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    This short video is seriously hot, jiggling and caressing in tight clothes - SA grabbing her side fat like in the first picture is pure 🔥🥵🔥
    Two hot BBW's squash and play in this clip, jiggling and comparing their bodies and eating some snacks to keep up their gain in the process. 10/10 reccomend this clip, can't wait to see more of these two together!
    Love this intro clip! @brattygirljess has a super hot body with a cute smile and bubbly personality, can't wait to see more clips from this model!
    Bbwbx is seduction personified - the red lipstick, the lingerie set, the lolly, the oil... this is a really sexy video. There is no part of this model that doesn't jiggle and you get to see it all from every angle as she caresses her body and shakes for you.
    This is a really authentic video in every way, Cytorah shows multiple shots of this weigh in so you know every pound is legit and get too see all angles of this gorgeous feedee. The chat is very genuine and honest and a great insight into this models life and goals. Now that Cytorah is back she's going to take Curvage by storm as she seeks to become as fat as possible!!
    I LOVE the mask and the cute belly jiggles! It would be amazing to see this video redone in the future and see how many pull up's and how much sloppy joes Eden can handle then! Top tier fat chat, stuffing and jiggles make this video a must have purchase, Eden is fast coming one of the best models on this site!
  1. If you manage to sort the resolution quality I'd definitely purchase this clip, you look amazing and I can't wait to see some of your content!
    Excellent roleplaying video from Queen Chrissy, this chubby blonde bombshell is definitely far more appealing than your skinny wife with curves and jiggles in all the right places not to mention that seductive smile
    An insatiable desire to eat delicious fattening doughnuts overtakes Onlyjaynefan in this clip, the diet goes completely out the window and devouring doughnuts is all that matters
    This is a great video from a super cute chubby model, sensual doughnut stuffing and belly play - can't wait to see more!
    drunkwa1fu stuffs herself silly in this video, frankly amazed the bodystocking made it through, her plump flesh is bursting at its seams and for a video this length this is an absolute bargain!
    Seeing the comparison it's clear how much TheBigAssSSBBW had gained. The belly plops on the counter and then the belly plops onto her FUPA and thighs is incredible, genuinely though the skirt was a thong until she stood up it is just devoured by her thighs and ass
  2. Welcome to Curvage! Can't lie I think you already qualify for Goddess status 😍
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