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  1. Mommy is sweet as candy 🍭


  2. This was a custom video made for a fan I haven't seen you in awhile and am sooo happy to have alone time with my submissive babygirl. You've gained weight since I last saw you and I am so delighted. I tease you for wearing such tight clothes and getting soo curvy and fat. But not only am I turned on by your recent gain, I want to make you get sooo much fatter. I want to turn you into a helplessly hungry SSBBW. tags: female feeder, feedee, lesbian, domme, weight gain, ssbbw, humiliation, feederism, feedism, dominant


  3. I've been gaining weight for you, getting nice and plump just how you like. Maybe you haven't noticed that you've started to get a little belly yourself, or maybe you're deep in denial, but I've been fattening you myself for a little while. But I've been doing it sneakily, without your knowing I've been adding calories to your diet. I love seeing you gain, and I want to make you even FATTER. Truthfully, at this point I don't think you could even stop if you wanted to, I've made you so greedy and hungry. Now you're going to be my feedee and I'm going to turn you into a huge, helpless blimp. This clip contains: BBW, feederism, feedee, female feeder, mutual weight gain, fat model, bbw model, weight gain, gaining weight, BHM


  4. Hi little piggy, it's time for you to show me if you've been following my directions... You don't have to be shy, you know that I love your big growing belly and that I want it to get even bigger and fatter. Listen to me describe and tease your fat belly and tell you to rub it and show me how big you've gotten. In this clip I encourage you to eat, and eat, and eat for me, rewarding you with instructions to cum when you're truly stuffed.


  5. You've really put on some weight haven't you? Hah, did that make you blush? Because I'm not supposed to bring that up, even though it's so obvious? You've gotten REALLY fat. You look like a big ball of fat! Can't you stop eating? No, you can't, because you're a true glutton. Once you start you can't stop shoveling food into your face. Just look at you, you're so out of shape. I bet you lose your breath all the time just going up and down the stairs... Go ahead, show me that big belly, fat boy. Let me see what you've done to yourself.


  6. πŸ’–πŸ’– I'm back and uploading videos all weekend! πŸ’–πŸ’–

    I'm starting with my best older content and making it SUPER cheap

    🍰🍰 Hope you enjoy my fattening content 🍰🍰





  7. It's been a year since we broke up and you've drastically changed. When we were dating you were so in control of your diet and exercised all the time. I always felt like I was too chubby and ate too much for you! But now you're getting a little chubby and have such a bigger appetite and I love it. All I want is to get back together and be cozy and chubby together.


  8. I'm back and ready to FATTEN. Feel free to drop your belly pics here piggies 😈
  9. I'm bored, let's make your belly touch the floor


    1. Theroundone


      Yes, please!

  10. Your favorite feeder is BACK. I just submitted my application to be a Curvage Model, so keep your eyes peeled for my decadently fattening videos and audio recordings.




    1. Danument


      I’m excited. I’ve loved purchasing your clips before.

      something I’d suggest cause I don’t ever see it anywhere is a burping focused audio.

    2. chubbyfeederleda


      Interesting! Like encouraging burping?

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Loved your previous videos and glad to see you back. :DΒ 

    4. Danument


      Yeah! Encouraging burping would be excellent, Β or if it was a more BDSM type like β€œI’m going to make you super gassy”

  11. Tbh I'm more of a feeder these days, but am having a hard time finding a male gainer centered community!! What's the gainer scene like here??

    1. Maverick500


      I messaged you discussing your recent post I hope to hear from you soon 😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜

    2. Muncle


      I feel like ** would have much more male gainers.

    3. Muncle


      oh welp apparently can't say **

    4. Muncle



    5. D!SCOD!VA



    6. BigFatMike14


      Hopefully good! I am new here so hoping to get into the community more πŸ™‚

  12. Your step sister is a terrible tease and loves to make you blush. But today she goes even further and hits you in a sensitive spot when she starts talking about her body and asking you what you think of it! She's only wearing too small shorts and bra when you come into her room and she knows that you're into her chubby rotund body. Not only is she chubby and sexy, but she reveals that she's actually a feedee and has been gaining on purpose! Now your step sis wants you to make her FAT. this clip contains: bbw chubby belly play fat fetish feedee feederism feedist taboo step sister brother role play pov brunette glasses kink


  13. We need to have a little talk about your weight... You've been blimping up and Mommy wants to have a little chat. She asks if you get teased at school, you must since you've gotten SO big and chubby. She teases you and makes you show her your growing gut. Mommy tells you that you have to lose weight! She has to put you on a very special diet. But soon Mommy can't help but expose her true intentions. She actually has been secretly fattening you up, adding calories to every meal and enabling your laziness. All Mommy wants if for you to be a totally lazy constantly growing MINDLESS pig. this clip contains: bbw bhm weight gain encouragement weight humiliation mommy domme gaining weight femdom female feeder feederism fat fetish belly chubby ffa female fat admirer fat talk taboo


  14. Your step sister has been piling on the pounds, but you've started to gain a lil weight yourself. One day she calls you into her room and confesses that she's always had a little crush on you, but since you've put on a few she can't contain her feelings any more! Not only has she been gaining weight on purpose, but she's turned on by the belly you're starting to grow. She wants you to gain with her under your parents' noses! Playing with her big gut she fantasizes about staying up all night eating and playing with each other's bloated bellies. She even wants to be the fattest sibling pair at school, and for everyone to notice how big you both are getting! this clip contains: feederism female feeder feedee mutual gaining weight gain gaining weight fat talk belly play taboo step sister fetish kink bbw bhm female fat admirer ffa sweetheart lou


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