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  1. Good for Claire! She doesn't need to tolerate fat shaming. They said she got fat abroad? Where? She should go back there, Curvage will sponsor it. 😁
  2. Was catching up with a long time friend who I wasn't even trying to talk weight with. She mentioned she wasn't salsa dancing anymore and I asked what she was doing instead, "nothing, just eating cookies!" Then she said she went to the doctor and found out she'd gained over 20 pounds! She's kind of tall so it's not too noticeable but after she mentioned it I did see how her legs, breasts, and midsection were all a little bigger. Then she asked me what my weight is, which I joked about it not being polite to ask, so she says "well I'm 162 now, can you believe it? I was always 136 before." Good thing I was in a booth and not a chair:
  3. Going political here: Hallie Jackson, 20 lbs Kasie Hunt, 15 - 20 lbs The to "round" out the MSNBC crew I think Contessa Brewer will come back 30 lbs heavier now that Don Imus isn't around to body shame her. Also, Charlize Theron will gain back her "Tully" weight and partner up with a voluptuous Nelly Furtado to sell their own plus size clothing line and cooking show with an ever heavier Rachel Ray.
  4. I had an ex girlfriend who was really tiny, 5'3", around 50kg but she showed up at my place after gorging herself with some friends at a Moroccan restaurant and showed off her "pregnant" stomach. It looked like she'd swallowed a basketball. She told me that she had humus and pita for an appetizer and then three plates at the buffet and a Baclava for dessert. Of course, I wasn't there to witness it so I don't know if she was exaggerating. There was a New Years Eve potluck party we were at where this gorgeous but thin friend of hers ate so much that she said she couldn't sit down. She just stood up for a few minutes rubbing her distended stomach that caused her shirt to ride up.
  5. I had a girlfriend where I'd grab each one of her little fat rolls along her back and stomach and ask her "what's this?" She acted embarrassed but I knew it turned her on.
  6. Come to think of it Laura Bush was always pretty curvy and Michelle Obama isn't that skinny. With Trumpus Maximus it may just seem like a feeder but with him everything has to he the "biggest" and "greatest", so no I would say false alarm.
  7. I hear Osaka is the New Orleans of Japan: lots of gluttonous debachery. I'd be down to talk about that.
  8. Sounds like a good deal if only I were up in Vancouver. I visit there as much as I can, you're lucky to live in such a beautiful, cosmopolitan place. Seattle tries to worldly and cultured but Vancouver takes the cake--literally! Some of the best meals of my life have been up there. I assume you're not a picky eater so I would recommend South Castle, it's a tiny little mom & pop (literally) place in North Vancouver...hands down the best Korean food I've ever had, certainly the most authentic. I know there's better Japanese food but I love Matsuyama in Richmond, dirt cheap sushi lets you eat soooo much. Landsdowne Center in Richmond has a grocery store on the first floor that had the best Asian pastries I've ever had, not to mention Beard Papa's! God, I loved the food at Granville Market too and I even had a burger and fries at some kiosk at UBC that was delicious. I'd even go for some Timmy Horton's, the food up there is so good I think you guys don't use as many preservatives in your fast food. I love it. Hell, I've been waiting for an excuse to do another road trip to the Lower Mainland and eat my away across it. It would be nice to have a friendly partner in crime/gluttony
  9. One of the most beautiful curvy celebs out there that nobody's heard of. She married the unfunny dude from IFC's Comedy Bang Bang. Shame but she's a comedian and actress herself. I wouldn't be surprised if her jean button exploded at any moment in this picture from season 3 of the ABC show "Happy Endings." Now I dare you to find another funny, beautiful Thai-American celebrity...so well endowed.
  10. I totally forgot about this! That dance she does!!!!! Doesn't get any better than that...unless she ate a big meal afterwards. Thanks for posting.
  11. Quite possibly the best belly overhang I've ever seen.
  12. Hey, fair enough. Thanks for sharing though and please keep us posted. Somehow I have a feeling that this story is far from over. ..
