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  1. Feeling so fat and sexy and just wanted to share! Also want to go get more of these bralets and leggings! So I can walk around the house like this forever!
  2. Been trying to get stuff uploaded for you but been having some issues, bear with me and happy Friday!! 


  3. I got out the peanut butter for a late night snack 😋


  4. Time to struggle through another workout in loose fitting clothes this time! That belly just always gets in the way! 😋


  5. Just uploaded and should be approved soon, Bath time and my belly won’t fit!
  6. My belly won’t fit in the bath tub 😋


  7. Come watch the start of booty workout lots of squats and bending over watching that belly get in the way.


  8. Video or picture set next?? what do you want to see? the picture below is a sneak peak of one of my picture sets Get Ready for Bed With Me!
  9. I have a new picture set up! Come watch me get ready for bed down to the bare minimum!
  10. A photo compilation of me getting ready for bed with some sexy poses! 🥰


  11. I have two new videos up for y’all from the weekend! Stop by and show me some love I need some new lingerie so I can do a lingerie photo shoot 😉
  12. Come watch me eat Friday night dinner in 5 minutes! Nom nom!


  13. Good morning!! Just submitted a new video of me cooking and dancing!! Stay tuned! And let me know if you want the video of me eating that meal?! 😋

  14. Getting dinner ready for you while shaking that booty!


  15. I love to dance and show off my curves! Who wants a dance video of this beauty?!
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