've been dating?
  11. jewbacca

    What Does a Champion Feel Like?

    Awesome work, please post the epilogue too!
  12. jewbacca

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Now her lips are just as swollen as the rest of her.
  13. jewbacca

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    No, see, riptoryx, a nice person would want the girl gaining weight to feel happy about becoming obese. That way you can masturbate to her without feeling guilty. Doesn't that sound nice to you? Deep down, I mean?
  14. jewbacca

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    Looking forward to the epilogue! I think it'll be a great addition; I felt that the ending of both this version and the original leave room for some reflection after the rather abrupt, gut-punch ending. One thing I'm particularly looking forward to is a moment where Kara looks back on just how much she has changed, both physically and in terms of how her life has completely diverged from what she, and essentially everyone else, had projected for her. Most of the story has rightly focused on Kara's denial, and her inability to identify or control impulses, which naturally means that we aren't treated to much from Kara's subjective POV. However, I think that now that she has been officially branded as "fat" by Jesse, her formerly fat subordinate, it would make sense for Kara to reflect on her new status as a fat girl, and all the weighty ramifications that it has for her. While I'm not quite in the "hate Jesse" camp, I'll admit that I'd be pleasantly surprised if she succumbed to some of the same caloric pitfalls that Kara was unable to avoid. Although I think it'd ultimately be more humiliating for Kara if she was the only member of her peer group to get fat, and it would be a bit out of character for Jesse to balloon back to her former size, I can't lie and say that I wouldn't be satisfied if it happened. Regardless of which direction the epilogue goes, add my name to the list of compliments on a great story well told!
  15. jewbacca

    The Slowest Champion -Revisited-

    I remember the original party scene from the Flaming Hades version, and I think the changes you made really brought the scene to life. If I remember correctly, most of the broad strokes of the scene are the same, but the pacing in your version feels more deliberate. I like that Jessie was able to take a little bit of joy in seeing Kara knocked down a peg. It's not pure schadenfreude at Kara's fall and the apparent role reversal, just a realistic moment where Jessie realizes how much has changed, and how she enjoys her newfound status. I enjoyed this; too often in role reversal stories, the "victim" ends up becoming just as bad, if not worse, than the original bully. This has always struck me as an overly neat and tidy storytelling device, and while it has its merits, I'm glad to see that the characters are taking precedence over a pre-set structure. It's nice to see the characters being figuratively as well as literally fleshed out. As far as the direction the story's going: Kara's gotten all the indirect signals that she is no longer the star athlete that guys lust after, but I'll be interested see what happens if/when this new reality is made explicit. I wonder how Kara will react when someone tells her in no uncertain terms what she already knows--she's fat.