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  1. Idk if this even fits here or if it is even appropiate, even if it has already been posted, but I liked the fat society thing going on.
  2. https://tubepornclassic.com/videos/148210/ilsa-harem-keeper-of-the-oil-sheiks/ Maybe this? At around 20 min mark there is some forced weight gain
  3. Yeah, it was actually pretty good just having that girl around, hope this starts a trend of fat bad, be healthy just to get more episodes like this. Always loved those kind of episodes in general, they always exagerate the fatness to be as obvious as they can.
  4. Well, it's literally shoehorned and there are several lines about how unhealthy she is, how it's weird that a skinny dude likes her and she must take care of herself. It's trying to teach the eat healthy story while also making a woman suffers one. And since it's mexican public tv, it's not the best written show ever.
  5. A little fatphobic making her have a heart attack for being that fat and the message that fat is bad, unhealthy and only attracts unconsented bdsm feeders
  6. I would had gotten angry with you guys for sleeping in this hog, but her recent style really isnt that good compared to her older more normal style and not even being one of my favorite fatties
  7. Really love how she's doing full body pics showing off how big she looks
  8. Good thing her cat headset is pink, with her body it makes it look more like pig ears
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