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    Sensual as ever, LaurenLush is a naughty school girl whose overindulgence has caused some concern over her ability to stay on the volleyball team. However she is VERY convincing and shows how with every extra pound of soft doughy fat she gains she brings further assets to the team. As ever 10/10 role-playing and an incredible and beautiful body makes LaurenLush one of the best models on curvage and this is a clip you wont want to miss!
    Carolinas is looking fatter than ever, ready to POP in this video! You won't want to miss her measurements, weight, and goals - this is a bargain of a clip don't miss out!!
    Carolinas is determined to be the fattest member of @LatinasGang - she's got some tough competition but with this determination she might win !! 😍😍😍
    Incredible roleplay from Rosie make this super hot clip a bargain as you get to see your Favourite bbw ,accept that she has become a fatty
    The sensual goddess that is @goodgirlgrow brings your Tinder date fantasy to life! Fantastic role play, that laugh that sends tingles down your spine and GGG looking plumper and softer than ever make this clip a must-see!
    This is such a good photoset, sexy af in every outfit and there are LOTS of them from every angle, this is a photoset you don't want to miss!!
    In this video you see a super soft model digging her nails in and playing with her belly. The fact this was filmed at a party where @squishy_bae can't resist showing off her curves just makes this hotter!
    These corsets cannot contain kinkycurvykat's growing body! Seeing the size comparison between a year ago and now you can appreciate how much she's gained as her chubby body spills out of them, absolutely worth watching!!
    Love to see new girls looking to gain with Latinasgang! Carolinas makes sure Anita stuffs herself properly and her soft belly becomes rounder with each bite 😍
    Irina is such a piggy she has to stuff herself with cake while at work, she just can't contain herself!!
    Watch Carolinas belly expand and Irinas stretchmarks grow as these two hungry girls devour a fattening cake on top of everything they've already eaten... pushing themselves to their limit!
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