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    First off, Charlotte's gain has been incredible to watch. Her upload schedule since the first video may be choppy, but you can tell that every minute spent off camera is spent indulging in a ravenous spree of helpless gluttony, and Charlotte has finally reached the point where she can no longer hide it. In this clip, our favorite piggy tries her hardest to show off every inch of her growing, bloated body, making sure to show the camera every single angle. Charlotte stuffs her fat ass in a pair of poor blue jeans like a sausage casing, burping and moaning the whole time to cope with the aftermath of her uncontrolled Thanksgiving indulgence. She huffs and puffs as she contorts her grotesque body, letting her fattened arms fall to the sides of her new-found muffin top, heaving a sigh of shame, embarrassment, and exhaustion when she finally plops down to show off what she's done to her behind. She decides that she hasn't filled her body enough... she NEEDS to be full, she needs to satisfy her gluttonous desires. She inflates her poor vessel to near bursting and waddles around in agony, whimpering, groaning, and belching her way to her measuring tape. Charlotte is EAGER to show off what she's done for you, and the results even shock the piglet herself! No matter what, PLEASE buy this clip to support our growing hog; you certainly won't be upset.
    Absolutely fucking amazing... I never buy clips on release, but I just had to grab this one because I've wanted to see Casey indulge in her morbid side forever... and she fucking DID. If you want to see a fat pig completely degrade and devalue her mental/physical health in the name of food, this is the clip. You're doing God's work, Casey ❤️
    Absolute hog with great potential... made an account just for this. $4.99 to see a greedy young blonde stuff her fat, growing face with a heart stopping meal? I'd call it a steal. Can't wait to see Charlotte grow and expand like the pig she wants to be!🐖🐷
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