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  1. what a sight to see! the jiggle is perfect and love the belly peeking out underneath. Soon your entire belly will be too big for that shirt with the way you're feasting!
  2. And a very merry Christmas to you too!! That has to be the most heavy duty built onesie to fit ALL your curves and also be able to zip up 🤯 You must be eating even better than usual because you are looking so much bigger all over!! I’m loving how full your face is getting now! Your cheeks (face) want in on the gaining action! Your cheeks (booty) are so huggable as well 😍😍
  3. You still had room for dessert?? I shouldn’t be surprised at that though. Were you still hungry after all that food? With the way you are gaining, a lifetime is right! Those three will never separate again! That really puts the size of the girls into perspective.. when a bowl big enough for an entire box of pasta won’t even cover half of one 😮
  4. 😈and you did so well to finish ALL the food in front of you! Lol you are putting them to good use then. The girls can’t get enough of the belly and need to be touching each other all the time 😆 I just noticed those are big bowls too..big enough to cover the girls?? 🧐
  5. I like to think I played a part in making you crave steak lol That looks like a huge portion size of everything too! That top is holding on by THREADS..
  6. You need the infrastructure in place before you can really start expanding, so those thighs and hips are ready for the future booty growth next year Cream cheese desserts are the best! Do you have a favorite cheesecake flavor? Looking up the nutrition facts for even a slice at Cheesecake Factory is like a feeder’s dream with how much calories and fat are packed in. Definitely give that a try when things reopen! AYCE sushi sounds dangerous for you The restaurant will certainly lose money the nights when they see you walk through the door ready to feast! Brazilian BBQ is DELICIOUS. So expensive but so worth it for the meat quality. You’ll have to do a return visit to the food court. You must be able to eat way more than that now! Maybe a three entree combo, a burger meal and a large sandwich? 😏 plus dessert there and another pint on the waddle to the car. They don’t know what they’re missing out on, but better for us getting to chat with a beautiful confident curvy woman 😍
  7. It’s Taco Tuesday Eve! the girls look like they’ve grown and taking over some of the belly space! And your thigh rolls are becoming more shapely!
  8. Those danishes are delicious! Pastries in general! A perfect blend of carbs and sugar. Lol of all the things to comment on first she chooses your feet 😆 Maybe she's not a fan of the girls or the belly! You have to try it again if they're open. The all you can eat options are incredible and if you are a fan of meat, I'm sure you can pack a ton of food into your belly. So many ways to cook prawns! The head can be very tasty and nutritious too lol That sounds incredible. A perfect post thanksgiving dessert for the both of you! Maybe food court binges will be the new buffets. One of those alone is a good meal, but all 3 plus Ben and Jerry's?? Good thing they are all in one spot so you don't have to waddle as far! That is the way of the world unfortunately, but let's hope things change for the better to be more fat friendly. Those jobs don't know what they're missing by passing over you. Keep applying and one of those spots will be yours soon!
  9. I’ve recently tried their mini churros and they are BOMB! I’ll have to give their breakfast another try, it’s been a while since I’ve had it since McD had their all day breakfast. Vanilla is still delicious! Soon you’ll need to get two of them to fill you up :) That’s a smart move. It’s always the family comments that can be the most sharp :/ Have they seen you at any point during your gain? But hey it means two meals for you! Yummm DQ seems to be disappearing quickly even in my area. Sad to lose a dessert spot, but KBBQ hits the spot if you’re really feeling hungry on the way back, if it’s all you can eat! New year new me weigh in sounds perfect! Time to set some resolutions like..gaining 20 pounds 😉 those all sound delicious! I’ve never had Gertrude Hawk chocolates. Is there a specialty to them? Funny how December in Vegas is 70s! Even here in California, I would consider 40s to be cold but it beats the snow and subzero temps in other states! Let’s hope things get better soon. There are some of us who visit casinos only to stuff our faces! 1000% agree with you. It’s a shame that people are looked down upon for having extra weight and society would dismiss someone even as beautiful as you for being too fat. Take up all the space you deserve and love your body because big is beautiful and this plus size movement is only getting started!
  10. Was this McDs in Vegas? I'm surprised things close, let alone at 8:30! But the pandemic has changed a lot of things including hours. Jack in the Box still satisfies though! They really know who they are catering to with their late night munchies meals lol. Do I need to ask if it was the large size milkshake or is that a given at this point? 😏 At least your AM desk mate doesn't need to worry about crumbs on the desk since the girls are vacuuming everything up! If you're sharing chairs, they must be wondering why the chair keeps sagging every time you finish your shift! What are some must have desserts on the way back? I hope you're getting to the point where second meals are needed to satisfy your cravings as you're driving back home! I made it to the 100s! I saw the stats and I am in complete awe at how much you've grown in such a short amount of time. I'm rooting for #teambooty to pick up the pace but the other teams just can't stop being so greedy! Has enough time passed for a new weigh-in/measurement video? 😍 Those better have been extremely conservative monthly projections, otherwise you've got a lot of eating to do to stay ahead of schedule! Not sure if the holidays were taken into consideration with those projections, but now is the perfect time to PACK ON the festive pounds! Any holiday traditions that you and @cdmacdmfollow? Neutral is fine, especially since they are new this time around. Please continue to document their growth in your standing pics if you can, and let us know your thoughts as they fill out even more! #teampocketrolls is ready to launch at your signal. The buffet employees must see you in line and tell the staff to bring out the extra wide chairs, seat you closer to the food and double the food output! They really need VIP passes for BBWs. Can't have you burning precious calories standing in line! 2 hours sounds about right in peak times though. I remember waiting that long for the Bellagio buffet in the summer and I don't know if anything is worth waiting that long for, but I must say the food was very delicious. And you bet I took my sweet time tasting everything inside! Mini gasp because your level of hungry is probably still higher than the average person! WHAT?? Not just closed, but demoing them now?? Vegas has changed forever.. But you're right. It is a gambling town before anything else. That is unfortunate to hear though. It must be an extremely liberating feeling for you! With all the delicious food you are feeding your body, it is certainly rewarding you back with all these new rolls and pounds. So grateful for platforms like this and even how plus size body positivity is slowly (a bit too slowly tbh) becoming more recognized in society. Speedrunning through this thread like I have, it's so clear that you've become more confident in your body as it grows, based on all the posts and pictures you've graced us with! #teamallofit #curvesaresexyconfidenceissexier #butmorecurvesisalsosexiertoo Take your time! Trust me, even being left on read by Queen MacNCheese is an honor for me!
