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  1. Bonsoir à toutes et tous,

    Je suis jeune dans ce fetish (19 ans) et comme ce fetish est tabou en France, j'aimerais me rendre compte du nombre (approximatif) de feedee françaises qui sont sur le forum, donc si vous voyez ce message n'hésitez pas à réagir pour voir :)


    La bise 😘

    1. Hannaways


      Who said it was taboo?

    2. Loving-Chubby-Women


      Well, I am sorry that it is "tabou en France," and I am not in France, but I am glad you are here! All the very best to you!😀

  2. Rétablis-toi bien, la santé avant tout ! Ensuite on pourra se délecter de tes délicieuses formes, on peut patienter tout le temps qu’il te faudra ! ❤️‍🩹
  3. You are definitely delusionnal because u're such a goddess !
  4. She is definitely getting thicker by the day, and for the best ! 😍 Sorry for the quality, I don't k if the pictures will be great, it s my first post out here ^^'
  5. She is so damn hot with that little fat on her abs 🔥
  6. My favorite roleplay would be that u attempt doing some sport, but are rly out of breath early on, that's why u decide to stuff yourself to get some comfort, by doing what u do the best !
    How could u expect Casey to do a bad clip, again she's really hot and sexy, talking about how much she loves food, and what she does to be satisfied with it. Amazing as usual ! Great stuffing btw
    I don't know how to start... This will be my first review, and it was also the first clip I ever watched. And, to be honest, Casey has a really huge and round belly now ! The way you talk to us, as the sounds your clothes make due to your wet body is just so hypnotising. It was a pleasure to watch it. By the way, I think that u're cat who said hello to the camera doesn't really realize the chance he has to live with u xDD In this clip, Casey talks to us about her weight, her belly and how much she loves to see it grow, while taking a shower to be even more sexy ❤️ and I admit that your belly is incredibly amazing to stare at, and your body as well ! Thanks Casey, I really enjoy watching it, and I highly recommand u guys to watch it ! P.S: I wish I could put 100000 stars lol
  7. Hello Casey, I'm really happy because I won yesterday's giveaway, but I have a problem xD Since I'm a new member here, I don't have enough popularity to send u a dm, so can u send me one, so that I can answer u and ask u for the clip ^^' Thanks, and sorry btw x)
  8. I have 2 questions : Do u feel better since ur surgery ? Can u confirm me that I entered the giveaway in the good ways ? Thanks Casey and keep going, u're so beautiful, each kilos u gain are making u look even more beautiful !
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