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  1. You are definitely delusionnal because u're such a goddess !
  2. She is definitely getting thicker by the day, and for the best ! 😍 Sorry for the quality, I don't k if the pictures will be great, it s my first post out here ^^'
  3. She is so damn hot with that little fat on her abs 🔥
  4. My favorite roleplay would be that u attempt doing some sport, but are rly out of breath early on, that's why u decide to stuff yourself to get some comfort, by doing what u do the best !
    How could u expect Casey to do a bad clip, again she's really hot and sexy, talking about how much she loves food, and what she does to be satisfied with it. Amazing as usual ! Great stuffing btw
    I don't know how to start... This will be my first review, and it was also the first clip I ever watched. And, to be honest, Casey has a really huge and round belly now ! The way you talk to us, as the sounds your clothes make due to your wet body is just so hypnotising. It was a pleasure to watch it. By the way, I think that u're cat who said hello to the camera doesn't really realize the chance he has to live with u xDD In this clip, Casey talks to us about her weight, her belly and how much she loves to see it grow, while taking a shower to be even more sexy ❤️ and I admit that your belly is incredibly amazing to stare at, and your body as well ! Thanks Casey, I really enjoy watching it, and I highly recommand u guys to watch it ! P.S: I wish I could put 100000 stars lol
  5. Hello Casey, I'm really happy because I won yesterday's giveaway, but I have a problem xD Since I'm a new member here, I don't have enough popularity to send u a dm, so can u send me one, so that I can answer u and ask u for the clip ^^' Thanks, and sorry btw x)
  6. I have 2 questions : Do u feel better since ur surgery ? Can u confirm me that I entered the giveaway in the good ways ? Thanks Casey and keep going, u're so beautiful, each kilos u gain are making u look even more beautiful !
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