  11. The greatest FA minds are on this site. We can brainstorm some #teambooty plays to success! Is a late night McD's run in the near future ? aka tonight The girls will probably cover even more of your work desk now! There might need to be some desk rearrangement to keep them comfortable... You're right! I forgot how far the parking is from the casinos. You may have distracted some players as you were waddling through. Jaws dropping, heads turning, thousands of dollars of bets temporarily on hold as they decide which #team to support! tbh Idk what I'd want to see more between those two scenarios! 😍Best remedy to that is to have all your ass sitting on two small chairs (a little wordplay that I'm proud of lol) I'll have to check out those BBW stats but you are clearly the frontrunner for the Most Valuable Gainer award! New rolls!! Thoughts on them so far? It's fascinating how the body distributes weight around and I love that this gain is changing your body in different ways, all for the better! I bet the workers knew you on a first name basis lol. Is the skip the line pass to get inside faster or can you skip the food lines faster too? I would get the 24 hour buffet pass and time every meal perfectly to hit as many spots as possible. Vegas without buffets is NOT the same. Ending each night with that euphoria sounds like a dream! And getting to do it all over again every single day brb, setting my timer to 1PM ⏰
  12. it's like the girls and belly are the greedy older sisters and the booty is fighting for scraps! We can't have any more fat burning exercises for you! $27K sounds way too much. 😮 I think the better investment would be buying $27K of food lol. Much more delicious and your booty would definitely balloon, but the girls and belly will probably keep growing just the same! Grabbed a 20pc for lunch today after all this talk! SOOO good You're welcome! Beautiful face plus chubby cheeks? I would swoon if i saw you in person! I'm a bit jealous of your coworkers getting to see you every day haha. If they saw you now, they must be thinking 'the girls were big before but they've REALLY enjoyed this quarantine' 👀 No problem about not keeping stats. You are probably too busy thinking about all the delicious food you're about to pig out on! But if you'd like to redeem yourself from this feedee failure maybe you could eat a second dinner to make sure you're over the calorie threshold 😈 jk! no such thing as failing for you!! It must also be more comfortable eating at home with no clothes holding you back or booths to get stuck in.. although I wouldn't mind seeing you waddle out of a restaurant with the belly peeking out of your clothes lol! So many ratios to keep track of! The booty must be tilting the ratio more this time around though! Speaking of rolls, are those new ones growing on your inner thighs? A lot of thunder is needed to hold up your top half! Have the Vegas buffets stayed open during this new wave of covid? Did you use to visit them often pre-pandemic? They are a foodie's dream!! Apologies for being so greedy! I guess my appetite for updates is almost as big as yours is for dinner! Nothing better for weight gain than eating thousands of calories and then knocking out for a good night's sleep :)
  13. ALL IS FORGIVEN!! I can’t tell if I like daily pics or photo dumps like this more but we’ll take updates any way we can! You definitely look a lot bigger, especially in your thighs!! I like the Remote for scale, which is a sign of your control for sure. You even make that paper towel roll look tiny! I also love how the girls rest heavily on your belly which itself rests heavily on your thighs! It’s like a beautiful staircase of fat!! You are quite the cook too! Any chance of expanding to breakfast and lunch pics or am I being too greedy? 😍
  14. With your current rate of growth, todays 10 day meal plan might last half that by next year whats the most you’ve stuffed in one day? Food wise and calorie wise if you were keeping track?
  15. Work life balance is soooo important and even moreso these days, so I am glad you were able to work things out. So happy that the booty is listening to your wishes and rounding out more this time! It has a LOT of growing left to do to catch up with the girls and belly. Have you tried any booty building workouts (i know i know, working out sounds like the worst thing when trying to fatten up lol) I guess you'll just have to get 2 large drinks, one soda and one sweet tea to satisfy your thirst! I like that combo too! My go-to dipping sauce is honey mustard but sweet and sour is also growing on me. Let's hope restaurants go back to normal soon. A growing girl like you needs to be eating 24/7 smaller face, but no less beautiful! I actually like a chubby face because there's no denying weight gain at that point and seeing your cheeks and double chin develop has been great. Will your coworkers even recognize you with how much you've put on since the start of furlough? I imagine you've outgrown your office desk and chair too!
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