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  1. Your feeder is so proud of you for gaining weight and getting big for me. Seeing you eat and grow makes me so happy, it feels amazing to see you fat and satisfied! This is a sexy video full of praise for your weight gain. I describe you fattening up, how hot it is when you lose your breath, and how big and sexy your body is getting. I even talk about how much I love showing you off in public, letting everyone know that I love my fat boyfriend and your big belly. Seeing you grow turns me on like nothing else, I live to feed and fatten you baby. tags: female feeder ffa weight gain encouragement fat talk fat chat male feedee gainer bhm gentle femdom chubby bbw


  2. Aftermath of my cheeseburger stuffing! I had to play with my big stuffed gut and suck down more soda after demolishing my McDonald's order. Lots of fat chat, fat belly jiggling, and some very cute BURPS. I love looking and feeling this huge and satisfied 🐷πŸ₯°


  3. You recently told your girlfriend that you wanted to slow down your gain, which is unsurprising seeing as you packed on over a hundred pounds last year. She comes to tell you she's supportive of whatever you choose, but finds you surrounded by empty wrappers and soda bottles... and pizza delivery at the door! Suddenly she's not so easy going. Now that she knows you're an utterly out of control pig she wants you to EAT. tags: audio female feeder ffa fat admirer bbw bhm femdom girlfriend fat talk belly teasing domme weight humiliation


  4. New! Sexy greedy cheeseburger eating clip being released today!

    πŸ’– Fat chat through mouthfuls of fries, burping, belly bloatingΒ πŸ’–

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (6).gif

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (5).gif

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (4).gif

  5. I was STARVING and went overboard ordering McDs delivery (lazy as fuck, I know). So I turned on my camera just before devouring my order of four cheeseburgers, two large fries, and two LARGE coke. Lots of fat chat, belly rubbing, burping, and bloating ensue. I'm so round and sexy by the end of my junk food feast. My appetite and stomach capacity are going to make your jaw drop and your toes curl. tags: bbw chubby feedee eating stuffing weight gain gaining fat fetish fat talk feederism feedism belly play plump kink redhead glasses fast food burgers soda burp burping


  6. This is my first ever burping encouragement audio! Burping is one of my biggest fetishes, hearing big satisfied burps and belches make me so weak and horny. Listen to me guide you through chugging a two liter and encourage you to let out big burps for me. This sexy encouragement video includes soda pouring, eager chugging, and big belch side effects. This is must have for gassy enthusiasts who want to be bloated to their max capacity. tags: female feeder belch burp male gaining chug chugging soda bloating male feedee gas gassy domme femdom audio recording burping


  7. Your girlfriend hasn't gotten to see you often the past few weeks so she made this sexy lil video to show off her new curves. You've been the feedee in your relationship, but now you're excited to see her grow too... After you told her you're interested in seeing her gain along with you, she took your request seriously! She's been filling up on pumpkin spice everything and getting soft as fuck as a result. Her new gains are making her HORNY, so in this video she stuffs cupcakes in her mouth and talks about how good gaining makes her feel. She coaxes you to eat along with her while you watch, she can't wait to get fatter together and smoosh your bigger bellies together! tags: bbw bhm feedee feeder weight gain mutual gaining fat talk big belly chubby redhead ledalavandula chubbyfeederleda gaining weight fat chat female fat admirer ffa


  8. Mommy is sweet as candy 🍭


  9. This was a custom video made for a fan I haven't seen you in awhile and am sooo happy to have alone time with my submissive babygirl. You've gained weight since I last saw you and I am so delighted. I tease you for wearing such tight clothes and getting soo curvy and fat. But not only am I turned on by your recent gain, I want to make you get sooo much fatter. I want to turn you into a helplessly hungry SSBBW. tags: female feeder, feedee, lesbian, domme, weight gain, ssbbw, humiliation, feederism, feedism, dominant


  10. I've been gaining weight for you, getting nice and plump just how you like. Maybe you haven't noticed that you've started to get a little belly yourself, or maybe you're deep in denial, but I've been fattening you myself for a little while. But I've been doing it sneakily, without your knowing I've been adding calories to your diet. I love seeing you gain, and I want to make you even FATTER. Truthfully, at this point I don't think you could even stop if you wanted to, I've made you so greedy and hungry. Now you're going to be my feedee and I'm going to turn you into a huge, helpless blimp. This clip contains: BBW, feederism, feedee, female feeder, mutual weight gain, fat model, bbw model, weight gain, gaining weight, BHM


  11. Hi little piggy, it's time for you to show me if you've been following my directions... You don't have to be shy, you know that I love your big growing belly and that I want it to get even bigger and fatter. Listen to me describe and tease your fat belly and tell you to rub it and show me how big you've gotten. In this clip I encourage you to eat, and eat, and eat for me, rewarding you with instructions to cum when you're truly stuffed.


  12. You've really put on some weight haven't you? Hah, did that make you blush? Because I'm not supposed to bring that up, even though it's so obvious? You've gotten REALLY fat. You look like a big ball of fat! Can't you stop eating? No, you can't, because you're a true glutton. Once you start you can't stop shoveling food into your face. Just look at you, you're so out of shape. I bet you lose your breath all the time just going up and down the stairs... Go ahead, show me that big belly, fat boy. Let me see what you've done to yourself.


  13. πŸ’–πŸ’– I'm back and uploading videos all weekend! πŸ’–πŸ’–

    I'm starting with my best older content and making it SUPER cheap

    🍰🍰 Hope you enjoy my fattening content 🍰🍰





  14. It's been a year since we broke up and you've drastically changed. When we were dating you were so in control of your diet and exercised all the time. I always felt like I was too chubby and ate too much for you! But now you're getting a little chubby and have such a bigger appetite and I love it. All I want is to get back together and be cozy and chubby together.


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