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  1. Sounds great to me! When can we expect to see part 2?
  2. Man I think the story line and build up for this is My favorite character is definitely Rachel. I really like how’s she’s stuffing, but it’s not a rapid weight gain. I’m eager to see where you take the story from here. Also just a side question, how old is Rachel in this story? I’m assuming mid to upper 20’s.
  3. 3 boxes of Mac and cheese, a box of fudge stripe cookies, 2 bags of mini Reese’s, a quart of ice cream, and a can of whip cream later this is the result image.thumb.jpeg.a03bbf82b2744b2208eeabd1067c2f53.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.e2ec04eee5b163488fcfcd2d03b2a65b.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.761fa2a78342fb556c9ae2ea207f5a5c.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.b0b0cc72c267f118b1121338b117eab8.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.6952704122bc97c0212b9520466cb683.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.282e81dc4c2d93dc28caaf4865d3a25a.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.1ef972c6cb0c94e54e4cdc619c75f978.jpeg

  4. Who wants to see the effects of 3 boxes of Mac and cheese, a box of fudge stripe cookies, 2 bags of mini Reese’s, a quart of ice cream, and a can of whip cream on my stomach?

  5. Started out skinny, then 18 donuts, a gallon of milk, two pork chops, Mac and Cheese, a tub of ice cream, and some water changes that. Cant wait for this to start taking a toll on my body!


  6. Got two dozen donuts and a gallon of milk. Time to see how full I can get and maybe take some after pictures and gifs. Gotta fulfill my request for @goodgirlgrow




  7. What would you all like to see for my next stuffing? No limit on amounts. All input is welcome. I’ll will post pics to prove all the food has been eaten. Make me as big as you can!  
     image.jpeg.418cd3ee7b0b956e1001701e66569a0c.jpegimage.jpeg.da45c0b1daa44a3808e34a1cb9cdb472.jpeg image.jpeg.443b0043a9175b60d49c2ccaa09a94db.jpegimage.thumb.jpeg.1d5cc091c153ece00b2bf0eb39c50d68.jpeg  image.jpeg.e85ecefd9b8f2de9693c9538f429f9f7.jpeg

  8. Hey what’s up?

  9. I was able to finish 1 whole gallon of milk and half the pizza. Definitely swollen and full beyond capacity. Not nearly as skinny as I was an hour ago!


    1. Rainbow Flavor

      Rainbow Flavor

      Omg the last pic 😍 💦

    2. Fit2Stuffed


      @Rainbow Flavor idk whose gut is bigger at the end. Yours or mine haha.

    3. chubbybunnywriter


      Oof! You're going to look like that all the time soon lol

  10. Hey what’s up fellow North Carolinian? 

  11. The pizza and milk have been purchased! What will the end result be on my skinny gut? @NikkiMaialina


    1. Rainbow Flavor

      Rainbow Flavor

      Sexy delicious!

    2. Fit2Stuffed


      @Rainbow Flavor we’ll see what the before after pictures look like! 😂

  12. After being down for the past week, I’m taking on two gallons of milk today. This is my beginning picture. Who’s ready to see what the after looks like? Thanks to @gorJESS @goodgirlgrow and @Madilyn Mars for the input


  13. Might need some milk to go with it 😏😏
  14. I’d like to get some input on my next stuffing. I’m thinking two gallons of milk. Any feedback or suggestions on that?

    image.thumb.jpeg.d34d50822be1e28a21889b2a64ac728f.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.2954e696225c4d9949498666466a6dac.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.69f3252fd286e0decfcd094a78db7a4c.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.de9e3d37d8f08237a502e8f384b7208c.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.8a5a8242262e676c52a4b0fd7d35877a.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.3154eca89a73b06eb6bcab2aa43ba868.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.4387a9f187968daffb5466016e490dde.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.7cac5e8414c3526c28ca834b9475424e.jpeg

    1. Fit2Stuffed


      I think @gorJESS could give some great ideas

    2. goodgirlgrow


      Be careful! Chugging that much milk made me puke once 😅 don’t listen too intently to horny brain. Get on the heavy cream train :) so much more efficient. But as far as a stuffing, make it something you enjoy. Pick something you used to deny yourself. It’s summer. Maybe a bunch of cheese burgers, hot dogs, and fries? Supposedly variety makes you satisfied more quickly, but that’s not true in my experience. Variety makes my stuffings easier :) 

    3. Fit2Stuffed


      @goodgirlgrow thanks for the advice! Greatly appreciate anything you have to offer. I’ll definitely do something I like, but I’d like to do something the community wants to see as well ya know? I know quantity can be great sometimes, so I wanted to try and do something unique if that makes sense? 

    4. goodgirlgrow


      Then you’re right to ask @gorJESS. She does the coolest stuffings :) 

    5. Fit2Stuffed


      @goodgirlgrow haha you do fantastic work too, so I’d without a doubt take any suggestions from you. What is something you’d like to see?

    6. gorJESS


      🙂 Thanks peeps. So… can the average human stomach even hold two gallons of liquid? I honestly don’t know. 🤔 People probably wouldn’t mind watching someone try though. I agree with @goodgirlgrow that heavy cream > milk. Higher calories and tastes better too, IMO. I also agree that a variety of things makes the stuffin easier and more enjoyable. 👍

      As far as “what the community wants to see”… 🤷‍♀️ tastes seem to differ widely. But when I was new, I asked someone who had been around for a looong time what I should do. He told me it doesn’t matter so much what I eat, as long as I eat “loads”. So I just kinda ran with that. 😅 

  15. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been sick. Hopefully I’ll be back in the next couple of days! Here’s a little something from my last set.

     image.thumb.jpeg.0163f8fc7779c98801b051be14f484b7.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.206b76555d70e09e40393818d544d903.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.15820e64b3c035f35c241db7771bd6aa.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.45fd16653a56d6facff53d2217c71fc0.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.372be37becb22e8e924acc1819c012b3.jpeg

    1. Madilyn Mars

      Madilyn Mars

      I hope you're feeling better! Nice pics!

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