  13. This is compilcated... It definitely seems like she's comfortable gaining a certain amount of weight (<120) but it's hard to say whether she'd be open to this fetish or seriously dating you...(good luck dude). She certainly has bought into the "eating-out" lifestyle as you've so generously documented. I've encountered this before where Asian gals are surprisingly candid about their weight and openly lament about gaining but they still want to achieve this "ideal" beauty that their culture (typically) instills. This doesn't mean that it will lead to an embrace of this subculture but it's worth a try. Keep working at it, keep hanging out with her and see where it goes. Hopefully she'll decide you're worth dating. It's a fine line since a lot of them have huge appetites and grow up with a beautiful tradition of complex and limitless culinary offerings but are simultaneously limited by impossible body standards. Try going to dim sum or sushi. Or, best yet, cook her a meal yourself. The best way to a woman's heart is through her stomach, regardless of her fetish.
  14. I knew a couple of Chinese exchange students in school who gained at least 20 pounds during school. They later slimmed down but before they did I was always trying to get them to eat some dim sum. One hid it under bulky winter clothes until I saw her at a party wearing a skin tight dress with a perfect (wide) hourglass figure. Shame she didn't stay that way. The best one I ever knew had a model body when I first met her, about 5'6" thin and lanky. Gorgeous. Oddly enough, every time I met up with her it centered around food. I didn't notice it until afterwards unfortunately but my interest was piqued the first time we met for dinner. She had a modest portion of chicken (1/4 breast) but then opted for frozen yogurt. When they said the machine was broken, she demanded they fix it. That arroused my attention. The next time she stopped by my place during a BBQ where I grilled any meat people brought. She seemed to have gained a little weight in the few months I saw her, maybe 5 to 8 pounds giving her long legs a little more bulk. A friend brought me a big fillet of salmon which I looked forward to eating. However, in all the people talking to me I lost track of my fish. Then I looked over at her and she was stuffing her face, licking her fingers, and smacking her lips. "This salmon is so good" she said. I joked that she was going to eat me out of house and home. She said "you should come and cook for me." I guess she was joking but I was serious. Then I overheard her talking with two other girls about how she had recently gained weight, "I'm trying to stay under 60 kilos (132lbs)." I nearly passed out hearing this but instead stammered something awkward about having had a girlfriend who was 45 kilos, which was true. She then took off and I didn't see her for another five months. This time we met up for some more chicken but she had dieted or something to the point that she was skinnier than when I first met her. So much for that I thought. She contacted me out of the blue five months later and I invited her to another one of my famous BBQs. I was shocked when I saw her come around the corner, like I nearly passed out. The skinny girl I once knew was gone, she was full on curvy, voluptuous, sexy. Plus, she had something I never would have imagined on her: a BOOT-AY. Her hips swiveled and sachayed with a round posterior packed tightly into size six (at least) jeans. Her thighs were so much thicker too but her face and neck still slim. However, her arms did thicken up and I teased her about it grabbing one and jiggling it. I asked her what happened since I last saw her and she said she drinking too much. Another guy at my party who didn't know her actually poked her stomach since she was holding a six pick of heavy lager...which she proceeded to drink all six bottles over the course of the night. Later when we were all drunk as skunks, she was hungry and made the remaining ones of us a big pot of noodle soup. I was slipping in and out of consiousness (unfortunately) but I saw her pat her full belly, stifle a belch, and moan "Oh, I ate too much." There's more with this girl I could share but I don't want to deviate from the main topic of this thread. Maybe I'll write a story based on this experience if people want. But another memory comes to mind when I went to a Thanksgiving dinner in college with a bunch of exchange students. I'll never forget this Japanese girl who was nothing more than a rail eat about five pounds of food. Her full stomach loomed in front of her skinny frame like she'd swallowed a basketball. Everyone was teasing and touching her stomach too. I'd never seen that before. Then her friend from Taiwan said something I'll never forget, "I'm too full to sit down." She literally was. She also had a stuffed stomach swelling from her skinny frame and had to stand up, rubbing it for a half hour before she gingerly passed out on a couch. One of the best Thanksgivings ever!
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