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    Eating, writing, listening to music, watching movies, going to baseball games. I sometimes will read a book haha.

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  1. Back seat of the car pic after demolishing some Arby's roast beef sandwiches. I was full but could have eaten more. 


  2. Yesterday for lunch I had a lot of McDonald's. I had 2 double quarter pounders, 2 McChicken sandwiches, 20 nuggets and a large fry. Then some Tastykakes. 



  3. For those that like the big bellied Fellows lol. This was my "sort of full" belly the other day. 


  4. For those that like a big bellied Guy. I wore this out yesterday. My belly definitely stretched the fabric. 


  5. For those that like a large bellied Fellow. Here's a pic from my shower last night. It takes a lot of soap to wash this gut. Haha. 


  6. Figured I would put a pic of my huge belly in the background of my profile. Haha. 

  7. After Wendy's belly. Ate so much. For those that like a fellow with a large belly 😂


    1. Cytorah Rose

      Cytorah Rose

      This cant be real! Is this a morph!? 😍

    2. Phillybellylove


      @Cytorah Rose Oh it's definitely real. It is a screen shot I took of one of my YouTube videos. I ate so much that day. 

  8. Thank you 😊 glad to be here.
  9. Hello. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am Phillybellylove (Larry) I've been eager to join for a long time and finally did. I've liked curvy women and weight gain for many years now. Honestly, since my teens. I've been in similar communities for over 10 years. Seeing women grow and adding sexy curves to their body is wonderful.
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