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  1. Buy this clip! Sexiest Mochii vid yet! It’s a no-brainer for real
    Another amazing sexy vid from Mochii. She gets absolutely stuffed to the max and lets out a lot of gas throughout the stuffing. The amount of food she shovels into her mouth is astonishing and her belly expands massively. She has become a sexy fat tub of lard and a gaining goddess. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 and keep up the good work!
  2. Probably the best model on here! Your progress is insane and your belly is sexier than ever!
    Amazing to see that you’ve gotten so round and plump. Another extremely sexy video, keep up the good work piggy!
    Hands down, the sexiest video on curvage. It’s amazing to see all four models compare and play with each other’s bodies. It’s so hot that reina, mspf and Casey are all in awe of Kayla’s size.
    GGG is becoming such a sexy porker, another absolutely stunning video! Keep up the good work🐷
    Another absolutely amazing video from Casey! She looks stunning in her red bikini while she rubs and lotions up her enormous belly! The voiceover is extremely sexy and goes perfectly with the jaw dropping view of Casey in all of her fat glory! Loved the confidence you showed in public, keep up the good work! 😘10/10
    Incredibly sexy video! Well worth the $10 price tag. This has got to be one of the best stuffing clips I’ve ever seen so go buy and review now!😍
    Another absolutely stunning video from Casey! She tries on clothes that barely fit with accompanying before pictures so you can see just how massive she has gotten. Great content as always 10/10😍
    Definitely not weird that your curves turn you on, they turn the rest of us on too! Amazing vid, hope to see more like this in the future.
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