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  1. Chick fil a stuffing!! Join me on my first stuffing back to gaining!! Missed you guys ❤️


  2. 14834BAA-50E5-4901-B5CF-837B034E3C51.thumb.jpeg.368139d6abe8b4cce7ee2660c03f4027.jpegC9584E7E-AC31-4EC5-AE86-72710612DE28.thumb.jpeg.82e165674415c5585f89ded85918b5c6.jpegB5911E99-BBBF-44D7-885B-F388CF456E33.thumb.jpeg.5142ae11c69073648e573a2625654112.jpeg

    ahhhhh look at this tummy 😋 i love it so much! 

    1. GGNGGN


      You are adorable! I guess you are planning on growing that cute lil' tummy of yours? 😍😍😍

    2. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      Aha, thou’rt returned and a fine day it is

    3. Lilchunk


      Thank you!! I definitely am planning on growin this tummy 🥰 

  3. Hello friends!! I have been gone for soooo long but I’m back and ready to gain my weight back 😍😍 

    I have a short stuffing video for you guys super soon!! In the mean time enjoy some happy belly pictures 😍

    missed you guys ❤️

  4. Hey guys!! So, like most people I struggle with anxiety. Anxiety has been my biggest struggle, especially when it comes to eating. It doesn’t allow me to keep weight for a while because when it comes I have no appetite and I lose all of my hard work :( 

    the past week with anxiety has caused me to lose weight again, and I’m back down to 145. Still sexy and curvy lol, but not 153. So, stick with me and we will get back to where we were in no time plus more!! 

    Thanks for supporting always ❤️

    1. CurvyCannabisCat


      Take some self care time. 
      I used to struggle with anxiety and severe nausea ... which caused for me to drop weight incredibly fast. I have a fast metabolism. When you’re feeling good eat some carbs 💓 pasta and bread make so happy!! 🤩

      sending love and light your way lovely 💓

    2. Lilchunk


      Thank you so much mama 🙏🏽❤️

  5. 97F88523-EBE7-4F29-A5BD-3D6A4631C7A9.thumb.jpeg.311052c26e818ec2901c9e3385ee9001.jpeg81CF838E-42E8-4B87-9ED7-64328E0F6637.thumb.jpeg.312d0c4fbaeafcdde17cd208327a0076.jpeg

    cooking in the kitchen with my feeder 🤤 we made bbq chicken, mashed potatoes, Mac&cheese, and corn! Yes i definitely was eating as i was cooking and YES I’m eating all over again 😍

    1. SVegan


      I love your beautiful belly and deep bellybutton 💕😍

  6. OMG OMG OMG!! I almost forgot to tell y’all I am FINALLY over 150lbs! 153lbs 😍😍 last week i was in LA and was non stop eating, i probably had about 5 FULL meals a day! I was there for 6 days! Once i get food in my face I forget all about recording myself stuffing this belly. But i have content coming soon for you guys! Thanks for supporting me always ❤️
    Happy Holidays 🥰

    1. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      Now we r the same weight 👌

  7. 648139FD-61E7-4333-9F3E-F4AA60BBF0FE.thumb.jpeg.14bb7c798503a7654373bb5231952b33.jpegCD3982BA-F2F8-4576-AB6F-EE9F6E4DB332.thumb.jpeg.d069f8e8055612558c4cd6924d849936.jpeg5EDEFE08-1224-4F4B-A47C-2818B43BCA85.thumb.jpeg.07dd9bc075655e1110f7cc0c413bb105.jpeg

    I’m ALWAYS bloated and full 🥰 Old clothes fitting video coming soon 😍😍 

    1. Supper1


      Love how full your belly looks🤤🤰

    2. Lilchunk


      Thank you beautiful 🥺


    Yall already know what that means!! Go check out my videos and pictures, everything is on sale for just 2.00!! Y’all... 2.00!! Purchase purchase purchase, after tonight sale will be over ❤️ Enjoy loves!! I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!! 

  9. Hello again beautiful people! Go check out my newest belly play video, belly play is my favorite time of the day! Especially after stuffing my face 😍 

  10. Update update update!!

    A new belly play video is uploaded!! 5mins y’all!!  I love my belly, i can’t help but rub it 😍😍🥺 

  11. Just a little belly play while I eat some peanut m&ms and watch a new show!! I’m getting so big i can’t help but touch myself 😍😍😍


  12. Just got finished recording a quick 4 min belly play video right after eating! My sexy full belly 😍 I’m getting so big i love it!! Join me while i watch a new tv show i just started! 


    (video will be uploaded very soon!! ) 

    1. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      But I’m going to bed now... I’ll watch it tomorrow... 😴 

  13. What’s up guys!! I have another late night video for you, but this time I’m eating! I got ANOTHER seafood boil, in the middle of eating, i thought I’d share it with you guys. Purchase away so I can buy more and add to this sexy belly.


  14. I can’t stop eating seafood boils!! Watch me make a mess of this delicious butter all over my face. goal: 160


  15. Thank you to those who bought my belly play video!! You guys are so appreciated ❤️I hope you enjoyed it as much as i enjoy my belly being rubbed, and squeezed on 🥰 If you haven’t already, make a review, i love to hear feedback. If you have any requests of what you would like to see let me know! 

    For those who haven’t bought my belly play video, check out my FULL belly being loved on! For 7 and 1/2 mins!! 

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